OutlanderBTS Adventures: PART 3, Party On, and Our Final Morning in London @Starfury

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Picking up where we left off… After the winners of the costume contest had been announced and kissed, the guys left, and a dance party ensued.The music started, and some of us hit the dance floor; others sat at tables and watched or talked with friends, while still others went to bed.

Well, most of the guys left. Gary Lewis stayed behind and chatted with some folks for most of the evening. After a good 45 minutes to an hour, Duncan, Graham, and Stephen reappeared and joined the fun on the dance floor, which was great. As one might imagine, the dance floor became verra crowded. Graham was “Pogo” dancing, (and complained of sore calves the next day). In time I spied Grant standing at the bar chatting with various groups of people. Steven and Sam were MIA, and based on later tweets, they were finding their own mischief elsewhere.

Duncan’s capped head sticks up above the crowd on the dance floor.



Some cute women dance in the foreground as Graham holds court behind img_1759

As the crowd thins, and people depart, Grant is the last man standing… at the bar


The next morning began with final Q&A’s. Many participants asked great, thoughtful questions. Roma and I asked one or two per Q&A (except for Sam’s, the line was too long), so this recap includes answers from everyone’s questions, not just ours (same with Part 1&2 of this series). I capture some of the highlights here, along with Roma, who live tweeted the Q&A’s that day. Grant and Stephen kicked off the day.

Grant used to be a stand up comedian, and it shows. He’s quick, with impeccable timing, and he knows how to read the crowd and keep things flowing. In a panel of Grant and Stephen, this amounts to hearing more from Grant than Stephen. Stephen is thoughtful and takes it aaaaaaall in. He’s genuine, sensitive, and good at reading people. Sweet and fun, they are a wonderful combo, not surprisingly…

I asked Grant and Stephen what were the hardest scenes for them. Grant said emotional ones are not hard for him, the technical ones are. Like when he has to put his foot in a certain spot at a certain time, and look left, etc.


I also asked them to tell us about the funniest job they’d ever had between acting jobs. Stephen has always acted, and never had another job.


Grant’s had other odd jobs and once was a chimney sweep for 2 weeks. He thinks he was fired because he was so annoying; he couldn’t stop singing “Chim Chim Cher-ee” while working!




A woman from North Carolina asked them what it’s like to work with Rik Rankin. Grant said…


When asked when they would ever visit down under Grant said there are too many dangerous animals there…






Stephen talked about his William Shatner experience on Twitter. “I thought it was all a joke and we were just trading insults… It’s all fine now.”


Roma asked Grant if we would see him in Season 3, and he said he wouldn’t give away any secrets. But then he also said, “I don’t have a beard, you figure it out!”

Some people got up and poured their hearts out, and these guys were so loving and gracious. One woman, an artist, got up and said, “Stephen you believed in my art and now I am here and creating art again.” Stephen went on to say how talented she is. It was really beautiful.




Next up, were Sam and Steven Cree.


Version 2

These two went to the same drama school and are buddies (Sam had this to say about it: )

In my experience, Sam is dutiful, sincere, and really cares about doing a good job. Steven, while being a great guy, and doing a great job, is the antithesis of public Sam. He drops one liners that are not quite over the line; there is one toenail hanging onto the line, from the other side. It was clear that they had fun, which meant we had fun. A there’s no telling what might happen vibe prevailed during this panel, totally generated by the presence of Steven and their resulting dynamic, which was verra entertaining. If you’re not familiar with Steven Cree (the actor who plays Jenny’s husband, Ian), for a glimpse into his personality, CLICK HERE


One of the first questions came from a woman who was struggling with English. She wanted to ask Sam if he misses his own hair color and gets tired of being Jamie. But after many attempts, the resulting question became, “do you get tired of brushing Jamie’s teeth?” ?


Well, young Steven had a heyday with that, and the conversation devolved quickly into Steven saying that when Sam smiles, he has no gums showing, and most people have some gums showing, and he also said:

Someone asked them what their favorite scene together was and they both remembered the scene when they’re “fixing” the cart at Lallybroch in Season 1 (and making each other laugh- there is an outtake in the S1 blooper reel).


Then Steven said “My favorite scene with Sam was deleted. Maybe it was too X rated. Is there even such a thing on Outlander?!”


Version 3

One person asked Steven how it feels to be so handsome and to live in Sam’s shadow. Steven answered: “Sam’s shadow is a pretty cool place to be.”



Somehow the topic of arm-wrestling came up, and they were ready to go for it. Sam started clearing the table…





Sleeves were unbuttoned and rolled up


They took their places on the floor


Sam starting getting psyched up…


Steven worked the crowd…

And then they realized their competition table was pretty flimsy…


Um… props guy?


And then they burst into giggles


which was pretty adorable


Sam did his sleeves back up, and they carried on


A new, sturdier table was brought out


& they continued giving each other the business


William Shatner was brought into the convo and Steven said:

For more of that conversation and the ridiculous banter on Twitter between Steven, Bill, and Sam CLICK HERE

Someone asked Sam a question, and Steven said, “While he’s thinking about his answer do you want to see me do the splits?” ?

I didn’t capture these moments, so I’ve borrowed these shots from @dlkerr17 and @SilverxVideos , respectively.

And here he goes…



Sam got up for a better view


Turns out Steven is a HUGE Jean-Claude Van Damme fan…


Pretty darn good- I think straddle splits should be your #MyPeakChallenge2017 goal Steven!!



Someone asked what their favorite Scottish holidays are, and Sam told us his is First Footing. This involves going from house to house after midnight on New Year’s Eve to welcome in the New Year. He’s from such a small town, that people would leave whisky and biscuits and then go out; so you would arrive to wish people a happy new year and find their house open. You’d go in, have a drink and then go on to the next house. He really loved that tradition. Steven agreed and said he also likes Robert Burns day. For more info on First Footing, CLICK HERE and HERE


Steven was talking about his character, Ian, and he said, “Ian is such a happy guy, he’s always smiling…” and,

Steven also said there’s a new Outlander spinoff on the horizon…

Someone asked which character they’d like to play if they weren’t playing their present roles on Outlander


and Steven answered “Claire!”


Then someone else asked Sam if he would say something in Gaelic. So, he leaned over to Claire, er… Steven, looked into his eyes and said…

The crowd went wild (of course)

Finally, it was time to arm-wrestle again. As Sam rolled up his sleeves, this time Steven undid his belt

Version 2

Sam’s face says it all – What the??? Steven, ever the jokester.


Competitors took their places


Sam looks like a cat, excited to eat his preyimg_1740

Steven checks in about the rules


Sam’s enjoying this…


Game face, and nervous face


And they’re off… Steven, if you’re reading this… check out the following: Sam is taller than you are, so he’s coming from above. Your wrist is already “broken” here. Also, his arm is closer to his body than your arm is to yours, which means more leverage. Look at his body position, one leg is up (I think you were kneeling?) All of his levers ? are all longer, so he has a definite advantage. For the rematch, you need to be kneeling on something to make you taller, and with a pad under your arm!



Version 3

See ya

Version 3

And round 1 goes to Sam.

Version 3

Round 2…


Hmmm, Steven, using that table for leverage a wee bit?


The cat is contemplating


And the showman wins out…


Wrist advantage Cree, here


And Sam goes down


Shakes it off…

Version 2

Limbers up the fingers…


And Steven looks like he knows what’s coming


Sam’s “you’re going down sucka” face


He plays to the crowd and then…


whammo! ???img_1768

A gracious winner and loser


and the ending to a fun panel


the guys hug


Sam tells us that Steven ate a whole jar of Nutella the night before, which was probably his downfall. Then he said his goodbyes,


and I caught this great shot of him as he was just exiting and headed to catch his plane.


Over the next few days on Twitter…




The End.

Part 4, the final installment from London, out soon….

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