OutlanderBTS: Best Scenes from Episode 301

I hate to admit it, but we’re 3/4 way through Season 3 ?. I thought I’d take a moment to look back and point out my favorite moments and scenes so far this season, one episode at a time.

Here we go with 301: beautifully written by Ronald D. Moore, expertly directed by Brendan Maher, and wonderfully acted by all, especially Mr. Sam Heughan. I have to also mention Bear McCreary- the addition of his beautifully written and performed music at just the right moments adds so much, evoking deep emotion. Jon Gary Steele’s team chose and built the perfect sets and locations which blend seamlessly with the work of Terry Dresbach’s team on costumes, pulling us deeper into the story. The cinematography and editing – this episode is a work of art in its entirety.

Here are my favorite scenes…

That moment when Jamie watches a young soldier killed by the scavengers in the aftermath of Culloden…


Jamie’s flashback to the stones after Claire is gone.

The appearance of Murtagh, half crazed in battle.

This moment when Jamie sees BJR on the battlefield…

and Jack sees Jamie.

Jamie’s vision of Claire coming to him through the carnage…

and his strangled sounds of hope and wanting at sight of her.

Jamie’s plea to Rupert “Let me be” when he realizes he’s alive and his vision of Claire was not real. 

And of course, the dragonfly in amber chunk that falls to the ground.

The heartbreaking goodbye… 

between Rupert and Jamie.

When Rupert says, “I mean to set a quick pace, so try to keep up,” as he bravely walks out to meet his own death…

Jamie listening to Rupert being shot and saying his goodbyes in Gaelic.

Meeting this iconic character – Hal. 

Jamie’s arrival home to Lallybroch…

(Ian has clearly been Botox’ing) 

The birth of Baby Bree…

and the almost reunion of Claire and Frank.

That KILLER ending when… D’oh! Damn you and your observations, Nurse Ratched! 

That’s it for 301…

Did I miss any of your favorites? Let me know in the comments.

Sending everyone my best x







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  1. Can’t believe i got chocked up again with the battlefield scene of our hero. What an amazing job our Sam did with his eyes and little else.

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