OutlanderBTS The Discussion, Episode 511 – Journeycake

When we do these discussions, and I bring them to you, it’s a process, with many steps, for me. One of my last steps, before distributing the link far and wide, is to pick a cover photo for the post. I go through the episode, and I grab screenshots. I have the episode, and our conversation in mind, and I try to find the overlapping heart of both. Eventually, as I look through what I’ve narrowed it down to, one starts to emerge as “the one,” the intersection of both the episode and our convo. It’s a fun, creative process, for me. And, I invariably have runners up photos that are pretty great. I decided to include some this time (below). I hope you enjoy our discussion of Diana’s episode, 511, Journeycake.

I’ll take a break from editing and focus on my wee family, then I’ll dive back in to edit #BTS512. 



I hope everyone is staying safe, and getting outside and moving, during this stay at home time, and remember: “We are not alone, Sassenach…”

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25 comments on “OutlanderBTS The Discussion, Episode 511 – Journeycake

  1. Hope I’m not the only one who feels this way, BUT, I have an issue with the young boys who have played WIllie. They don’t look like Jamie!!!! Cute children! I don’t understand it. All the characters have been cast well, but this important character- NOT! Even the miniature. I know, they’ve heard of wigs, hair color, perms, & curling irons! Just hope next actor looks like Jamie. It will probably be our last chance to see Willie. Thank you.

    • I thought the boy who played Willie in season 4 was very good. No, he doesn’t look exactly like Sam, but there is a resemblance.

    • Sam who plays Jamie has very distinct features I think it would be difficult to cast an actor who looks exactly like him as in the books. I think they have to go for a general resemblance and hope the actor can adopt some of TV Jamie’s mannerisms.

  2. Courtney, I couldn’t find where/when you will be discussing the final episode. Thoroughly enjoyed this one—love them all—squeezing out as much entertainment as is possible from the show and, of course the books by extension.

    Stay safe!
    Linda Cates

    • Hi Linda,

      We have already discussed it (Friday, May 15th), I will start editing that one next – we talked for 4 hours!!! so it will take a while. xo

  3. Hi Courtney. Have been enjoying all of your contributions to the world of Outlander since seeing you at WW NOLA in January. Especially appreciate the hours and hours of dedication pulling it all together.

    As much as I love The Big House at Fraser’s Ridge, I too have wondered about the Fraser’s sudden apparent affluence — especially what appeared to be china and crystal on a linen table cloth in the dining room. Recently rereading ABOSA, I came upon the following comment by Claire contemplating a morning cup of coffee:

    “Just coffee, then, and while I drank it, I would decide upon the shape of my day. Feeling pleased with this plan, I put back the plain wooden cup, and instead ceremoniously set out my sole china cup and saucer, a delicate bit of porcelain Jocasta had given me, hand-painted with violets.” (Diana Gabaldon, ABOSA, p.263)

    • Lovely quote from ABOSA. Yes, I think there’s something lost there, and I do wonder how that was decided. Maybe because they needed J and C to be doing plot points vs working all the time? I hope to ask JGS and/ or Matt someday!

  4. YOU all have convinced me to go re-watch the episode keeping all the details you brought to light in mind. Impressive in depth analysis. Thank you for enriching my Outlander experience.

  5. Karmen went straight to my heart, describing the connection to the separations due to Covid-19. Thank you for tieing that together.

    I loved the discussion as always and have tons of thoughts to share – as always ;-). I’ll leave one and come back when I have more time and a keyboard.

    Diana’s given us a lot of descriptions of the OL scriptwriting process. As you say, she’s given a list of scenes that have to be included, she writes the first draft, the “writers room” revises, others give notes, the script goes back and forth to Diana, at some point to the studio, etc. The same holds true for any script but I’m pretty sure Diana has more influence over her own script than other lead writers do, but al can still stray by the time it is shot. Then, there’s editing… Diana says she enjoys the whole process, I’m sure it’ll a novelty to write with a group, so I give her credit for the best parts of the episode, which coincidentally often included her words 😊. But the storylines are proscribed, the script is a team effort (maybe less so with DG as lead writer?), and things like pacing and cohesiveness are as much to do with the director and film editor.
    [Please excuse text errors. Blame phone!)

    • It’s true. She said 80% of the script is actually hers. I also know that she was not there when they broke that part of the story and she was not there when they filmed it, so she had less input than most writers in that respect! xo

    • Hi Charlotte,

      We discussed them, but due to some personal issues I was not able to get them out in a timely manner. They are coming. I will probably get 512 out first though.


  6. It was very interesting to hear all your thoughts. Thank you. After Karmen said Lizzie looked pregnant, I watched that scene again and she is pooching out a bit. Maybe a little too much dress material? I thought that Lizzie’s little bodily swirl as she tells Jamie that he has a visitor is her reaction to a handsome Lord John appearing.

    I was on the same page as Antoinette about Brianna showing more interest in John Grey than her own father (or Roger). The way Sophie plays her, Brianna doesn’t convey that she understands (comprehends) or loves Jamie as her father for the sacrifice he and Claire made in order for her to live (as Antoinette said). I love what Jamie says to her (how Sam Heughan portrays it) when he tells her about William, but Sophia doesn’t portray Brianna as truly feeling what he went through when he had to leave her at the stones. Skelton tries but it’s not genuine, it seems forced to me.

    I noticed that Sophie in this episode (maybe in others as well), she tilts her head to one side, that submissive mannerism that women often have that says they want to be liked and are seeking approval. It felt like a poor acting choice. I kept wanting her to put her head up straight,

    I agree with whoever said (don’t remember) that Jamie could have lifted Claire off the windowsill and to the bed to make love to her there. I think that would have been an easy fix. They don’t always follow the books, and in that case, that would have been IMO a good, natural way to go in that scene. Loved the sperm scene.

    Another interesting thing about the “Pamela—Virtue Rewarded” book Jamie gives Ulysses. It was published in 1740, and is a romance between a lowly born woman and a high born man with the woman retaining her virtue while winning her man. It was popular, one of the first true pieces of fiction about relationships in a certain time ad place. Interesting Jamie has read it.

    • Lauren – Thank you for the BTS about “Pamela” – very fitting for Ulysses – maybe that’s why Jamie chose it?

      I think if they’d had Jamie lift Claire off the windowsill and go to the bed, fans would have revolted! 😝 They were smart to leave it as was imo.

      I agree with your comments re Sophie. She seems like a truly awesome person, but I think the role of Bree is a huge challenge for her, that she meets with varying levels of success.

      I agree with you about Lizzy! She’s a horn dog! 😜 Thanks for watching! x

    • Thank you for watching Lauren, I’m holding out hope that we’ll see the Jamie and Brianna relationship develop.

  7. Hello ladies! It’s taken me a bit to get to this, and had to do it in spurts, but tonight I finally finished watching your entire discussion. I just love you gals!

    Interestingly, I saw Ned Denehy (Lional Brown) in something else on TV just the other day and what I recognized first was his voice and then I realized it was Lional. So he does have that gravely voice all the time. His voice lends to playing surly, disgusting people, which Lional is.

    My favorite line was Ian saying, “Auntie Claire, I always knew you were a fairy!”

    I have to agree with Karmen when I say I hope they get a different actor to play William because the last young man didn’t resemble Jamie in any way, was far too snooty and disagreeable. In the books he does look so much like Jamie and Bree, they just have to find someone else who at least is tall and chiseled and manly. They can always give him a wig to wear like Sam does. I just think I could have done a better job of casting young William.

    I think the theme is “How can I miss you if you don’t go away!” Just kidding! But I guess that would include the finale. I agree, there are so many goodbyes in this episode and that is the theme.

    Knowing that we are all safe in this pandemic is very reassuring and important to me. I don’t know what I would do if either of you were not here to discuss what we all have in common and love so much. I get so much pleasure out of sitting down with a cocktail and listening to you as if I were in on the discussion. I do talk back and laugh with you!

    Happy Mother’s Day, Love, Suzie

  8. I loved this episode…the long goodbye for the trip that resulted…well back to where they started….
    I know I am late to this whole discussion….. but thought I might ask a question to you…. In the beginning of Journeycake…. there is the porch scene and Jemmy then touches the stone and it breaks…. Does anyone else notice Sam in the background on the porch…looks like he is looking at his phone??? ( I think it when they are shelling peanuts).

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