OutlanderBTS The Discussion, Episode 601 ~ Echoes

Here it is folks! 

I hope you enjoy it as much as we did. xo


For my posts about Seasons 6 & 7 as well as all of our Episode Discussions in chronological order from newest to oldest, go to the Featured Favorites section.

Including, our recently published Episode 501 discussion.

Have a great weekend, can’t wait for Ep 602!

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34 comments on “OutlanderBTS The Discussion, Episode 601 ~ Echoes

  1. Courtney, if you record it from Starz while watching the show, you can immediately rewatch it. I’ve watched it 3 times and it almost seems like 3 different episodes.

    • Hi Linda – I had a ticket to the “virtual premiere” in London, and when we watched it live on that day, we could not rewind. On Starz, I rewind constantly!! Thank you for the tip though. xo

  2. The tents of the fisher folks were a real jar! and the wigs!!! OMG, surly they have $$ for better wigs?

    I also found some of the scenes were filmed so darkly, I had a hard time seeing into them…I decided that it was a way to also message the darkness of the times into which we are heading.

    Thanks for another great discussion session.

  3. So good to have you all back reviewing the show again. I really missed you. I am always amazed at all the little things like gestures, looks etc. that you all pick up on. Makes rewatching all that more enjoyable!

  4. I loved the first episode and watched it 3 times already and will watch it again as I realized that I sometimes missed little things here and there.

    Cannot wait for Ep.2

  5. Hi Courtney,

    Scotland in 2023? I am really interested. September would be great but of course I will need the cost of the whole trip, lodging included of course. How exciting.

  6. I was so filled with gratitude to see first episode. They went to such great lengths to give us a Season 6 … surmounting a lot of challenges…couldn’t be more grateful. I’m most looking forward to Claire finding her way back to herself and Marsali and Fergus finding their way back to each other
    1st Episode was planting seeds for the season BUT I wish the production had tilled the soil a bit more. Example: Claire and Jamie love scene. Beautifully filmed… soft. Producers and actors have said that Season 6 starts shortly after Season 5 ended… two months at the most – WHY was there no scar over Claire’s right breast? And there was no context – is this the first time they’ve been intimate since … How does one deal with going back to their surest act of love when it was so recently used as a weapon of hate? Jamie was wild in his trying to reclaim their intimacy after his trauma. IF the scar had been there… so much more could have been revealed. .. Yes, she lovingly caresses his scars … but what about her wound?

      • Not necessarily so. In the book the attack was different … more physically violent than sexually violent and they DID make love. Rather ridiculous on so many levels. Since attack in series was more horrifically, sexually violent… there is no way she would have been able to have sex. In fact, in original script, they were laying in each other’s arms and she was in her nightgown. MBR went with an image (rather than character reality) that could be interpreted however a member of the audience wanted. However, I can SWEAR to you (sadly from personal experience) there is NO WAY they could or would have made love. I was not suggesting it HAD to be the first time since her attack … although that would have been far more interesting … but I do feel not having HER scar is emblematic of the intent of the scene which was to satisfy the audience more than to explore or reveal the true state of things. If scar had been present… how fascinating it would have been to include in the way they touched each other. And perhaps provoked more thoughtful discussion than the size of her breast or shade of her areola …

        • Interesting points, Cynthia. From Claire’s response to Jamie’s angel comment, I didn’t think that this was the first time since the assault. The intimacy was too comfortable for that, imo.

          I am sorry that this triggered your own experiences. I agree, the scar should have been shown for we surely would have discussed that.

          We did make comments about the evidence of pregnancy because we analyze pretty much everything we observe. None of those comments were intended to demean or denigrate the female body in general or Cait in particular. They were simply observations. Having borne four children myself, these changes are familiar friends to be celebrated not ignored.

          • Thank you for sympathy but it didn’t “trigger” my own experiences. Those experiences are simply with me … and lend me a certain perspective that gratefully most women do not have.”Analyze everything” … to what purpose?  In what way does pointing out evidence of the actress’s pregnancy (done twice during discussion) add to ANYTHING?!?  Your “observation”  of the changes in her body was NOT a celebration. And y’all had precious little acknowledgement of the courage and fortitude it took the actress to film not only THAT scene but the whole season while carrying her first child at 41 in the middle of Scottish winter during Covid. You spoke more about the evidence of her pregnancy rather than her performance. THAT is demeaning. And you were commenting on an intimate part of the actress’ body not a character’s. Think about it. You actually endeavored to talk about the color of her nipple… really!!  Many of us have had children and are well aware of the changes in our bodies. Some welcome… some NOT. BUT none of us have been required to expose our bodies in that way.  Would you have been able to film a love scene in front of others and for public consumption while you were pregnant? I think not.  Perhaps if you focused equally on the leading lady as much as the leading man… you might have been aware of her openness with the difficulty of filming those scenes and not shown such disregard by bringing attention to her body rather than how beautifully she gave herself to the intimacy and how courageously she gave of herself to the Season. From Entertainment Weekly – March 10, 2022 at 04:50 PM ESTFor Balfe, having that presence on set was especially essential this season when her own pregnancy caused even more self-consciousness about exposing her body onscreen. “She’s able to come in and really use language that neutralizes it for everybody,” Balfe says. “She liaisons between us and the producers or the director as what’s going to be acceptable for everybody. Especially this season, I was pregnant, and it was very vulnerable for me to put myself in those situations. It was not the easiest, and to have her there advocating and to be a support was amazing.”

  7. So nice to see you all again! Loved your discussion. I also thought what the Ardsmuir flashback did so well was show the contrast between Jamie imprisoned and Jamie in charge of Fraser’s Ridge. His body held tightly, stiff, no smiles, vacant look in his eyes, and then when Tom Christie meets him 20 years later, Jamie is in control, eyes warm, body loose, voice authoritative. Jamie had changed, but Tom Christie really hadn’t. I agree that the episode did a wonderful job of introducing the characters, and setting up the conflicts for the season. I’m really excited for the next 7 episodes!

    • Great observation re Ardsmuir vs Ridge Jamie Patricia – 👍🏽 – makes me appreciate Sam’s acting even more.

  8. Hi The discussion about choices at the end was very apt, true to life and thought provoking. Why didn’t Jamie choose not to allow Tom to stay in view of their history, Jamie knew he was trouble. He did it for the sake of Roger’s pride, and following on from that, to not hurt his daughter, I read that into only a few shots of Roger’s face. Very well done.
    Lovely to hear you all talking and laughing. Thank you

  9. When your discussion noted that the book and the TV show are two separate entities, I was able to enjoy the TV show more. The books are so amazing and when the reader vs. the watcher is noted, the ability to enjoy both is realized.

  10. Thanks so much for the E601 discussion! Love the insights from everyone. Since you did your discussion it has been released from Outlander TV News that the tartan in 601 is the same cloth worn by BPCharlie before Culloden and Glencoe was the location. I also kinda remember on Lauren Lyle’s podcast that she said she dyed her hair prior to filming season 5 and rather than work with the colored hair they just put it in a cap. She was anxious to get rid of the cap.
    Would love the opportunity to go to Scotland with the BTS lasses and hope there is a solo traveler option or ability to pair up with someone. Will be rewatching 601 with your comments in mind this evening before watching 602. Thanks again.

  11. Enjoyed seeing and luggin intae you quines again. As usual I was joining in and agreed for maist part. Ah really laughed when youse were discussing the things ye didnae like. Ah kept shouting at Amy McCallum telling her she wis suffocating that poor wean (or log) And nae wonder the Ardsmuir men were struggling luggin wan stane at a time cause they were aw too overweight.
    The hale episode was wonderful though ( despite the surroundings being way too fantoosh – even if it is America!) Noticed Alan Christie telt Jamie he , “lived like a king”. Claire taking the ether was interesting. A survival tactic – think neckin whisky might be a better option though and she’s fairly practised at that. Looking forward tae the rest o the season.
    And I’ll forwarn fowk youse lot will be stravaigin aroon Scotland September 2023 ( a beautiful month here) If yer onywhere near Hopeman come awa in.

  12. Had the most glorious day droughtbusting with my fav BTS lasses. Discussions of both 501 and 601 prompted some reflective thoughts. Thank you.
    Landowner to Laird, Call to his men
    Bree’s visceral reaction to finding out Bonnet is alive
    Murcasta a no go
    Love Shack, Anatomically Incorrect – humping the left hip
    Mark Lewis Jones fills the screen
    Jamie a rapscallion
    Apart from the intense flammability of ether, I think Claire would not want to compromise her medical skills with alcohol

  13. Hi Courtney, I think I found the actor who was going blind. His name is Nathan Bryne and he played Nathan McCready. He was so great. I would also love to go to Scotland with all of you.

  14. Hey ladies!! So good to have everyone back after a long break. Really loved E1 and your comments. Everything has been elevated imo, and I don’t know how to technically describe it. From the way the scenes are shot, to the transition from one scene to the next, even the color seems heightened and next level. Of course, the writing and acting is beyond compare. Using more book source elevates. The director really caught my eye, so so good. Editing, sound…loved it all. Appreciate everyone’s point of view and freedom to speak your mind. Can’t wait for your review on E2 which is BRILLIANT, as you already know!

  15. Not a “deep” observation, but Where is Adso? He is present, off and on, in the book, and I notice he’s absent – Absent Adso!

  16. I very much enjoyed the opening credits music and found it to be the most authentic since Season 1. While i was disappointed with a few things, in this already truncated season, I am especially disappointed that there will also be no “Inside the World” tapings after each episode, that we were conditioned to look forward to since 2014. Another let down, from my perspective…

  17. I didn’t realize how much I missed everyone! One of my favorite scenes was Jamie’s eyes when he hears Roger tell him that Tom is permanently staying on the Ridge. Yes, would Ian really go hunting without Rollo? Mark Lewis Jones NAILS every scene. And it was so satisfying to hear I am not the only person who has yet to warm to Sophie’s portrayal of Brianna. So happy to resume these discussions.

  18. Loved the interview and it was so great to see all the things you lasses caught that our discussion group didn’t. I have a few answers for you as to things you noticed and wondered about.
    1. The masonic handshake. My husband is a Master Mason and I had him watch it. Of course it is supposed to be secret but he said it was not the handshake! But he also said it appears that someone who knows the proper one did a good job of making it “similiar”.
    2. The Tents in the Fisher Folk Camp. The tents are authenic for the time but honestly I can’t fathom how they could afford those tents, as according to DG they were poor fisher folk. Also that much canvas is very heavy and would take a horse or a wagon to transport. You can’t carry it on your back and again DG described that most of them arrived on foot.
    Maybe Jamie and Claire had extra tents just laying around the big house!!!!

  19. Hi Outlander gals
    What is the reason a comment isn’t posted? (Assuming it is civil, earnest and sincere)
    Thanks 🙏

  20. Great to have you girls back – discussion was as enjoyable and informative to listen to as always.
    I thought having the premiere episode stretched to 90mins was great and really allowed them to pace out the story without rushing and I think Sam has said that a couple of other episodes are longer than usual which will benefit the storylines.
    One point to raise about the London premiere which I was lucky enough to attend, was the fantastic orchestral prelude to the episode covering all the music from past seasons. I hope this was recorded and is made available for download in due course.
    And if your Scotland trip in 2023 is open to UK participants I’d love to join in as think it would be so much fun.

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