OutlanderBTS Episode 408, The Discussion – Wilmington

Photo: Starz, Roger and Bree, Ep 408, Wilmington

Aaaaalllrighty then. We are well into Droughtlander, and feeling it, are we not? With the premiere of Season 5 just a short 22 weeks away, 😊 we need things to do!

The ladies and I did this discussion sometime back, actually in April, (wow! time flies!). At the time I was pretty backed up in the editing department, with 2 interviews (Tim Downie and Sera-Lys McArthur) and our Episode 412 Discussion. Now it’s September, the air is getting crisp, and it was time to pull out old 408. This was a fun one, I really enjoyed editing this discussion. 

Without further ado… I give you… us!


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Wishing you well, as always. 😘

16 comments on “OutlanderBTS Episode 408, The Discussion – Wilmington

  1. Another great podcast. I really wish sometimes that it was a live feed so I could comment during instead of after.

    A lot of agreement with the comments. I’ve been waiting for Karmen’s thoughts on the surgery for a while. I was surprised that it was more on the technicalities of the procedure as opposed to what I thought was absolutely ludicrous and blatantly obvious to just the average watcher. I just felt that the use of alcohol and its quick effectiveness to almost totally anesthetize him was totally unbelievable. If that’s how easy it was to do surgery using that, it would be no problem on anyone. Tryon was barely holding him down from moving and when he seemed to be coming to, a few sips more and he was out again.

    As far as the lovemaking between Bree and Roger on their wedding night, I thought it was just me who felt uncomfortable watching it because I had gotten to “know them” behind the scenes. I guess it was more than that and you ladies all expressed very well why I probably felt it as well. I, too, thought the camera lingering on Sophie’s breasts was unnecessary. I just felt that Roger’s portrayal and behavior afterwards was a result of poor writing. If it isn’t their intent to make him seem like a douche, they have no clue how well they’re doing so.

    This was definitely one of my lower ranked episodes and I felt this season was definitely a roller coaster ride with a few outstanding episodes which made the poor ones seem even worse. Unlike most of you, I hated the introduction of George Washington because if we ever get to the point that he actually does enter the story, the impact will be diminished. The whole theater scenes, including the surgery, seemed contrived, although as Courtney said, it was a vehicle to get them where they needed to be for the next episode. As much as I love Duncan LaCroix, I’m hating how they’re writing his Regulator story and felt the whole robbery of the tax carriage was totally unbelievable. All of these things, to me, made for a poor episode. The best (in a bad kind of way) was Sophie’s portrayal after the rape. I thought she did a fantastic job with very tough material.

    • Thanks Maryann! I hope this writer gets more oversight and input for Season 5, as he is back on the team. Interesting points about the surgery. I hope Karmen will respond. And also about George Washington. Thanks for being in and contributing to this community.

      PS One of these days I will figure out a live streaming option, so everyone can participate. xo

    • Hi Maryann. Sorry to disappoint about the alcohol as anesthetic. Claire asked Tryon to give him something to bite down on so in the beginning, at least, she wasn’t expecting the alcohol to be very effective. There were so many things wrong with the surgery that I am afraid these distracted me. Some were such bad medicine that I felt compelled to point these out. 😉

  2. I do love listening to you ladies dissect and comment on the episodes. I agree that it was a good but far from great episode.

    I’ve seen all the surgery I care to see.

    Bree and Roger leave me feeling flat or uncomfortable. I agree fade to black with them.

    The writing for Roger and Bree was pretty bad over all in season 4. One of my big disappointments. I think whoever said it seems lazy makes a good point.

    The instances in which they add to the story most often come off as ludicrous.

    I’m hoping for much better writing in Season 5 but we have many of the same writers and again some new ones. So we shall see.

    I do think it was a mistake to introduce George Washington as it dilutes the impact when Jamie meets him later. These things that the writers think are “fun” usually backfire.

    I’m interested to see if Sam and Cait really have any say as producers. I truly hope so and that they are not treated as figureheads.

    Thanks again for providing thoughtful pieces for us during this long Droughtlander.

    • Hi Ruth Ann,

      You’re very welcome – I too hope there’s some learning from S4 which is being incorporated for S5. Diana has had positive things to say so far, which is promising, 👍

      Thanks for your comment, nice to “see” you. xo

  3. I love your podcasts! In fact, in our obsession, my friend and I have started a “Gab and Grab Lunch” group of Obsessenachs. Your podcasts serve as a “role model” for us expressing ourselves. Our topics are more free flowing- not episode or specific book based, but are all Outlander inclusive. I hope that our discussions and as intelligent as yours are. So far, so good!
    Thanks for doing them. Your creativity and hard work are obvious and inspiring.

  4. I totally agree with all of you about the writers. I am a method actor myself and you do lose yourself to the character and what’s happening to that person as you become that character and in fact you feel it is a real person that speaks through you.

    I personally loved the cherry tree reference to George Washington because it is a myth, and I loved the blank stare he and Martha had on their faces as they had no idea what she was talking about. I laughed out loud at that one!

  5. You did it again, ladies! A fascinating, witty, entertaining discussion as usual. I cannot get enough! As a matter of fact, I’ve been trying to coin a word similar to “Droughtlander” to describe the hiatus between your discussions. Maybe you can help, Courtney? You’re so good with words and puns!
    On a more serious note, I agree with most of your views and I wish I had people around me with whom I could discuss Outlander (show and books) in depth the way you do. You raise very interesting subjects, consider different perspectives and point out the tiniest details. Love that, I’m a Virgo!
    I found there was the right kind of chemistry between Roger and Bree until the Scottish festival back in the ‘70s but then it vanished “through the stones”. On the other hand, I didn’t find their relationship particularly good in the book. I wasn’t really impressed by these characters, at least from what I recollect. My overall impression may change after reading book 5, but I don’t want to read ahead.
    The wedding scene made me also feel a bit uncomfortable. As you, I can only hope there will be improvement from the writers’ side (although it may not be entirely their fault if the characters say incongruous things and act in an awkward manner). Sophie and Rick are fine actors and sometimes it seems a bit of a waste.
    The last scene and the way the rape was portrayed are in my opinion a stroke of genius. It’s one of those cases when “less is more”. Very powerful!
    I don’t mind if the surgery scenes and other medical stuff are depicted wrongly so long as they don’t disrupt the narrative. Furthermore, I look forward to Karmen’s and Catherine’s anatomy lessons!
    I think you should all be hired by Starz as consultants, I’m not kidding!
    Thank you again for your precious time, for sharing with us your thoughts and observations and for dedicating so much work, Courtney. I don’t know how much, but I know pre and post production take a LOT of time. I/We really appreciate it!

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