OutlanderBTS #TBT Fabulous Deleted Scene Between Colum and Jamie

It’s Thursday where I am, and whether that means it’s early in the day, the sun has already set on your Thursday, or it is indeed even yesterday for you, I hope it is, will be, has been or was, a good one.

Lots of stress in the world these days, personal, and communal, I see it, and I feel it.

One thing I love about Claire and Jamie, is they both always keep their perspectives, their moral compasses, their senses of humor. These are important during stressful times. May we all strive to do that. 

There is a saying on my fridge that says: It’ll all be OK in the end, if it’s not OK, it’s not the end. 

Please enjoy this excellent deleted scene between Colum and Jamie, played so extremely well by both Gary Lewis and Sam H. Really, you just see the youth in Jamie, then the don’t f— with me, then the youth. And Colum, is such a cunning wee bugger. Enjoy this look back to Leoch…

and, Hang in there, It’s nowhere near the end. ?

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10 comments on “OutlanderBTS #TBT Fabulous Deleted Scene Between Colum and Jamie

  1. Do you know if there’s anyplace I can see this deleted scene between Column & Jamie with English captions? I’m hearing impaired & I couldn’t hear all the dialog but I sure would like to! I need those English captions! ???

    • Hmmm, Karen, I have to think about this one – what happens when you turn on closed captioning? Will it do it in English on top of the Italian? Could make it hard to read.

  2. Nice coincidence across the ocean… the saying you have hanging on your fridge is one of my favorites to add st the bottom of my email and helps to put everything in perspective again?!

  3. Of course, one of the capital scenes ! It isn’t in the book, an it’s one of the very very good add of the show. We at last understand the motivations of Colum, and why he will let Claire be judged for being a witch…

  4. That video is an embarras de richesses! It must be a majority of the deleted scenes from the second half of season 1. The most ridiculous omission is that version of the scene between Claire and Murtagh in the cave. How “you know who” could delete that when he kept all the other time-wasting scenes in The Search, is beyond me. Thanks so much for posting it.

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