OutlanderBTS: Favorite Photo Tuesday ~ Señor Cree

I took this lovely photo of Mr. Cree at the very well done LandCon2 convention in Paris last summer. Never mind that Richard Rankin’s head is actually in Steven’s lap in this shot ?,  I love it of Steven.

Droughtlander is upon us, and I will be sharing the occasional Favorite Photo Tuesday with you, from my Outlander adventures over the years. 

The BTS ladies and I did our discussion of Episode 413, and I am in the process of editing that now. Also on the editing table is an interview with Sam Hoare (Lord Melton, Hal), and I am currently scheduling others. If there is someone you’d like to know more about from the cast or crew, please let me know in the comments. I am also working on an OutlanderBTS Adventure story about my trip to Davenport, Iowa, when I went Thru The Stones in December!

Stay tuned for all of it, and I hope you’re well this fine Tuesday! 


20 comments on “OutlanderBTS: Favorite Photo Tuesday ~ Señor Cree

  1. Awesome photo, Courtney! I’d like to know more about what Nina Ayers has planned for OL costumes now that Terry has stepoed out. Any chance of interviewing her?

    • Hi Barbara, Terry has said she will do an interview with me, likely in the autumn. We are both busy working moms! x

  2. Braedon ? The native fellow who played the Mohawk in the Redcoat jacket . He is so interesting !!! Try for an interview . Thanks

  3. I’m looking forward to your discussion with the ladies. I would be interested in hearing an interview with the dialect coach for the main characters.
    Also with Claire, their medical consultant.
    As my father always said, “keep up the good work!”

    • Thank you Susan! I got in touch with Carol Ann a couple of years ago about an interview, thanks for the reminder, I will circle back. I think she would be fascinating as well!

    • Ahh, Teena, I would LOVE to interview Laura Donnelly. She may be the top of my list, actually. She’s a busy broadway star and mom of two toddlers, so we’ll see. Keep your fingers crossed!

  4. Thank you for keeping us updated, Courtney. I look forward to and enjoy all you do. I would like a tour of Aunt Jocosta’s lovely home interior set. (Or is it a real location?)

    • Good question, Cece. The exterior is definitely a location. The interiors are sets, I believe. I would LOVE to do a tour and take you guys along!

  5. I’d like to hear Nell Hudson. She’s a good actress and perhaps does not get the opportunity for fans to get to know her. I’m afraid she’s maligned a bit and deserves some fan support. Thank you for asking, and for all the BTS info. And the great stories and photos.

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