OutlanderBTS Season 5 Premiere Prep Guide!

Photo: S5 Jamie and Claire, Starz 

****BREAKING NEWS****** EP 501 will be available on the Starz App TONIGHT! At the usual times – Midnight Eastern, 11:00PM Central, 10:00PM Mountain, 9:00PM Pacific! Woot! (Smart move Hirsch, gotta hand it to ya). 

If you are a die-hard Outlander fan like I am, and many of us are, you’re getting ready for the Season 5 premiere on Sunday. But, how can you prepare? Here’s a wee guide I’ve thrown together for us.

At a minimum, I suggest rewatching Episode 413 before the premiere on Sunday, so you remember where we left off.  For you hard workers, rewatch all of Season 4. (Here’s a Season 4 recap courtesy of W Network, if ye like…)

If you really want to put your back into it, you can binge the whole of Seasons 1-4. 😊If you just don’t have time, you can watch King FireMan’s excellent Jamie and Claire recaps to get a review of Seasons 1-4: KFM Jamie, KFM Claire.

For deep divers, you can also rewatch our Season 4 Episode Discussions (minus 401, 403-405, and 410). You can find those here: OutlanderBTS Episode Discussions. Antoinette attended the Y92 Screening of 501 in NYC, and this was her review. If you know Antoinette, THIS IS A VERY GOOD REVIEW!!!!

I like to re-read each book before the corresponding season is released. Some people prefer to wait until after, I know. If you decide to start The Fiery Cross now, I’ll be honest, you probably won’t finish it before Sunday, unless you’re Kirsten Carpenter Norling or Karmen Schmidt. It can be done, but plan on skipping meals and sleep time! (With the breaking news above, you have no chance to read it before 501!!!)

If you want an idea of what happens in The Fiery Cross, without reading the whole thing, and a quick preview of cast and what may be coming in Season 5, I suggest reading, or re-reading my piece: J & C, Rog & Bree, Jemmy, Murcasta, Mohawk Ian, The Bugs, Creepy Beardsleys, & Fave Scenes for S5. If you want more detail, you can visit Outlander Wiki for The Fiery Cross – there will be spoilers in all of the above! 

For a perusal of Season 5 tidbits, I suggest visiting the Reader Favorites section of this site. You’ll find lots on Season 5 in the first section. You can also watch King FireMan’s latest masterpiece (which I am publishing here, but not watching, as I don’t watch anything leading up to the season premiere), it’s up to you! 

You can look through press week interviews and Q&A’s. Here are some good ones (imo): 

EW Maril Roundtable
The Build Series
Facebook Chat
Leanne Aguilera Red Carpet
Leanne Aguilera
Parade Mag
Herald Richard Rankin Interview

Lastly, you can clear your schedule, and make sure you have your favorite viewing situation all set up: companion(s), or Do Not Disturb sign, TV recording, or Starz App all situated, snacks, beverages, favorite chair, jammies, evening gown, or whatever you like to wear, tissues, etc. 

And then, we just wait for the big day (Saturday night through Monday night, depending on where you are in the worrrrreld!).

Tonight is the screening in LA and you can live stream it – INFO HERE. Then… 1-3 more sleeps! 

Wishing you all happy prepping, and here’s to a great Season 5. xo


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8 comments on “OutlanderBTS Season 5 Premiere Prep Guide!

  1. You can always get a refresher or sneak-peek at seasons at:


    as well! Oh, my dear, I’ve watched all the episodes so many times (as I’m certain countless others have) that I could practically recite the dialogue backwards. I have been, and am now about as “re-watched” (?) as a person can be. Again as I’m certain countless others are! Look out Season 5, your ardent fans await you!!

  2. Courtney, it’s so nice to have you back again! I hope you got at least a wee rest and a chance to re-familiarize yourself with your family before all the prep it must take to bring us on your dives into the season. I can’t wait. And I loved Antoinette’s review of Ep 501! Great news. xxd

  3. One needs to have at least a week off work (and life!) to properly prepare for the new season 🤪. Ready or not, here it comes!!💃🏻🕺

  4. I’ll be setting up my watching station with a cloth hanky, a wee dram, and wrapped in my tartan as a blanky. Think I’ll take your advice and watch the last episode of season 4 again, although it’s pretty much ingrained in my head.

  5. The greatest gift was given to us tonight ❤️ if you have Starz’s we get episode 1 of season 5 tonight at midnight! Hell yeah!!!

  6. What a journey right through Season 1 to Season 4 – all the excitement, danger and journey that Jamie and Claire have been through and now more is ahead of them in Season 5 – and I can hardly wait till Sunday, February 16. I am going to be glued to the TV on Sunday night and will record all the episodes – don’t want to miss any of them. Finally it’s here – the drought is over.

  7. This posting was positively amazing, and helpful! Thanks so much for all your hard work to make it easy for the fans ❤️ Here’s to S5!

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