OutlanderBTS: My Interview with Cait & Sam in NYC S3 Premiere

In New York City we had the privilege of seeing episode 301 on a large screen, with lots of other Outlander fans. It was STUNNING. Really. I cannot wait to watch it again, and I can’t wait for everyone to see it so we can TALK about it. The writing, the performances (with some surprises and additions), the sets and locations, the costumes, the cinematography, the direction, the editing… once again it all comes together in a perfectly orchestrated masterpiece. 

It was a pleasure to see old friends, meet new ones, and spend some moments on the red carpet with our spectacular leads. Of course, it was an adventure getting there and being there, as usual.

The song that accompanies the first part of this video is an excerpt from Poisonous Shadows by Outlander celebrity fan Dave Mustaine and his band, Megadeth. Sam and Tobias’s performances in episodes 115 and 116 (think Season 1, the Wentworth dungeon ? if you’re having trouble remembering) were in part, the inspiration for this song. 

For now, without further ado, enjoy a glimpse of what went on in NYC this past week, and some Q&A with Sam and Caitriona… 


4 comments on “OutlanderBTS: My Interview with Cait & Sam in NYC S3 Premiere

  1. Always enjoy any interview with Caitriona and Sam. Things have certainly changed a lot since Season 3 (which I loved – along with Season 1 and Season 2), in that Sam and Caitriona are a lot more protective of their private lives (which is a good thing). I loved Season 3 – full of adventure, unexpected happenings, jam packed with tons of action, mystery and of course the love between Jamie and Claire beats them all. The bond between those two is unbreakable and unbeatable – it just grows stronger all the time. Thank you for sharing the Interview above.

  2. Courtney,
    I can get over how fascinated you look during that interview with Sam on S3. Your face is so radiant!
    I wonder if I could even talk! He looks gorgeous, and so cool, not affected in any way…
    Some girls get lucky!
    Nice improvements to the site

    • Thank you Eugenia! I try to be professional. It was very hot in there, so my face actually probably was radiating a lot of heat! I also am listening intently to what he is saying so I can respond intelligently, as there was A LOT of noise in the room, so I was really focused on both of them, and we were not given a lot of time, so was trying to just be focused and effective. I think I was the same with Cait, but my camera guy seemed to cut me out of the shots with her! ? (can’t blame him). Sam IS super nice and unassuming. I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to interview both of them, and hope I get the chance again, in a cooler environment, and maybe with a little more time! (And maybe without Stephanie Bryant yelling “Sam! Sam! Sam! Sam! Look over here! Sam!” 2 feet away from us! ?).

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