OutlanderBTS The Discussion, Episode 506 – Better To Marry Than Burn

Photo: The uber talented MDK and Duncan Lacroix, Ep 506, Better to Marry than Burn, Outlander, Starz

Here it is folks! Our discussion on Ep 506, I hope you enjoy it!

I have included an article on the horse, Eclipse, which we discuss. Enjoy! xo


One 18th-Century Horse Eclipsed All the Others 

Also, here are examples of Haint Blue from Dr. Cathy…


Thanks to Cynthis Topps from Facebook for this look at Carolina locusts…

This is what a Carolina Locust looks like. Not like the one’s depicted in the show. They are also smaller only 1 or 2 inches long. AND they are not really locusts they are grasshoppers. Tell Antoinette I totally agree with her on the lack of attention to detail. This took very little time for me to find this info.
Image may contain: shoes

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Sending love… xo

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28 comments on “OutlanderBTS The Discussion, Episode 506 – Better To Marry Than Burn

  1. Always happy to get your takes on the episodes ladies, and hear plenty of new info from you! Thanks! Some of my own thoughts:

    • The opening scene in Scotland was terrific! Must’ve been fun for MDK to play a sighted person, even for that brief scene. Loved how Hector went from his “fake” British accent, right into his Scottish brogue after the Redcoats were dead.

    • Wait, Margaret and Abigail?! What?! I hope this only means the actress who plays Phaedre was not available for filming that day, and is not gone forever. Isn’t MDK just fantastic? I laughed at her “Thank you!” to Innes, cutting him off before she got the “gags” at what he was about to say… 😉 “I only want YOU to be happy”, utters Ulysses; no Mistress included in that line, this is very personal for him.

    • I have to say all the Fraser’s Ridge part of this episode was a bit boring for me. Writing, editing, directing? Some or all, I just thought some of the time spent on it could’ve been saved for a later scene which I was soooo disappointed in! Later…

    • The wedding Pavilion at River Run was so beautiful! I will say while I enjoyed the acting of the Wylie character, for me, too much time was spent of those scenes as well, and I just thought some of the time spent on it could’ve been saved for a later scene which I was soooo disappointed in! Later… Are you sensing a theme here? 😉

    • Without question, the scene between Murtagh and Jocasta was my absolute favorite, hands down. Those two are just a joy to watch together. Now that’s a super-couple! It was heartbreakingly beautiful, and listen to how much Bear McCreary’s orchestration contributes to that. I am so bummed that it will not happen for them, and every week I worry more and more for Murtagh.

    And now I’m just going to move straight forward to said “later scene”, which is, of course, the J+C stable love scene. Even DG said, ‘Where it falls apart is in the first half of the stable scene,” Gabaldon points out. “The dialogue is bumpy, awkward and disconnected, but much worse, it’s totally out of character,” she points out. “Honestly, even Show-Jamie would never say jerk*ss stuff like that, no matter how drunk—and instead of a coherent and/or passionate fight, the interchange just stops dead with a slap and a long mutual stare, which we are meant to believe is the ignition of sudden sexual desire.’ She mentioned that Sam and Caitriona did the best they could with what they had to work with. As I watched this scene, I was instantly taken back to something I’d seen on YouTube a few years back. Maybe some of you remember it, where Sam and Caitriona, in the 21st century, dressed in 21st century clothing, are pretending to be Jamie and Claire getting couple’s counseling with a psychiatrist. Very camp. Here it is:


    That’s what the stable scene reminded me of. Phony passion… I was happy to see that they were going to include the stable love scene from the book! Was looking forward to that, and in particular to hear Sam say, “Look down and watch as I take ye!”. Am I right? But it quickly went south from there (I wish…). They can’t honestly think after years of red-hot, passionate scenes between those two characters, that the fans would count this “quickie” as one of them! Why toss us a bone? Claire’s thigh + Jamie’s pulled-up breeks (they didn’t even PRETEND to give him enough time to have “exposed” himself!) DOES NOT = a famed Outlander love scene! Not for me, and I was just so disappointed.

    This has been a good season for Outlander, IMHO, but there were too many missed opportunities in this episode. However, as I’ve said plenty of times, I continue to be thrilled that Jamie and Claire are in every episode, and I remain a most ardent fan! 💚

    Be well out there, everyone!

    • Good point about MDK! And I didn’t notice the accent change! I’ll have to watch again. good catch Kimber. You know we agree on the sex scene! A real missed opportunity. And I totally see the comparison to the Josh Horowitz interview! Fake acting. Ah well. I hear 507 is gonna be good! Thanks Kimber.

  2. I stayed up way past my bedtime tonight listening to you all.
    The one scene that drove me crazy was Claire and Wylie discussing the whisky deal behind Jamie’s back.
    This episode lacked the intimacy between the characters and the up close and personal responses. Only Maria and Duncan had it. In the after sex conversation, Jamie and Claire, not so much. Meh.
    Tomorrow I have to check out Sam’s callouses and a horse for all seasons and time periods.
    Thanks all of you for an evening of giggles.🌞🌻

  3. I have not listened to the “ladies” yet but here’s my two cents! Why do the writers continue to feel they have to make Claire a 21st century woman?!! Book Claire would not have proposed a deal with Phillip Wylie! Really – she would not have, nor did she, flirt with Wylie in the book and it cheapens Claire’s character to do so. Jamie was approached by someone at the wedding about making the whiskey deal. Wylie came on to Claire not the other way around. I was happy to see that Roger was given some meat this episode – some good quips between Roger and Bree – ‘maybe Da will make you a major!!!” Poor Fergus – all he an do is hang around and make a face or shovel dirt to smother a fire? Sad waste of a wonderful character and actor. I so agree with Antoinette – too much time wasted when we only have 12 episodes. As a book lover of course I was hoping to see the stable scene done well – Ugh! If they had only used some of the other scenes at the wedding when J&C bantered back and forth and their passion simmered – I was waiting to see the scene where Claire comes down the stairs lit by moonlight – seeing Jamie at the foot of the stairs – Diana’s description of the scene is so beatiful – there would have been a lead up to the stable scene – even though the line about looking down and watching him take her is in the book but as it was presented on the show it seemed more of an assault than lovemaking – yes it was almost violent in the book but the power was understood because of the buildup in the previous scenes. And yes, Kimber – he never did pull down his breeks! Really! At one point you see Caitriona roll her eyes up – looking at the ceiling – and it was not a passionate eye roll – it was comical – like some expressions I’ve seen her use in interviews with Sam when they are bantering back and forth!!! Like – “really, come on already!!!” I admit that I am an ardent book lover and Diana’s words are so powerful and she paints amazing pictures and creates such depth of character that I suppose that colors my view of the show. But, they did it in Season 1! So faithfully – why not continue now. I used to look forward to each episode and watch again and again – not so much now. The potential is there – the material is there and the actors are top-notch – why the writers feel they need to change something that is excellent and make it something else makes me shout – write another show with these scenes if you want but leave the substance of this beautiful story alone – it begs to be told the way Diana wrote it – the way we all fell in love with it.

    • I am in total agreement with you. It makes me wonder if the “writers” read the books, or had any kind of powers of interpretation at all!!! Thank you Diana for the books, but please step in and tell them to quit making it THEIR story instead of yours!!!!
      I love ❤️ the first three Seasons, but after that, the deviations were just tooo drastic!!!!!

  4. Thanks to you all again for an interesting discussion.
    I agree with Antoinette about the Jamie and Claire story in this episode needing space to breathe. The show could have cut the Jocasta and Murtagh scene way down. Ten straight minutes screen time was too long for a relationship that only arose recently and doesn’t carry any substantial weight (to me). I agree with Antoinette wholeheartedly about not caring about Murtagh and Jocasta as a couple. I don’t care about them at all. Instead they could have used that time for more focus on Jamie and Claire’s story.

    The opening sequence was moving for me because it illustrated the danger Highlanders were in the day after the battle of Culloden and that just then Jamie was in a barn seriously injured and waiting to be shot.

    The barn scene: I liked the talk between Jamie and Claire after they had sex. I thought the conversation seemed real for them. But I agree with all your thoughts on the rest of the scene. I l did like that Jamie said, “there’s a cause to celebrate,” as he came in the barn because it reminded me of when he told Claire that in Season 1 when he was being stitched up by Claire and thinking optimistically about his petition against Black Jack.

    But, yes the dialogue after didn’t sound like Jamie (“You’re condemning me,” and Claire saying, “no, I’m condemning you…” I didn’t like the repeated use of that word, nor did I like “condemn.” Maybe he would say, “you’re angry or upset,” but condemn is too strong. I also didn’t like Jamie repeating almost the exact words from Season 1 when he told Claire that she does what she likes with no consideration of consequences. This episode’s writer should have made different choices, and not simply repeat what Jamie said from years ago in their relationship.

    One more thing that I didn’t hear discussed (unless I missed it) was Claire suddenly placing importance on Frank’s ring. Especially telling Jamie she knows Wiley knows “how much it means to me.” Really? It was odd and disconcerting. Claire doesn’t love Frank. She’s never emphasized that ring in prior episodes after realizing she loved Jamie. I’ve thought she wears it out of duty only. I felt she should have long since taken it off.

  5. Damn those 45 Seconds!!!!! I have imagined reworking of scene because I was angry that one of DG’s most fabulous lines “…watch me while I take you …” was rendered impotent (pun intended) because of staging. Exactly HOW is Claire suppose to watch as she was wearing a full costume with layers whereas in the book, she only had a on a shift. It is devastating to see a line so misappropriated. Producers and writers – if you can’t present the whole damn lovely scene, then DON’T just throw in a line — try to capture the ESSENCE. Below is my humble attempt to amend 45 seconds within the confines of what was presented. One Make Up Note: Claire’s hair should have been down – but much appreciated that finally Jamie’s hair was mussed!!!!
    Jamie initially is reminding Claire of the time she is in – which is fair and deep down inside – Claire knows that. BUT she is still frustrated by her failure and her anger arises from that awareness. She retorts – with a “I don’t need you to tell me how to behave …” As Claire is heads out of the stable – Jamie says ”Remember you are still a woman” KNOWING full well that will stop her in her tracks and lead to some physical contact!!! The slap sobers Jamie up — though he immediately becomes drunk again with desire and forcibly kisses her – intent on satisfying his hunger. Claire then retaliates – in a way – by aggressively kissing him – feeding his craving with a display of female carnality that matches his own (which Claire has demonstrated since the very first episode of Outlander)!!! So Jamie, cocky as ever (pun intended), thinks he has her. After taking in his surety (perhaps we see her touching his crotch) – Claire tears herself away intent (though it is always a dance) on leaving him wanting. THEN Jamie grabs her and forcibly pushes her against the post, she resists. He pins her there – yanking up her skirt as he is opening his pants. We see his hand reach under as he feels for her “honey pot” — he stops moving (Claire still resisting) and we see that “Jamie look” registering how wet she is. Then he says, “Sassenach … (quick glance down between her legs) . . . you are wanting me.” He moves his arm ever so slightly, Claire intakes a breath as she replies, “Jesus H Roosevelt Christ, YES!!! AND he enters her … with that familiar exquisite moan| groan exhale from Claire (a sound that turns Jamie and the world on fire) and then those aching, body-exploding thrusts … and Jamie, Claire – and we – are home. No need for nudity – naked desire will ALWAYS suffice.
    Though the 45 seconds in the stable were most painful – the build-up of sexual tension throughout the day was non-existent and would have helped immeasurably. Even with time constraints, it would have been easy to capture a sliver of it. For instance, Claire was absolutely luminous at wedding. Instead of arbitrary set dressing shots … why didn’t they include shots of men (and even women) stunned by her beauty and reveal Jamie watching with a mixture of pleasure and jealousy and Claire catching his eye. Nothing fuels pride and passion more than having others desire what you have … which is why Jamie MUST have Claire that night. Propellant for barn stall combustion! Much richer storytelling. No added time. And couldn’t they have asked the author what her favorite pent up moment during the day was and included it. (Would it have been goblet??) At the very least, there should have been something with Claire and Jamie when she came out on the porch. EX: Claire says to Jamie (line slightly amended): ‘For Jocasta’s sake … try to enjoy the day. “(Pause) ADD: The day will turn to night … with such possibilities. (Jamie looks at her, she smiles wickedly as she kisses him.)

  6. I just love this podcast. I have one comment about Claire and that damn ring from Frank. I think she carries a lot of guilt for the way her marriage was with Frank. She might have respected him but she never really showed any love for him. Jamie is her husband now, not Frank. I’m tired of her acting as if the gold ring is more important.

  7. My this day has gotten away from me! After many interruptions, I finished and totally enjoyed listening to the whole discussion. For me Episode 506 was ‘the Good , the Bad and the Ugly’. Well maybe not so ugly but…still. The Good..oh so many aspects….I LOVED the exploration of Jocasta’s history…what a clever way to introduce the gold (book readers will know why this is important). I LOVED that they gave Murtaugh and Jocasta the time to unfold their feelings. Maybe my favorite shot of this episode is Jocasta crying and Murtaugh holding her….am I a puddle on the floor yet? I loved Murtaugh’s gift of the intertwined hearts twinning his own broach. The only thing I found a bit distracting was the fit of Maria’s costume…seems her breasts were pushed up too far? The crease was distracting…to me….I know, I know…I want perfection!
    I loved the interjection of the Dr. Rawlings mention to show how different Claire’s thinking is to the women of the 18th century. And to fuel the conflicts that will inevitably come. I LOVED that Roger finally got to succeed at more than singing…seems about time. i LOVED the casting of Phillip Wiley…how perfect was that? So slimy… I really liked the line of Jamie’s “You’re a woman like no other, but you’re still a woman”…Sometimes Claire does forget she is a woman out of time and that contemporary women did not have near the freedom that Claire enjoys..(or have the opinion of slavery that Claire does…more a bit later)…. a reminder is not amiss sometimes. I really enjoyed the friendship between Madame Tyron…oh, excuse me, her excellency Tryon….she needs someone to be friends with….don’t we all ladies?

    I am so enjoying the costumes this season, the fabrics, the colors and the cuts of the men’s coats are gorgeous! I want one…I would so wear one…even if it is supposed to be a man’s coat.

    Unfortunately, the time they took for the Jocasta and Murtaugh scene, they did not give to Jamie and Claire…perhaps, if some of the other scenes had been compacted (the tent scenes with the Gov for example) they could have done justice to Jamie and Claire’s story. Which brings me to the BAD…the stable sex scene was horrible and really diminished the whole episode for me. Firstly, Jamie did not seem urgent or drunk, strolling into the stable…I got no urgency from either of them, really…though I did like the disheveled hair on Jamie. He was in no way a ‘raving beast’. And the poorly interjected line about ‘look down’! Seemed to me to be a throw in for book readers without any connection to what was actually happening in the scene. How could she possibly see with all that fabric between them? What a waste…and I was so looking forward to that scene…

    I too found Claire’s acceptance/or non-reaction to slavery incredibly inconsistent. After S4Ep2..Do No Harm (my least favorite episode of season 4…maybe of the entire series so far…where I felt she was absurdly reactive (she is an intelligent woman and knows what time she is in)). But I felt that way every time Claire has been at River Run since that episode…that automatically she is ok or ignoring that there are still slaves there. I realize her slave opinion does not further the story…but makes 402 all the worse …in my humble opinion. I am certainly NOT saying that slavery was ok…just Claire’s reaction.

    More sad/BAD…is Fergus just a door post? Seems so. (and from 505…why was he just standing outside the tavern for Jamie to come up to him after finding Adso? What was he doing there?…sad…just sad. As well as Duncan Innes….how insulting to Jocasta and the Innes character to have him be that diminutive…in the books he was shy not a floor mop! I am also interested in seeing how/or what they do with the Bugs? Another set of characters that are not being used….As book readers know they play a part in the bigger story.
    Ok, now we come to Forbes and Bonnet….How did Forbes know that Jemmy could possibly be Bonnet’s? Why would that be shared outside of the family…even to the family lawyer…how would that have any impact on the will being signed? They changed Bonnet’s need to go to River Run from the gold to Jemmy…not sure I am on board with that…we’ll see what they do with it. Speaking of Bonnet…why did he become so menacing? Isn’t he supposed to use his Irish charm and be smooth…not terrifying (Ed is a wonderful actor…maybe the writer’s or director’s direction?).

    Maybe this is the ugly…why would Jamie trust that Wiley would tell Bonnet that he is Alexander Malcolm? How could he trust that? Even if the threat of exposing his foppishness is hanging over his head..why wouldn’t he set a trap for Jamie…perhaps to get Claire? Hmmmm

    Loved your discussion of Frank..I had not considered Frank in quite a while. Thanks for hanging in there to get to the end of my tirade…I will leave you with the question…has anyone else noticed in the credits, they have been alternating the order of Cait’s and Sam’s names? I have not seen anyone talk about that…I think a really cool touch. I hope all of you get to read this…a bit too much for twitter…not sure how to share on that platform in this detail. Much love to all of you. :-}

    • I have noticed that they switch their names for the producer roles – alternating who goes first. I like that. I think they should do it for their acting roles too! Thanks for all your thoughts Leslie. Good point about Jamie and Wylie. We’ll see where that goes. Matt did say (and I mentioned but cut it for time – ironic!) that the director let Maria and Duncan’s scenes breathe, which may have meant less care for the J and C scene. The costumes are fab, this designer stepped right up in my opinion. I think 507 will be really good, so we’ll see what happens. xo

  8. Hello Fab 4. Well I was up past 1:00am taking in all the great feedback, and it was well worth it. So thanks for the time all of you put into this, it’s terrific!

    I’ve been reading all the comments here, ( also quite entertaining) and it’s clear people definitely feel some kinda way about this episode.😏 So, I guess I’ll go ahead and get mine off my chest as well. Let me say right off the top, that if Cait and Sam are producers now and assuming they get to see the scripts in advance, I can’t imagine how they they would be ok with the barn scene as scripted. They know those characters inside out and I was hoping with them on board as producers, that this is the kind of foolishness we would be spared. It’s almost as if the show runners think we’re not paying attention. Does that sound like Outlander fans? Our problem is the opposite, we care TOO damn much. We pay attention to EVERYTHING! Cathy asked the question, who would care? And Antoinette responded, WE CARE. I know after 4 and a half seasons, I care. Something else Antoinette said really struck a cord with me about standards. When I consume television content it has to be done well, 𝑳𝒊𝒇𝒆 is too short to spend precious energy on crappy content. I have consistently said that I consider Outlander to be one of the very best shows on television. And I have VERY high standards. The standard we attribute to OL derives from the excellence achieved in prior seasons. I too boast to people all the time about the show and tell them to watch the show for it’s strong direction from the show runners, great storytelling, performances and great writers. As with much of season 4, when I watched 505 and 506, those things went off the rails for me. I wholeheartedly agree with Antoinette that, I see a lack of attention to detail and a lack of depth of character and story in the writing and it really does detract. Courtney rightly pointed out that it’s the writers job to attend to these things. But a goodDirector will usually be on top of those things as well.

    With all the beautiful costumes, sets, cinematography and stellar performances by Maria and Duncan, which I loved in this episode, the lopsided manner in which the episode was delivered ( too much time given to locusts and Murcasta) minor story elements that we just don’t care that much about, cost us a fuller more artful storytelling of one of the MOST iconic scenes in all of the books. One of my absolute favorite scenes, I believe Karmen pointed out that it was one of hers as well. THATS what we came for, they had to know that! Heck, I enjoyed reading Cynthia’s version above a whole lot better than what they gave us. And tossing in that line from the book the way they did, I just took to be insulting and condescending. I also loved what Cathy had said about the slap and the lack of “set up” to make the fight scene seem realistic. It does come off as disingenuous an inauthentic.

    I did like the Claire and Jamie scene under the tree. I also wear a gold wedding ring and my mother’s platinum wedding ring on my other hand. A gold and a silver if you like. Those rings NEVER leave my hands. If my husband asked me to use them to gamble with I would definitely ask him if he lost his dam mind. So good on Claire and she had every right to be upset with Jamie.

    Where the hell is Phadre? And they just wiped out the entire storyline with Dr. Fentyman and the slave Betty which was so rich!

    Good information from Cathy about historical accuracy of the slaves serving at the wedding and the role colorism played in that dynamic. And that it is still present today.

    Good episode, loved Maria’s work in it. But Barn Scene crashed it for me.

    Can’t wait for next week! Cheers!

  9. Good evening, I won’t rehash what you ladies have dissected, beautifully articulated, I have watched this episode three times trying to calm my visceral anger at the waste of one of my favorite chapters in the fiery Cross.
    I feel this season our lead actors, Sam and Caitriona roles were reduced to supporting roles especially Jamie’s storyline, and you can see it projected in their performance.
    While the Murcasta scenes were exquisitely a red by Maria and Duncan, to me it went a little too long.
    Why did they choose to redeem Roger’s character all of a sudden with a storyline that took place in the next book and he wasn’t even there.
    This episode, the book readers were anxiously awaiting to see, the bedroom scene with the toes all the way to the stable scene , what we got was a 30 second hump, pardon the vulgarity, I was and still is very disappointed at the botched results.
    I could go on and on, however, it would redundant to your recaps. Therefore, I shall stop and move on to the next episode.
    As always, it was a delightful and very informative recap by four lovely ladies.
    A bientot, bonne nuit.

  10. The ring. I’ve been frustrated that the writers have never fully illuminated her attachment to the ring as it distances us from Claire. But the author Diana Gabaldon has said both in interviews and through the character Jamie that she herself embraces Claire wearing the ring. Jamie once said when watching Claire look at Frank’s ring, “I took you away from him. I will not take him away from you.” A line that is much later in the books but was uttered much earlier in the series – so not often recalled. At Claire’s most vulnerable moment (losing Faith) Jamie whispers to her, “Frank was your family, too.” So Jamie does understand that Claire loved Frank and he was her family — And Bree’s. It is interesting that Jamie is always lauded for protecting his family yet we don’t accord Claire the same respect when she protects hers (trying to ensure that Frank is born in earlier seasons) and now protecting his memory. Claire’s pain when Jamie wants to use and could possibly lose the ring is her feeling that Jamie does not fully respect what the ring means to her. I think there was a major opportunity to shed light on the ring in this last episode. When Jamie returns the rings to Claire. A slight change in action and the addition of one simple line that would have allowed us to see the ring through Jamie’s accepting eyes.

    (Jamie, pulls out rings. He kisses the silver ring and puts it on her finger FIRST. He then takes the gold ring and looking down as he puts it on finger) You honor the man who loved you and loved and raised our Bree. I promise, mo nighean donn, that these rings will never leave your hands again. I swear it.

    One final thought. Frank chose the trip to Scotland, insisted on going to the stones to watch Druid incantation, and encouraged Claire to go back to study the flowers – he inadvertently led her to Jamie!!

  11. Hi all. I just spent the last hour typing my comments and unfortunately went back to the video to check something; Courtney’s corollary and now I lost it all.

  12. Ladies, you are a blast! I wish I can meet you someday. You are so funny, and you get along so well. I want to say my take on your comments, but for now, I’ll add to what you said about Jocasta:

    It is impossible to add Ulysses/Jocasta story line to the show. As it is, remember that Duncan Innes was at Brianna and Roger’s wedding. At this point, Duncan must have already proposed to Jocasta, and she told him she was going to think about it. Almost in the same breath, she meets with Murtagh at the shack and they DO it…com’on, Jocasta sounds to me like a “woman of loose morals.” 😉
    Thanks for the entertainment you give us.

  13. Hi, it’s taken me two days to listen to this fully, so I’m late in the game.

    Catherine, the walls in Jocasta’s bedroom!!! And that conservatory where the wedding was held, exquisite down to every little detail!

    When Roger was talking to Bree and said under his breath, “I’m done trying to out think him” when referring to trying to impress his father-in-law.
    I really thought Roger was given a chance to redeem himself to Jamie and the rest of the people on the ridge by thinking up the sludge pot smoking out of the locusts. CGI or not, I thought the whole scene was tremendously shot and done by the people on the ridge and looked just like it did in the book.

    I do like the way they bring you from one era of time travel to another with just a couple of words between Roger and Bree, like “wish we had some baby aspirin”. They don’t have to transport you back and forth with elaborate sets of the past and future, just an exchange of a few modern words does it. I think that’s clever. I remember once Bree said to her mother, “wish he could just pick up a phone”. That fully does it for me and I love it when they mix it in like that. I did snicker when Bree said, “you just keep shoveling your shit”. Her American accent was perfect in that line!

    The Jocasta/Murtagh scene broke my heart. When she was going over her daughter’s deaths and she broke out in an almost uncontrollable sob, just got me to the core. We have all done that alone, but rarely do we cry like that unless its with someone you dearly love and feel safe enough to show the uncontrollable you to. Then when that hard tough Scot finally broke down and told her he loved her, was so beautifully done. It harks of how my Dad proposed to my mother. They were at a boulevard stop and Dad said something about when we’re married,……, and she said, “what did you say?” and he answered, “you heard me”. How romantic! Not, but that was my Scottish father for romance. Back to Jocasta, when Murtagh left the symbol he presented to her on the table by the door and he left, the pain in Jocasta’s cry was so very real and heart felt. I know I’ve cried like that over a lost love and its hard to see anybody feel like that. Kudos to Maria and Duncan on that scene. I didn’t think it was too long at all, it was just so natural.

    I know Claire and Jamie have such great sex when they are mad at each other and that part of the Hot Stable Sex was hot to me, but you are right, the lighting was all off and just seemed porno to me when he told her to look down and watch him take her. She did kind of look down, but just a glance. I always enjoy their sex scenes, but this one was too up against the wall, wham bam, thank you mam to me.

    And Mr. Wylie was so smarmy and foppish and whoever cast him was spot on!

    I’m in love with the green/gray coat Jamie had on at the wedding. He just wears clothes so perfectly, it must be a delight to sew for him.

    Okay, that’s all I got gals. Can’t wait for the next episode. And while I’m at it, do you think production will not happen for Season 6 for a very long time? I kind of think we are in for a very long Droughtlander.

  14. I would have thought Bree had learned about the locusts in her US History class in high school. But I guess that writers who did not grow up in the US would not know this.

    They definitely had everything about Lucas contradictory. If the script said Arabian then referred to Eclipse who was a Thoroughbred, and then used a Friesian. In the book Lucas was a Friesian and he would not have been related to Eclipse. Friesians were created by Dutch Monks in the thirteenth or fourteenth centuries. The horse was developed to be able to carry a knight in armor like a draft horse, but to be faster and more agile like a light horse. The horse used in the show was cute but not really impressive. I am not 100% sure, but I think I knew and worked with the Lucas who inspired the one in the book. The owner had shown him in Arizona (around Phoenix) several times, and once she mentioned a lady had asked if she minded that he be used in a book.

  15. Thanks for your discussion. Always a treat. I think the problem with these 2 episodes was the pair of writers. For some reason they think that flitting about between scenes is effective (NOT). They also seem unable to create an arc. Things just get all chopped up. They say it is because they need to cover so much material but that isn’t true. They have chosen to write it that way.
    Then on to my permanent complaint – – the horses are well-fed and beautifully groomed no matter where, or how long they have been ridden. Jamie arrives home, having ridden overnight from Hillsboro and his horse is immaculately groomed with no sweat marks. My fave well groomed horse was the black that Roger rode up on when he returned to River Run. Roger was still in his rags, but somehow he had found and paid for a spectacularly trained, and groomed horse. A mule – maybe, but a dressage trained horse??? Not likely.

    • You are right about the no sweat on the horses, but I let it pass because I woulden¨t like to see them exherted… I think the horse Roger rides back to River Run is the one that Ian rode to snaketown. Yes I¨m pretty sure.

  16. Jamie’s horse is also beautifully trained. He is often totally collected, even though I’m sure Sam has no idea what that means. But he must be a pleasure to ride – – (that word ‘he’ has 2 possible meanings. Ya think?) . Stay well –

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