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Hi All, 

We did discuss Ep 501, but when I went to edit, there was no audio 😔. We had a great discussion, and rather than delay getting it out, we rehashed it on Twitter. To see that convo, or join in, search #BTS501 on Twitter. We will re-discuss Ep 501 at the end of Season 5, and I will get that out to you. Sorry for the delay! 

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We finally did discuss Episode 501, and you can find it here! OutlanderBTS The Discussion, Episode 501 ~ The Fiery Cross.

13 comments on “OutlanderBTS Episode 501 Twitter Discussion #BTS501

  1. As I don’t twitter I hope I won’t be missing out on the recap. I am a devoted (obsessed) fan of Outlander from Season 1 right up to Season 5. Wouldn’t miss it for the world. I love the 1st episode of Season 5 – Jamie and Claire must have been over the moon to have seen their daughter Brianna get married – a very important celebration in those times of unrest in the colonies, something to enjoy and treasure – especially for Jamie who never thought he had a daughter, and for Claire who went back 200 years to be with Jamie and leaving Brianna behind. So, in other words, I am looking forward to the recap if it is possible. Thank you for keeping us all updated on the Fraser Clan.

  2. Sorry I wasn’t able to get in on the discussion on Twitter, so I will look forward to a recap. I loved so much about this first episode; the wedding; the gathering; Roger’s song to start off all the love making by the three couples, it was just perfect and was from their “time”, including the part about the mashed potatoes and twist. Great when they make comments about things from their time. When Jamie release Murtagh from his mother’s oath was so heart-wrenching and Sam really put himself into that. Loved the real tears and when he went down on his knees and cried out loud, uh, got me right in the heart. the whole episode, seeing inside the big house, the new surgery, it is all just fabulous and cannot wait until next week. Also have to say I like the way Starz is doing this, releasing each episode weekly instead of streaming it so you can binge-watch and be back to Droughtlander in a flash. This way we savor it and re-watch all week for all the subtle nuances you might have missed or not noticed the first time around. But the icing on the cake was seeing Jamie all dressed in his kilt again! Thanks Courtney and gals, can’t wait to see you next week then!

  3. Hi Courtney,
    we were on vacation & just arrived back home now.
    I was able to see 501 before we left & all the vacation I was looking forward to hearing/seeing your discussion to find out what you lasses thought about the episode 😉.
    So sad now that I missed the twitter live show & of course not hearing the discussion at all.
    But of course looking forward to the recap & maybe strolling around twitter (when I manage to get over the laundry 😝) to find sth.
    Have a good day & thank you for all your awesome work to keep us Outlander fans posted & together!
    You are doing a brilliant job!

  4. I was so looking forward to your recaps, well, I shall be looking for your comments tomorrow. I loved this episode, finally we get to see the real Jamie, not the emasculated person we had to watch for 4 seasons and WHY….. I have to say, I still can’t get the feels for Brianna and Roger. Murcasta felt like watching your parents making out. Yet the acting is supreme for most cast members, the last scene with Jamie and Murtagh brought to tears. Cannot wait for 12.01 to watch episode 2.

  5. Courtney, would you guys consider doing another episode 501 discussion? I would still like to hear your thoughts!

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