OutlanderBTS #TBT: Season 1 Boot Camp, Where it All Started…

Photo: Sony, Cait and Sam – Outlander Season 1 Boot Camp.

Before filming for Season 1 started, the cast went to 1700’s Scotland boot camp, including: horse riding, brawling, Gaelic lessons, and bonding. Here is a wonderful BTS look back to the very beginning… NOTE – This video looks like it might not work but it does! Enjoy…

I wish they would still do these on set videos. I’d love to do a wee documentary of their work on Season 5.

Be sure to check out my recent interview with Sera-Lys McArthur on her heartbreaking portrayal of Johiehon.

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Coming up: a new OutlanderBTS What’s New, a Twitter Q&A with Diana (date TBD), and scheduling a couple more great interviews… stay tuned.

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Happy ThrowBack Thursday to you. xo

7 comments on “OutlanderBTS #TBT: Season 1 Boot Camp, Where it All Started…

  1. Absolutely loved it! It’s hilarious, insightful and often when we see what actually occurs behind the scenes, we get to love and appreciate all the hard work and fun put into our beloved Outlander. If there are any more of these back stories in all the Seasons 1, 2, 3 and 4, – please share. This one is a real treasure and I am certain all of them will be too. Thank you for keeping us all up to date. Much appreciated.

  2. Really loved seeing and hearing all of this Courtney! I would think that learning the Gaelic would be the hardest part. And of course our Sam picks it up as easy as pie! This was a great idea and I have to hand it to the producers to think of an all encompassing Boot Camp where they would all go together to learn how to live, fight, ride and speak as in the olden days. So clever, and a way to build camaraderie among the cast before they even started shooting. Thank you for taking us behind the scenes again!

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