OutlanderBTS #TBT – Top 10 Jamie and Claire Moments

Photo: Jamie and Claire, Starz

Happy Throwback Thursday, and thanks again to the true Outlander fan over at Canada’s W Network who edits and compiles these beauties! Do you agree with their top 10? Are any missing? What order do yours go in? 

I’ll have to do further research before providing my answer…?


“Just a minute kids! …I’m doing research for my blog!” ?

I thought of some, there are MANY!!

Here are a few of mine… 109




103… Phew, is it hot in here?

107 …


Now that everyone’s hormones are nicely balanced, have a wonderful day!  ?


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16 comments on “OutlanderBTS #TBT – Top 10 Jamie and Claire Moments

  1. Woooweee, I agree with everyone of those moments, but there are quite a few more. Such as the bath tub scene in Blood of My Blood. I just LOVE that one…so romantic! Prestonpanes, when they kiss and Jamie bows to her…I could go on, and on…..

  2. I love all these. Thanks so much for helping us with Droughtlander. Just an observation. I think the one labeled 108 is actually 308, I believe it’s the fight over Laoghaire. Not that I’ve watched so much I’d know. LOL!

    • Yes that stood out to me too. Definitely 308, when Jamie blew up over Claire going on about Laoghaire.

  3. Sam really is an outstanding actor and these moments drive home just how fabulous he is at capturing minute shades of emotion and intensity and how spot on his timing is. He feels totally believable and totally in character and in the moment and just becomes Jamie – really outstanding. He could do half as good a job and the show would still be great, but really he’s in a class by himself. I’ve been binge watching Lucifer and noticing how Tom Ellis similarly has the skill of breathing totally believable emotion into, in Tom’s case, what could easily be a totally over-the-top comic book charicature.

  4. Loved the photos above – a real treasure chest of Jamie’s and Claire’s love for each other, that unspeakable bond. Yes, there were some moments where they had their little fighting moments and those make their relationship sing and have life. They had their moments but their making up afterwards was what had us all swept off our feet – clamoring for more. Thank you sharing the above with us all – amazing.

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