OutlanderBTS The Discussion, Episode 401 ~ America The Beautiful

At long last, here is our discussion of Episode 401, America The Beautiful. Hope you enjoy!


Here is my interview with Tim Downie from Season 4 that I mention in this discussion.

Tim Downie on Playing the Gov’nah ~ William Tryon

To catch up on our other episode discussions, I suggest you go to Featured Favorites, where they are posted in chronological order from Episode 401 through Episode 608. We will be backfilling Season 4 over the next months, so check back! 

Here is Karmen’s detailed Anatomy Lesson on Claire’s Medicine Chest, that she mentions in our discussion.

Here is Karmen’s detailed Anatomy Lesson on Hayes’ Hanging that she mentions in our 401 discussion.

Have a wonderful weekend! xo

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10 comments on “OutlanderBTS The Discussion, Episode 401 ~ America The Beautiful

  1. This was wonderful (as usual)! And, a nice way to survive ‘Drought landed’ – LOL! I would love to see you ladies go all the way back to season 1 episode 1 and do a discussion on every singe episode in the series. I enjoy y’all as much as I do the actual series! Thank you (all) again!!!!

  2. Cette scène au coin du feu est d’une beauté incroyable.
    Sam et Caitriona sont au sommet de leur art.
    Ils sont dans leur bulle et leur osmose est juste parfaite

    • Agreed Arlette – that scene was the most Jamie and Claire authentic of the episode for me and so beautifully done.

  3. Courtney, Karen, Cathy and Antoinette,
    Thank you for going back and reviewing episode 401. It was so enjoyable to see!

    I first saw this episode in Savanah with a large group of friends. We all got together to attend the SCAD Film and TV festival. So it was in a large theatre. I thought it was a wonderful start to a season bar a few obvious things you mentioned. I personally loved the use of America the Beautiful at the end and was shocked at the outrage of a significant number of my friends as we left the theatre. They were offended and thought it was a horrible thing to do. I still think it was very effective. And I understand exactly why it was used.

    Courtney, I too noticed the almost motherly turn in Claire’s attitude toward Jamie, even down to the height differences with her being elevated. I found that disappointing.

    The John Bell and Jamie scene was very well done. They continue to play well together as seen in season 6.

    Cathy, thanks for making me more aware of the walls!

    I do hope you do some other previous episodes. It would be a fun look back. But please tell us so we too can rewatch before we see your review.

    Thanks again for such a delightful evening.

  4. Thanks so much to all of you for another very enjoyable discussion. A lovely surprise in my inbox, certainly put a smile on my face in anticipation of watching. As usual I thoroughly enjoyed your lively input.Cheers for taking the time to add to our enjoyment of all things Outlander.

  5. Hi you wonderful Ladies,
    So lovely to hear you all again and enjoyed this ‘chat’ on episode 401.
    Having listened to you I went back and watched it (yet) again! And felt you were all so correct on what you said for the episode….
    Favourite scenes are nearly always the Sam and Caitriona ones…they are just so at ease with each other.
    The ending scene with the music ‘America the Beautiful ‘ was spot on! As you all said Genius….
    As a Brit I felt it showed how American was built on violence (wild west etc.) and still is with the whole ‘gun’ issue.
    Ed Speleers really did an brilliant job as Bonnet, hadn’t really appreciated him before 🙄
    Having the background knowledge about Ron leaving the show and that Matt and Toni took over as ‘showrunners’…. and the new writers……didn’t know that and it explains a lot!
    Outlander works because of Sam and Caitriona, they are both the Stars of the show, can’t have one without the other. Sam has quietly and consistently well acted his way through this show, however much Starz have pushed Caitriona at front…..Yes Antoinette! She is so spot on!
    Each one of you have such amazing insights into the episodes….well done!!
    Want to find that interview you did with Tim Downie? The fireplace that Cathy loved was from a house called Newhailes House. not that far from Edinburgh. Thought I heard or read something about how Tim and Sam thought the room was haunted because books kept falling off the bookcase!
    Love her love for the colourful walls!
    Sorry for banging on 🥰😅

  6. Finally watched your discussion of 401. As usual “spot on” in all aspects. I remember feeling disquieted by Claire’s attitude but was never able to articulate it as you ladies have done. As Antoinette would say, it “pisses me off” to see Claire as Mother Superior. This is an unfortunate characteristic that the writers attributed to her throughout this season which is why it is the least favorite for many fans.
    I imagine the actors felt the same way because they became producers in time to rescue their characters’ integrity in future seasons.

    • And thank goodness they rescued their characters!! Our beloved Jamie & Claire were not well represented in Season 4 – glad that’s changed. X

  7. Finally got around to catching up with your discussions. Courtney, as a fellow Coloradan, you may already know this but legend has it that Katherine Lee Bates wrote America the Beautiful after a visit to Pikea Peak, which is a source of great pride to many Colorado school children, Thanks for giving us something to help survive Droughlander. Keep up the great work, ladies!

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