OutlanderBTS Adventures: Gracious, Humble, and FUN!!! Most of The (Male) Cast of Outlander @Starfury, Part 1 (Thank you Guys!)

I’ve been to one Outlander gathering before, this past March in Cologne, Germany. I enjoyed it so much that I bought tickets for this one, in London. The beauty of these European gatherings, for me, is their relaxed nature. They’re kind of like an Outlander retreat: an opportunity for fans and actors to mingle, among themselves and with each other, to learn more about one other, have fun, and become more solidified as a community. With a sample group of two (so far), I can say there’ve been pro’s and con’s in the way each has been run. Obviously, a salient checkbox for the organizers and actors is making money. That part can feel OK or a little weird. As we stood in many lines on day 1, choosing how to spend our money, I joked about being at a flesh market, with different prices for different men and the various services offered. It’s not weird, actually, owing to the one consistent positive across both experiences: the attendees. There is an underlying caring in this Outlander community, among fans and artists alike, and it’s very prevalent.

This Con was no exception. We fans mingled and made connections, and once the cast showed up, the real fun began. We mostly stood in lines on Day 1 with a brief opening on Friday evening, headlined by Steven Cree, Stephen Walters, Grant O’Rourke, Duncan Lacroix, Gary Lewis, and Graham McTavish.

Duncan looks a bit like he sees the Duke of Sandringham in the crowd ? ?

In the last panel, I asked Graham, Gary, and Duncan to tell us how the others are like their characters or not. Graham said that Duncan is actually a lot funnier than Murtagh.

It was a pleasure to witness the genuine mutual respect and admiration these guys have for each other.

The next day, there were paid photo ops and autographs with Q&A’s interspersed. I particularly enjoyed the Q&A’s.

First up was the very handsome and funny Steven Cree, about whom I know the least. When he said his hero is his mom, ? I mean, as a mom who has a son, forget it. Insta fan here.

Paul Newman has also been a big influence.

I asked Steven if it works out well that Jenny is pregnant a lot since Laura Donnely is pregnant. He said he hasn’t seen her in a while and I asked if there will be any Jenny and Ian sex scenes…

Next were Sam and Duncan…


When asked if they had any funny stories about continuity issues, like having a mobile phone in a scene, etc. Sam and Duncan said they don’t have to worry about that because their sporrans are so handy, everything fits in them. And later Sam said…

About the fact that Sam is a certified fencing instructor, Duncan said…

When asked about their favorite scene together, they both agreed on the brooch scene in the wedding episode, Season 1, when Murtagh gives Jamie his mother’s brooch. They also liked a deleted scene, when Murtagh talks about his first love. I think this is it…








Grant and Stephen followed Duncan and Sam…


When Roma asked this question…

On working with horses…

Next up… to be continued…


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11 comments on “OutlanderBTS Adventures: Gracious, Humble, and FUN!!! Most of The (Male) Cast of Outlander @Starfury, Part 1 (Thank you Guys!)

  1. I was at the convention this weekend, and I must say experience was amazing such lovely men ,so kind and very funny. Loved it will definitely be going next year.

  2. I really enjoy your hilarious article. I loved the questions and the entertaining answers and definitely their stories. Everyone who attended must be have been elated. I don’t know how much they get paid but in a fans heart, it will never be enough. I could not attend; so, I really appreciate your article and looking forward to Part II. I do hope they will decide to do a East and West coast one in the USA. I would love to go. Thank you. By the way, I just subcribed and wish that I had done it sooner.

  3. What a wonderful picture you’ve painted of what it was like being there. I’ve never been to an Outlander event/convention and you presented a great visual with your words. I so enjoy your emails and their content and repost them on Peakers Outlander, Scotland, and its Clans closed facebook group of which I am the admin. The group consists of members of Sam’s My Peak Challenge Program that also enjoy Outlander, Scotland, Scottish Clans, and genealogy. They truly enjoy your posts. Thank you for your hard work. It is evident that this is a labor of love for you.

  4. I love what as been shown here of the cast. I do wish I lived closer so I could be able to attend the gatherings. I know it is fun and you learn so much from the cast.I have been to Ireland ,but I would so love to go to Scotland.Thank you for the info that you so freely give to all of us who follow OUTLANDER.

  5. I went to the convention. First time I’ve ever been to one and on my own. Big step. Luckily I live 20 mins away. I did ask friends what it’d be like and they said it’d be fine. However, I did feel very lonely and was hoping the OL community would embrace me. It wasn’t to be. I talked to quite a few fans as I love talking to people and they were nice but I think you get a better experience if you’re in a group. I loved listening to all the Q&As and finally meeting the Highlander gents on Sunday. They were absolutely lovely and although it was a quick turnaround it was okay. The staff were brilliant. My opinion: There were so many women there, it was very much like a teenfest whatever age they were, elbows, pushing, shouting-everyone was focused on the guys and there was definitely NOT an Outlander community for me-sad times. I still love OL and the actors but won’t do another.

  6. I went along to a gathering of women & even a few men which was generally polite & well behaved. Some of these people were very friendly & even recommended websites to join. We were all so excited when Sam came in & I was so nervous that I hardly remember speaking to him !

  7. I live too far from everything. I am too old to attend, but I enjoy reading your posts, the Q&A and seeing the pictures. A kind of distant participation. It makes me happy . And they are alltogether really funny. They seem to be part of a big family and so comfortable together. My preference goes to (1) Duncan Lacroix, (2) Gary Lewis, (3) Graham MacTavish, (4) Sam Heughan, (5) Bill Patterson, (6) Stephen Walters, (7) Steven Cree and (8) Grant O’Rourke. Now I am, like many others, just waiting for the next season. Maybe in December or January… I cannot subscribe to Starz and I suppose the DVD’s will only be available when the total season will have aired in the US and maybe in the UK. Pitty, but I am patient. Thank you for the patient work.

    • Diane, I’m so happy that you enjoy the site, truly. And I loved your stack ranking of the guys. Duncan is a sweet sweet man and an incredible actor IMO. Can you get Season 3 on Amazon Prime? ?

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