OutlanderBTS Adventures: PART 2, London with Sam, Duncan, Grant, Graham, Gary, Stephen, Steven and 600+ Great Women @Starfury

Photo: @starfury, artwork: Duncan Lacroix

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OK where were we? Oh yes, day 2, Graham and Gary…


When Graham McTavish laughs, I mean really laughs, there are few experiences more appealing. I love that he gives himself over fully to his laughter when it happens, and it’s a joy to see.

Many participants asked great, thoughtful questions. Roma and I asked one or two per Q&A (except for Sam, the line was too long), so this recap includes answers from everyone’s questions, not just ours (same with Part 1 of this series). I capture some of the highlights here, along with Roma, who live tweeted the Q&A’s:

People complimented Graham on his wonderful work in the scene when his character says goodbye to Colum. When asked about toughest scenes to film, Graham mentioned several times that he recently lost his own father, and that because of the era in which his father was born, there were many things he didn’t know about him, and many things left unsaid.

Gary said his toughest scene was with Cait in S1 (episode when he tells Claire she is a prisoner at Leoch). He said this was hard because it was the first time he stretched his character’s legs, so to speak. Will it work, will it be believable? (uh… yes)

There was discussion about an eyebrow competition and Graham had this to say:

Here are the cliffs, wearing Graham’s Grinding Corn t shirt


I asked about chemistry tests and what it’s like to work with people you are matched with because there is attraction, or chemistry between you and also manage things on the home front. Graham said he hasn’t run into that issue, and Gary said the same. Graham said the only chemistry test he had for Outlander was with Sam and there was no kissing, but plenty of whisky. He went on to talk about a couple from a show I can’t remember who did wind up together. And then talked about Sam and Cait…

That wrapped up Q&A’s. The guys had some fun Twitter exchanges, and of course, Bill Shatner got in on the fun too. Bill has only watched through episode 8, Season 1, so he’s not familiar with Steven yet. They get better acquainted through some Twitter banter. To see a compilation of those highly entertaining exchanges, Click Here

Throughout the rest of the day, we lined up for photos and autographs, during which we met the actors we hadn’t met, and said hello again to the ones we’ve met before, all the while chatting with each other. They are all terrific sports and lots of fun. Sam spent over 4 hours signing autographs, and was pleasant and gracious the whole way through (I know this, because I was at the end). Gary Lewis is one of the most beautiful humans I’ve ever met. So genuine and caring.

In the evening, there was a costume contest. I didn’t really know what to expect, and once again, due to the guys and their great, fun, gracious attitudes, it ended up being really fun…


Graham and Steven coming in to judge the costume competition

and Duncan…


The guys arrive and receive instructions


They’re having no fun at all…



Grant, studying the instructions while everyone else clowns around (as usual ?)


Stephen joins in (was probably in the loo ?)



And they chat before the competition commences



Once it starts, we have several Claires (not all pictured here), including Red Dress Claire


Dior Claire and Geillis in the Thieve’s hole dress (not called that, sorry Terry ?)


The guys were so into it and so nice.


Look at Gary’s face, and Grant, and Sam, and all of them. Just joyful and celebrating everyone who was courageous enough to get up there.


I dinne ken what was said here. There was lots of good bawdy humor that night. Sam told one Claire- ” Oh, you, Claire, just wait til I get you home…”


There was an appearance by The Walking Dead, a sword fighter, a fencer…and ahhhhhhhhhhhhh…



wait, not Jack Black


Black Jack!!!! ? ?

Black Jack


The guys immediately leapt up to protect Jamie er Sam er… (although I think Duncan just wanted a hug)


They soon decide this Black Jack is not a threat (although Gary still looks worried)



This was a sassy mother daughter pair, and the mom (@carolle31237386) made these costumes in her spare time. Sam said he especially liked the boots.


This person seemed really shy, and they were so encouraging, really wonderful


And here’s Grant looking exactly like my cousin, oops, sorry…


Engaged and respectful. I really appreciate these guys.


You must be dying to know you won by now, right?

Sam announced the winners, and The Walking Dead got honorable mention (I think). Clearly, everyone is petrified


3rd place went to a Claire & Geillis duo of whom I did not get a photo.

*CORRECTION: Thank you to all who stood up to support Black Jack Randall!! I must’ve been traumatized and blocked it out, but I have been set straight. BLACK JACK RANDALL took 3rd place! Claire and Geillis must have been 4th then??? Thanks to everyone who wrote in with this correction.


Graham gives a thumbs up


2nd place goes to…


this Claire! Sam said this costume looked a little too good and he would need to make a phone call to set [to make sure nothing’s missing].




the winner… of first prize… oh they’re all on pins and needles…




WWII nurse Claire!!!! Unfortunately, this picture doesn’t do her costume justice, it was great, including authentic hairstyle and bloody cloth in handIMG_1499

The lovely winner received a free gold ticket to next year’s @starfury Highlander event plus a kiss on the cheek from our leading man and applause from all of us






Sam kiss

What a great guy. What a great bunch of guys.

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  1. Fabulous ? Thank you for giving us such a great description of it all! I can’t believe Sam signed for 4 hours…. I love every one of those guys! ❤️?

  2. I was there, I was the really shy one in competition, great recap of events, well done, shy was a understatement more like petrified wanting to run away x x thankyou

    • awww, you did great! It took a lot of courage to get up there, and now you see how sweet and supportive they were in these pics. Thanks for commenting!

  3. Wow, thank you so much for the pictures and comments of this event. I would have loved to go. Your posts help the rest of us keep in touch with the cast of our favorite show. 🙂

  4. Thank u. I’m sorry but in the costume competition, Black Jack won the third price, not Claire and Geillis. I know it because I was there and Black Jack is my friend

  5. Really enjoy the personalities this group has. They are so involved in supporting fans and worthy causes. Just seem like the kind of people we hang out with at our local dock bar!!!

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