OutlanderBTS Reviews Episode 307: Action, Transitions & Friction

I wasn’t going to review this episode, because I didn’t feel compelled at first, and I likely won’t go into the detail I did with Ep 306 (I never truly know until I get started). But I like to understand why things are the way they are, and there are some interesting elements to explore in this episode, in my opinion. 

Indeed, 307 picks up right where 306 left off, with Claire and the James Bond-esque intruder struggling. However, as I said in my Deep Dive into 306, in the 306 script, the scene actually continues on, ending with Jamie bursting in, seeing blood, and saying:

“Sassenach! Are ye all right?”
Claire answers: “It’s not my blood.”
And Jamie: “What in the Devil happened?”


In both 306 and 307 podcasts, the producers talk about the decision to end the scene earlier in 306, so as not to distract from the essence of that episode, which is of course, the reunion. 


So, as it happens, Episode 307 starts with the struggle, and then Jamie bursts in while Claire is standing over the body, holding a bloody knife, obviously in shock.

Now, I’m not sure what happened to “Are ye all right?” and “It’s not my blood.” Jamie goes straight to “What the devil happened?” 

Here is the next section of the dialogue…

In the script, Jamie asks: “Christ, did he violate ye?” and after Claire says she didn’t mean to hurt him, he says: “Doesna appear he left ye any choice in the matter.” 

Why is this important? Well, those extra lines, which were either filmed and edited out, or not spoken, surely make Jamie seem a bit more concerned for Claire after she’s just been attacked. The way it plays out, he’s a tad abrupt, like What the hell have you been up to in here Claire, stabbing guys again? ? 

Claire’s doctor instincts take over, and that makes sense to me, whereas Jamie’s thinking, Save him? He’s a scum bag! and that makes sense too. 

The first time I watched this episode, I was pretty caught up in the nonstop action. It sticks pretty well to the script for the ensuing scenes.

I love César Domboy as Fergus. Like Richard Rankin as Roger, it’s as if he walked right out of the pages of the books and onto the screen (for me). 

Young Ian is very physically different from Young Ian in the books, but he is adorable and John Bell plays the part well. I liked the scene where they haggle with the whisky buyer – great chemistry between John Bell and César Domboy. 

The next scene, to me, is classic Jamie and Claire. He’s trying to keep this guy quiet, no doubt preferring to just strangle him instead, and she’s saying “you can’t be rough with his head like that!”

Are you kidding me lady?

“Remove the stock… remove it!”

Wait ’til I get you alone later you pain in the ass, I’m gonna spank you like there’s no tomorrow!

I actually love this friction between Jamie and Claire; it is in keeping with their characters, in my experience. It’s reminiscent of the energy in this iconic scene by the river in 109… 


Now… in the 307 script, this scene is not quite so heated (makes me want to look back at the 109 script), and Claire says please remove the stock.  But in the actual scene, both their tempers are roused, and I think her choice to play it as she does is a smart one. Caitriona and Sam excel at meeting each other as scene partners, so if one ratchets up the intensity, the other one responds with Game on! 

At this point there’s a knock on the door, and  we hear the voice of Madame Jeanne announcing that Sir Slimiville is downstairs…

Now, I have to admit to being surprised by the goings-on in the salon of the brothel ?. Cast your… er… eye… downward yon henchman. 

Sir Percival: Really? I go to Lord John Grey’s place, there’s nothing here that interests me in the least.

Back in the honeymoon surgical suite…

Honorable wife is maybe crazy lady. Cut hole in exciseman’s head.

Gary Young, who plays Mr. Willoughby, does a great job with just his expressions. His gentle nature comes across in these scenes, and his allegiance to Claire, whom he respects as a kindred healer. 

Ohhhhkay, the whole surgery is a bit graphic and gross (for me). I admit to closing my eyes. And the gushy skull drilling sounds are pretty nasty too. Oh, the clot’s released. Yay! this scene is over.

Good bit of suspense while old milky eye checks to see if that puddle on the floor is brandy. (His blind eye effect is achieved by the very talented makeup team with a contact lens, by the way).

Either this is crème de menthe or someone around here has diabetes.

But, alas, it’s just water. Phew.

OK, this next part is where things start to turn, for me. Jamie comes back into the room, (and in the script, Sir Percival is coming up the stairs behind him much of the way). He says “This ends now.” Not unreasonable, considering he’ll be hangit if Percival finds this dude’s body in his room.

Claire’s line in the script is: “He’s dead. You got your wish,” which is what she says in the show. But it’s how it’s said. Like, Are you happy asshole? This guy’s dead, and if you’d only been a little more positive, maybe there would’ve been a different outcome!  And then she looks at Mr. Willoughby like, Can you believe this guy?

Now, I will say, that in stressful situations, I can get a little blamey with my own husband, for sure (he will LAUGH if he reads this). And maybe after a 20 year hiatus, the honeymoon really does end that quickly… ?, but Claire doesn’t seem a little defeated (as prescribed in the notes), she seems a little bitchy in this scene. But maybe that’s how Claire does defeat, and, uh… possibly how I do it too (ahem).

The next part makes sense, Claire is a doctor, a healer, and always has been. Now she’s taken the Hippocratic Oath, but that has always been a driving force for her, we know, and Jamie knows too. She was in surgical mode and is just dealing with the reality and aftermath of having lost this battle.

And good old Jamie softens toward her, which is the thing Frank was missing. And I can’t blame him. How long can you go on loving someone who loves someone else? He softened in the beginning, but then was unable to, so she got harder and harder, and so did he.

But Jamie softens, and so Claire softens. Ohhh kay, I recognize these two from the night before…

And suddenly she sees beyond herself. She sees the big picture. She admits to putting his livelihood and his life in jeopardy with her compulsion to heal. And Jamie, of course, says “Ye came thousands of miles and two hundred years to find me… and I’m grateful…” He even likens her return to the sun coming out, which is a callback to their wedding day. 

What a lovely scene.

Here are Karen Campbell’s notes for this scene “When Jamie enters and learns that Barton is dead, he’s understandably relieved. One of his problems has solved itself, and while it pains Claire to have lost her patient, she realizes her actions have put Jamie and others in danger. There’s a bit of thaw between them, both realizing that assimilating back into one another’s lives won’t be seamless. It will be a process, which is natural after spending two decades apart. It’s another step towards the two of them getting to understand/becoming more comfortable with who the other is now.”

Here is a moment where Caitriona diverges from the script, and her words are more Claire-like than what’s in the script in my opinion… the script calls for “You’re probably right about that.” and Cait says, “I suppose you’re right.”


In the script, it says that Claire is chagrined, which we see here, as she knows that placing the dirtbag’s life above Jamie’s concerns and welfare is inconvenient, to say the least (good thing Jamie’s ego is intact).

The script also says that Claire is to fall into Jamie’s arms and let him hold her. Now, maybe this is akin to the Brianna’s photographs situation, because I don’t really see Claire falling into Jamie’s arms here, seems a bit melodramatic and unClaire-like. But, there was something else needed here, for me. Claire’s response after Jamie’s flowery profession of love, is a bit…


Oh, aren’t you sweet, well, thanks for that, but I have to go, I have a non-urgent random patient, because you see I cut in line at the apothecary in order to prioritize the dirt bag exciseman, and I don’t want to keep the Fortune Teller waiting, you understand. 

Say what? How about staying to help clean up that dude’s blood off Madame Jeanne’s sheets? Do ye no remember what a pain in the arse it is to do laundry in the 1700’s Sassenach??

That part really threw me for a loop. Didn’t we just go through this? I get it. It’s hard to capture Claire’s dedication to healing and her dedication to Jamie in an action packed show, but I think there was a little too much editing in this section of the episode. 

I of course don’t know if this is the case. I asked the very approachable Metin Hüseyen about how the editing/ director’s cut works (I was researching 207 at the time), in these shows, and this is what he had to say:

This episode is very short- 49:00 minutes and change. In the 307 Podcast, Matt and Toni mention that this episode wound up being even shorter when originally completed, and they added the Fergus/Young Ian selling the whisky scene in after the fact to get it to its present length. So, I just wonder, was a little too much edited out along the way? Or were certain parts skipped? Or, what happened?

OK, back to 307: Jamie realizes she’s determined to go, and says, “You will return, afterward?” 

Wild horses couldn’t keep me away, that is… as long as there are no medical emergencies, because my job comes first.

Wow, I am starting to feel like a real asshole writing this review. How can I complain when these guys do a nearly perfect job???!!!!

Next, we’re in the tavern. I love this set. 

Young Ian and Fergus are a pleasure to hang out with, again. And one of the best moments in this episode is the moment when, and the way in which Brighid says the word “whisky.”  I’m gonna practice that in the mirror “whheskay.” 

Armed with Fergus’ sage advice, Young Ian is PSYCHED.

And Claire makes it to the Campbell’s and meets Margaret ? ?

(Way better than time with Jamie ?)

No, this is an important scene to lay the groundwork for what happens in the future. Though, Archie is not a minister in the show, but a fortune teller, and Margaret is a seer. I like Claire in this scene. She’s her pragmatic self, taking in the details, unruffled by the fact that Margaret is clearly WHACKO.

Young Ian is so adorable. I’ve been racking my brain to figure out who he reminds me of, and I’ve finally figured it out just today, it’s one of my son’s friends! I may have to close my eyes for this next part! ?

The Frasers and Murrays evidently spend a lot of time watching the horses…

But Brighid is no a hoor, and so Young Ian says, “Tell me how ye like it, and I’ll do whatever ye want.” Sweet boy.

Er… I’m in the coffee shop, so I’ll need to change locations before reviewing this next scene ?.

Oh, it’s Jamie and Claire. A bit of tension in the air. Jamie wants to stay in the brothel (this is Show Jamie, Book Jamie would find that indecent and an insult to his wife, I’m pretty sure). And Claire wants to start a doctoring business so they can get the flock outta the brothel. Another interruption. It’s Madame Jeanne again, saying Ian is downstairs. Claire is thrilled at the prospect of seeing her brother-in-law, but Jamie instructs her to lie about the fact that Young Ian is in Edinburgh. 

For me, Ian’s appearance, and Steven Cree’s portrayal of Ian in this scene acts very much as an anchor in this episode. It is similar to the way I felt anytime Murtagh appeared during Season 2. When Jamie and Claire don’t quite feel like Jamie and Claire, it’s a relief when a familiar, dependable character shows up. When we see Ian here, it’s like “Oh, thank God, there’s Ian, and he’s still acting like Ian.” His genuine emotion at seeing Claire acts as a contrast to and highlights the almost flippant way Claire has been retelling her story:

I thought Jamie was dead so I went to the colonies tee hee.

Which, though annoying, is entirely appropriate because as we know, Claire is a terrible liar.

“Claire? It is you, lass… Jenny and I, we grieved over you, for years. Where on earth have you been all this time?” ?

It’s sad to watch Jamie and Claire lie to such a distressed Ian.

Jamie lets Ian know he’s not coming clean with Claire about his other wife, and it’s pretty clear to everyone that Jamie is in over his head at this point.

“All will be well” NOT

We cut to Young Ian, rockin’ the print shop backroom

when a noise is heard.

“That I heard.”

Old milky eye is back, rummaging through the print shop looking for evidence of Jamie’s smuggling. Ian very sweetly sends Brighid on her way, and confronts Milky, leading to skirmish and the discovery of the seditious pamphlets, and ultimately the print shop catches on fire. Milky escapes, and Ian is trapped. 


“The years apart couldna erase the meaning behind that look.”

And the second time honeymooners are at each other again. Claire is upset (understandably) about lying to Ian, and about the fact that Jamie lied to Ian so easily. Jamie reminds her that they lied their way through Paris, and in fact just lied to Ian about where Claire’s been all these years. She replies that that’s different – a white lie. To which Jamie says,

“Oh I didna realize lies had shades” (great line)

I actually like this scene, because, again, there is balance. If Claire’s going to be a B (as she was most of Season 2, IMO), at least make Jamie her equal. They go toe to toe here, and call each other out quite a few times. 

Claire tells Jamie he doesn’t understand what it’s like to be a worried parent, which leads Jamie into a small tirade about the bikini (YAY! delayed, but here it is!) 

“No, I’m Brianna’s father… that wretched thing you call a bikini.” 

“Even whores have the decency not to go parading about in the like.”

“Christ, I’d forgotten how bloody rigid this century is!”

Claire tells Jamie Frank was a wonderful father, and then Jamie is green around his collar… “And was he a wonderful husband to you as well? Did you fall in love with him when you went back?”

This brings up a pretty good point. Claire grieved for Jamie, knowing that he died on the battlefield. But, Jamie lived. And he doubtlessly imagined Claire back in her life with Frank, possibly happy and in love with him, raising their child. Which would be harder?

“No. I loved him, but that was before you.”

And then, you guessed it, Madame Jeanne is at the door again (she’s worse than that Pauline!)

announcing the fire in Carfax Close. Yep, the print shop.

The print shop is ablaze and Jamie realizes Young Ian could be inside. He goes in to find him, and this is where we see shades of Sam’s days as Batman...



Jamie locates Young Ian

while a worried Claire, Fergus, and Mr. Willoughby look on

Jamie gets Young Ian out safely

And by the way, Sam had this to say about filming these scenes…

Here are Karen Campbell’s notes: “Print shop fire! There were so many elements that went into building/shooting/creating this epic fire. Our crew absolutely crushed this sequence. Construction built a print shop exterior that matched the Edinburgh location on our backlot that SFX actually burned down. (The building we used for the other exterior print shop scenes is a museum in a close right off the Royal Mile in Edinburgh and as a result, we couldn’t burn it down). VFX built on what was shot in camera on the backlot and the combined result is stunning. I’m so proud of the amount and quality of work the crew and cast accomplished on that cold night in January (turns out working in a stone close is akin to working in a giant refrigerator). It was a massively successful team effort from everyone.”

Jamie grabbed Willie’s photo, but didn’t bother to get Bikini Wearing Brianna’s (JUST KIDDING!!) The writers fielded that question…

Claire makes Jamie realize that he must take Young Ian home

While Claire takes care of Young Ian, Jamie gives instructions to Mr. Willoughby and Fergus. Fergus learns that Claire doesn’t know yet about you-know-who. Love the eyebrow!

Jamie walks toward the fire, 

and watches the print shop burn, THE END.

So, what happened here? Why was this episode generally not well received by the fans? 

I’m going to make an uneducated guess and say that the post production for this episode took place during a major transition – the cast and crew were in the process of gearing up and moving to South Africa when this episode would have been being edited and finalized. Did it kind of fall through the cracks? Many scenes were left out. Were they filmed? Or were they cut? Lots of lines that would have softened the exchanges between Claire and Jamie were excluded. For example, here is the ending that was in the script…


Here’s another bit that would make Claire seem more vulnerable, this is the scene about Frank…



Here’s another (extended) scene that was deleted, possibly not filmed, but I doubt it.


Since editing happens right along, is it possible that they’re so used to having to cut the excess that they cut too much?  I’m not sure. But, when an episode is a huge success, we recognize that it was a group effort, and so, it is likely due to a combo of factors. This episode has some really great moments, I just think there was too much fat trimmed. It’s gotta be tricky finding that balance. In any case, I think the world of the whole team and look very forward to the next episode, which airs Sunday-Monday, depending on where you are in the world. Here’s to 308!  

46 comments on “OutlanderBTS Reviews Episode 307: Action, Transitions & Friction

  1. Once again, your article is very well written. I’m waiting for the DVDs, so I haven’t seen the episode. Seeing the pictures and reading your comments make me even more excited.

    Where can I go to read season one and season two scripts? I have access to season three, but would love to read the scripts to the previous seasons.

    Thank you!

  2. Really well said Courtney. There was quite the stramash this past week about this episode. I felt just as you did and it didn’t make me feel better to read the script on Monday. Thanks again for your wonderful recaps and comments. Always fun!

  3. Agreed – the collective editors/director/show runners seem to be busy creating alternative scenes and then moving quickly thru plot points – result uneven and oddly flat – also wonder about director in this situation – next episodes someone else directs how will those feel – also as a professional theater director (not film) I do know actors respond to prompts the director gives and in these two episodes the acting IMHO is surface and general for J and C who usually have inner monologues and history that effect their characters much more deeply and emotionally per eps 1-4 – think everybody better take a deep breath and slow down season 4 – Diana’s books sold as is and some changes are fun but many changes just make hard work for actors and weaken the story telling

  4. Well done. Yes where do you get copies of the scripts? I didn’t even think that was possible. I am fine with this episode even after reading all of the negative press on this one because of character changes and verbal content rearranged. I do agree with you that perhaps too much was edited. I still feel that Jamie’s character doesn’t seem like him when dealing with Claire and I guess that can be explained by the passing of twenty years but for a couple who were so honest with each other why wouldn’t he have asked her if she had fallen back in love with Frank? If it were me that would have been one of the first questions before the reunion night was over. I know, I know he was still in shock. It that is one important question that I would not have waited to ask. I do appreciate the ability to be able to watch the show, that there is even a show and I appreciate all the hard work and the people who make it all possible.

  5. Really appreciate your insights and well thought-out reviews. Also appreciate that your criticisms take into consideration what mitigating factors might have affected the final product. Which of course is not excusing them, but does hopefully make people realize what a huge job this creative team is tasked with, with hundreds of conflicting interests to consider. Sometimes…MOST of the time…something’s gotta give. Unfortunately what ends up being sacrificed might not have been the best option in retrospect.

  6. I keep seeing brief looks from Madame Jeanne that say her feelings for Jamie are more than business related. Was this a scripted thing and if so, why? I can’t see any reason to create that story line when Claire and Jamie will leave Edinburgh. Has anyone else noticed this?

    • Absolutely, I noticed in the opening scene of #307. I saw Jamie’s look at her as flirting, egging on her hopes of more. Every time she’s on camera she makes a silent statement of interest in him, and not so much for Claire. Are they opening a new story line or adding to the friction between J&C? Certainly Jamie alluded to the big question when he asked her about Frank in #307. I don’t remember the quote but she responds with being happy raising Bree with Frank. Will it ever dawn on TV Jamie that her love for him made her take the risk, once again, to travel through the stones to get to him, her love of all-time? The story at least in this episode lacks the trust they had. That’s what is missing and will blow up on him on Sunday!?

      • When I read the books, I caught a subtext that Madame Jeanne would like to be a LOT closer to Jamie than they were. I think the script writers picked up on that, too, and allowed it to be shown (hence the first scene in A Malcolm).

  7. I was very disappointed in the number of deviations from the book. Why change the Rev. Campbell and his sister into fortunetellers, of all things. Why was Jamie’s printing press not saved, it plays a big part in later books. That whole scene with Claire and the Exciseman was completely made up. Come on, do the story justice or tell us that you are going to make things up from now on.

  8. Excellent review! Everyone in Edinburgh knows Jamie as Alexander. Did anybody notice that Claire shouted Jamie’s real name twice after he ran into the fire?

  9. I was reading the script and the parts that omitted only say “omitted” I can’t see what you are showing (as deleted) in your review. WHICH by the way, made me feel a heck of a lot better about the episode. I had a hard time with it and now I feel i can watch it again with a less critical eye. Thank you.

  10. Thanks for reviewing this episode! Your insight helps to ease the pain for this avid book reader! 😉 For what it’s worth I think the show is trying too hard to portray the 20 years apart aspect. They seem to want folks to see the characters COULD NOT have just picked back up where they left off, but come on, it’s Claire and Jamie! These are epic characters with a love that withstands everything thrown at them and then some! Again thanks for your review and letting us vent!

    • Betsy, Most certainly see your point. Trying too hard to have fans accept this life not fantasy. You may be right. I’ve alluded to the fact that expecting J&C to resume where they left off after a 20 year lapse of time is very unrealistic. At times my comment has felt like a defense.

  11. Thank you. This episode had me scratching my head. Something, or many somethings, was off. You have nailed the details that went awray. It was off track in continuity and flow from the get-go. First time ever so disappointed in Outlander. Claire much too brittle, almost like someone suffering from PTSD or a young person – it’s all about me, me, me.

  12. Hmm. I love your recaps. So well done. So insightful. Thank you! Thank you for the Batsam comparison! Wonderful! My overall opinion of this episode is that the writer has taken away the reason the many book lovers love these characters so very much. This Claire irritates me. I wonder that show Jamie wouldn’t regret her coming back. I did not like how the death of the excise man happened. Nor, as you point out, the ridiculousness of her saving him and having to go shopping for it. Whaat? Then to run off to the Campbell establishment. What happened to the love the night before? Sigh. I went back and forth about this and got to this point. What the H?

    • Unfotunate episode; wondered if the writer really had any grasp of the book story. Seemed messy, disconnected; C bitchy (no wonder FR looked elsewhere), there wasn’t any rapor between J & C, the first sex was sex-less….C never even asked J if he was okay and almost scoffed at him watching his livelihood go up in flames..she sure knows how to mess his life up.

  13. Very good review Courtney. Thanks a lot. I agree with you. The comments I read here about episode 307 are soft and respectful overall. However, from what some have said, a lot of people on other sites and blogs have been very harsh. I wish people would recognize all the hard work the cast, directors and writers are doing and they would stop saying awful things about the show. It must be very discouraging for the whole team. It might get to the point where their heart won’t be in it anymore. Ratings will drop and the show will be cancelled . Wish they would think about that

    • Diane, admit to being quite concerned about the shows longevity. Primarily due to Jamie & Claire’s out-of-character behavior. This seems to be a major “thorn in the side” of dedicated fans. Agree,as you have stated, there have been some harsh comments e.g. they are butchering the book, it never happened that way.

  14. Your comments were spot on…not bitchy at all! They removed TOO much of the Claire/Jamie tenderness. Why would she even have returned given the relationship they’re choosing to leave on the cutting room floor?! Thanks for your review!

  15. Thank you for putting into words what I was feeling after watching episode 307! Things have felt a little bit off ever since the emotional line of “Do ye want me?” he whispered…. but then they edited or left out….”Sassenach, will ye take me – and risk the man that I am, for the sake of the man ye knew?”
    But to be fair, I can’t imagine encapsulating “Voyager” into only 13 episodes… Daunting!!

  16. I know, I am very late to the party here, but I have been re-watching and thinking about this episode trying to put my head around why I didn’t like episode 307. Courtney, you have hit on all the areas that concerned me and why it didn’t work well for me. In my uneducated opinion, the writers were trying to setup episode 308 by adding tension to Claire and Jamie’s relationship so it won’t be so much of a surprise to the audience when the next bump (big bump) in the road hits this couple. It just didn’t play true to me that so soon after they lovingly found each other they would be so cold and bitchy, almost no warmth between them at all. I appreciate all the hard work by the cast and crew and love that we get to see Diana’s books come to life, and all the episodes leading to this one were wonderful. I am anxious to see 308 for many reasons, especially on how they will handle the changes made in season 1 that effect this next episode.

  17. In my simple but hard headed, opinion, it was terrible. These new writers don’t seem to understand the basics of Jamie & Claire. This should have been an extra long episode. The thing is Claire came back for Jamie period. Yes she wants to put her medical knowledge but she didn’t in the book because Mr. Willougby was this little strange non english speak person but he knew his job was to protect Claire. And even through Jamie was getting rid of his bootlegged booze, he was still worried about Clara and very loving towards her. ( See this is where one thing changes everything the damn dress, she should have been wearing led to the man dying). I get that Jamie is harder but not when , it came to Claire and she him. They were unsure of the future but not how they felt towards each other. This is where, their sexuality comes into play. It’s when they are naked and alone that is when they see each other. The whole older Ian standing in the brothel having a conversation with C & J just wrong. This book doesn’t need to be rewritten and that is what is brothering me. A lot to the point that I’m not enjoying it and don’t know if I will try to watch. Claire says something 308 that she would never have said.

    • The episode didn’t bother me as much as what Claire said to Jamie in 308 previews. I get what they’re trying to accomplish here. They’re trying to show Jamie’s inner turmoil over his secret. When your hiding something there are times when you go about your business as usual; then what your hiding takes you out of the moment and cuts like a knife. Jamie was going through all of this. Believe me, the sadness I felt watching S2 still concerns me. How can characters in a book feel so real? Well they do! I believe it’s STARS people or RM that is so set on the concept of needing tension. Without it a story is just boring? I would love to watch a weekly show lasting all year about Jamie and Claire living their lives in their cozy wee house. Loving each other. The lines in the book are what pulls you in. It’s beautiful. So we get it. There is tension bc of Jamie’s secret that will blow up in 308. I expect that then. NOT AFTER NED GOWEN. At least the tension is fluctuating with kindness within the whole episode. Another 4-5 episodes like S2 I cannot even consider. The 308 preview makes it look that way bc of the sling. After he was shot?? Better not drag on that long.

  18. Thanks so much for your research in writing your columns – I can get on with my life, reassured you’ll catch me up on all things Outlander!

  19. Your review was so well done. Explains a lot. IMO if those omitted scenes were left in (assuming they were filmed), it would have made a huge difference. Besides having new writers, are there new editors? I’m a book fan and still love the show, but they need to do better keeping things consistent.

  20. Really, the buck stops with the major members of the production team ,Moore, Roberts and Davis, for the many mis-steps throughout all the seasons. Moore,at one point,admitted that he had only read Outlander and skimmed the rest. I would hope by this point that rather than worry about the fact that the correct TV show was playing at the Rev.’s funeral reception tha he is more concerned with the basics of what the books are about,Claire and Jamie relationship. So far, if I were Jamie,I be like” and can I escort ye back to the Stones,maybe tomorrow?” This is just continuing this years following through with making Claire a bitch. A strong woman does not have to be a bitch,even though DG did write her as that some of the time but not like this. This story has only one (maybe two) oblivious bitches, Jenny and Laoghire. Even in the books, Jenny, always convieniently forgets who has been supporting Lallybroch since he found the “Seals” treasure.Then, he sent his wages from Helwater and now from his smuggling. She is a self rightous ass, in the books and on the show. Perhaps.Mr. Moore and company might do more than skim through the books,Caitrona and Sam have. One thing he is very proud of saying is that he”killed Kirk” in the Star Trek movies, and that he made Starbuck a woman in Battlestar Gallactica.maybe it is just something he feels the need to do, put his mark on an iconic adaptation.

  21. Though I’m old enough to have read the books, I never did until after seeing the first two seasons of the show. I’ve since read all 8. Diana’s ability to create these beautiful characters and tell their profoundly compelling story is both interesting and touching. In episode 307, I could neither recognize the characters nor their story. Claire apparently returned to the 18th century in order to open a private practice. Jamie is just a treasonous smuggler who sees nothing wrong with lying to his brother in law regarding his sons whereabouts. Not at all true to the book. Though J & C have shared a bed, there’s little to no tenderness between them.
    Mr. Willoughby bears no resemblance to the book character. This episode was a real disappointment to an avid fan. The previews of next week look odd as well. I get that the books are long so eliminate some stuff but be true to what you use. If they’d stuck to the book in 307, Willoughby would have killed the bad guy. There are plenty of places in this story to have tension between Jamie and Claire. The producers don’t need to make stuff up.

  22. Thanks Courtney…I wholeheartedly agree with your sentiments! Claire’s self righteous medical rants got on my nerves…than when she finally admits to causing chaos, Jamie basically opens a vein for her to express his gratitude for her despite everything, and she responds with the need to visit another patient. I thought she longed to be with Jamie for 20 years? When he honestly asked her “Do you want me?” She said she did…”whoever he was “, and didn’t care if he was a supposedly horrible person. Guess things are different in daylight.

    • Kimberly, your observations are the same as mine. Courtney, you are “spot on” and nailed it. Granted, the show needs to modify the books, but there was no “smoothness” in this episode, very choppy and stilted. Jamie would make statements and it was as though he was talking to himself or making snide side comments. No tenderness between them, just bitterness and lack of patience. I understand that she walked into his life unannounced, however it ain’t all about her…she had warning and preparation. It felt as though the directors were just trying to get through it, very little positive emotion. Curious why they changed Rev Campbell, since we need him later as well as the printing press…;Young Ian was cute, though–reminiscent of the innocence of youth.

      Looking forward to the next episode–should be pretty feisty! With some of the changes the show made, I’m curious as to how it will pan out.

  23. Thank you for writing this. I am an avid fan even though I only discovered the series last April and then read all eight of the books over the summer, including Seven stones and some others. I was SO disappointed with 307 because this Jamie and Claire are not the ones we know they are. You are absolutely correct that most of their tenderness was missing. I feel a bit better, knowing that much probably was cut rather than simply ignored. I am also VERY concerned about the episode I will watch tonight at midnight. Two of the scenes in the previews strongly suggest that major scenes are being dropped or ignored. I do not want the series to be cancelled and will continue watching, mainly, I have to admit, because of Sam Heughan,, who is a phenomenal Jamie. Claire right now is just too bitchy and selfish. As was said above, a woman’s being strong and independent does not require her to be a termagant. I do not mind their changing some parts and omitting other parts of the book. But again, their doing that does not mean that they cannot stay true to Diana’s story and major characters.

    • Very well put, Blithe. All you said is why so many are disappointed. I, too, love the show. I watched a couple of the first year eps, decided I’d best the books out and I read them all. The characters in the books are the actors in the show. We’re in agreement that there could be no better Jamie than Sam. Cait is wonderful. This year started so well until 307. The change of the death of the excise man and Claire coming back after 20 yrs and ripping into poor Jamie after one night of joy. My head was spinning. Thank you for your added insight

  24. I wonder why they cut out all of those scenes that would have given Jamie/Claire more softness and loving connection we needed to see to continue the good feelings from last week – it was like this was the polar opposite of A.Malcolm. Those deleted script scenes would have really helped. The distance being created between them may help this weekends episode – I don’t know – but I sure didn’t want to see them so at odds so quickly. Love the show but this episode left me flat….disappointed.

  25. Thank you for your review. I loved Jamie’s small speech about the sun returning and the printshop fire and that was about it. I did not recognize either Jamie or Claire in this episode. What bothered me most was how they changed Jamie’s motivation for lying to Ian. Also hated that Claire was so thoughtless as to chastise Jamie for not being a parent. Everything this man does is for someone else whether it is dueling Black Jack to avenge Fergus, sending Claire to safety at Culloden, bedding Geneva to protect Jenny and Ian, or leaving Willie to protect his son’s future. How could anyone believe he lied about Young Ian because he thought he knew better what he needed than his parents. Completely wrong representation of Jamie.

  26. Excellent review! I totally agree. I have felt the editing has been off a little this season. Just adding in one or two more lines (that were in the script) makes things much clearer. Again, I am sure there is a reason ( time usually being that reason), but the episodes have been so short this season. Seems like one or two more lines wouldn’t put them too far over on time (IMO)! Thanks! (The batman GIF made me LOL!) ?

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