OutlanderBTS The Discussion, Episode 604 ~ Hour of the Wolf

Photo: Outlander Starz, Ep 604, Young Ian, Iseabaìl

Wowza, this one was a doozy, to watch, to discuss, and to edit. Outlander is the gift that keeps on giving. I am lucky I get to spend so much time with this material in editing – yesterday I emulated Jamie’s restraint and listening skills with one of my loved ones, (I may have even tapped my fingers), and it was powerful. Hope you enjoy xo



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Have a wonderful Sunday xo

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35 comments on “OutlanderBTS The Discussion, Episode 604 ~ Hour of the Wolf

  1. Morning! I haven’t watched the video yet, but off topic, I wanted to thank you for posting Season 6 scripts! I just found your link.

  2. What a great discussion Courtney. As usual, you all point out little details that I didn’t see or overlooked. Makes me want to go back and watch the episode again to see what I missed. Antoinette’s very personal , poignant story towards the end brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for leaving it in.

    • Yes, Joan – 604 was an emotional episode, and we had an emotional discussion to go with it. I was honored to hold a space for Antoinette to share her deeply moving experience, and then to share it with you guys. ❤️

  3. You ladies were wondering what the white stuff was they used to scrub the white blood from young Ian. It was sand.

    They took Ian to the bank of the river, just before sunset. He stripped and waded into the freezing water, accompanied by three women, who ducked and pummeled him, laughing and scrubbing him with handfuls of sand. Rollo ran up and down the bank, barking madly, then plunged into the river and joined in what he plainly saw as fun and games, coming close to drowning Ian in the process.
    All of the spectators who lined the bank found it hilarious—save the three whites.
    Once the white blood had been thus ceremonially scrubbed from Ian’s body, more women dried him, dressed him in fresh clothing, and took him to the Council longhouse for the naming ceremony.

    Excerpt From
    Drums of Autumn
    Diana Gabaldon
    Chapter 61, The Office of a Priest

  4. Antoinette, thank you for sharing during BTS 604. Your openness was more powerful than the Outlander episode. I cried along with you. May your honesty help us heal along with you.

    • How cool MG! I did not know about these and will watch them all and spread the word. Thank you so much!

  5. I don’t cry easily but Antoinette brought me to tears with her story of her baby boy. Thank you so much for sharing that with us!

  6. I would have thought that wee Ian would have already known all about the loss of Faith. After all Jaime, Claire and Fergus spent many months after Paris at Lallybroch, and would have talked about it with Jenny and Ian. Jenny would have asked about the Apostle spoons that she had sent them, so excited about Claire’s pregnancy. It was also such an important part of Fergus’s life and he would have discussed it with wee Ian later, who wanted to know everything about his Aunt Claire.

    On the day of Culloden Fergus brought the deed of transfer, signed by Claire, back to Lallybroch. He would certainly have asked to know what happened to her when Jaime came back to Lallybroch in the wagon. It just doesn’t seem right that Jaime wouldn’t have told them then of Claire’s plans to leave the country. Jenny wouldn’t just let that drop without a believable explanation.

    Can the book readers help clear up what’s missing here that just doesn’t feel right?

    Thank you for your enthusiasm for all things Outlander!!!!

    Rainy and cold here in Germany – unfortunately probably the same or worse now in Scotland……

    • Hi Pat – in the books, I think it’s just understood that they lost the baby, but I don’t remember any processing about it. Young Ian wasn’t born yet and Fergus of course knows, but he was a child and would not speak to Ian about such things is my guess. Maybe just a mention at some point. I’m sure Jenny gave Claire an understanding hug. So it’s possible there was a vague knowledge, but it didn’t come up vividly until this moment. And again, this scene didn’t happen in the book – it was between Bree & Ian in the book.

  7. It was such a deep episode! And, ya’lls discussion even deeper – LOL! I love all the different little things that you ladies observe. I have many times went back and re-watched and episode just to try and see all the little extras that ya’ll have pointed out. Thank you, Antoinette, for sharing the profound impact this episode had on you. You have all my sympathy on your loss and I am truly glad that this episode was a help to that loss and not just increasing the pain. You just never know when one of those moments will pop up in your life – you just have to realize what they are and accept them when they are offered. I’m glad this one brought you peace.
    Keep up the fantastic work ladies!!

  8. Wonderful conversation lasses. I unfortunately lived with toxic masculinity with my father, brothers and eventually husband of 25 years. I often think while watching Outlander that there aren’t men like Jamie and Ian in the real world. I guess it’s escapism as well. But it’s nice to know there are some good men out there as you all mentioned.

    I agree with the idea that the adaptations of parts of the book is superior work, writing, directing, etc. I’m so pleased that it’s not just Clair’s story any longer, but THE story is all intertwined. Is this amazingness due to the extra time and thought they had during COVID I wonder? What else has changed since the early seasons? Cait and Sam being producers, would they have that much input?

    • Hi Donna, I think it’s C. All of the above. The cloistered nature of Covid, the seasoning of Matt Roberts as a showrunner, the writing team has all been there for at least one prior season, Sam & Cait producing, choosing great directors, time to reflect & less distraction for everyone & longer time for the writers. All of it. In My opinion. Oh! And the longer format! That’s huge too imo.

    • And they are all resting the books now – which is critical imo.

      PS I am very sorry you have had to experience so much toxicity from men. While there are great ones out there, being the child or spouse of a shitty one, is terrible. 😢

  9. I look forward to your discussions almost as much as the episodes themselves. Thank you, you four wonderful people, for sharing so much. Season 6 is living up to my hopes.

  10. ThanI you Antoinette. Your courage in sharing stopped me in my tracks. I know that place when the burden lifts and peace is real. God bless you. I so enjoy all four of you. I was cheering on Karmen’s research about the Eastern Band. I’ve lived in the Blue Ridge for 8 years and the Cherokee nation there, are the direct descendants of those who hid in 1835-36 during the removal. So proud the show , from Diana’s writing, holding to the high bar of accuracy. As a Landscape Architect, I memorize views and those in the Blue Ridge are iconic. I LOVE the real Blue Ridge backdrops. Thank you all for this blog. just excellent.

    • Laura! I got chills reading what you said about the Eastern band of Cherokee – for multiple reasons. Wow. Thank you. And you’re welcome for the discussions, it’s a labor of love, for me. 😘

  11. Hi Courtney,
    I absolutely adore the 4 of you & so look forward to each discussion. I have watched all of them & they add to my enjoyment of Outlander, thank you so much. Would have loved your take on Season One. Season 6 is my next favourite to the first one. I learn so much from you all.
    To Antoinette, so brave of you to reveal your story…tears & respect.💕

    • Thank you Narelle – it’s so satisfying to know you enjoy our chats, thank you for letting us know. Antoinette is reading all comments. ❤️

  12. Hello Courtney

    The discussion of the 4 of you always adds so much to the joy I have in rewatching the episode. I share your opinion that Outlander is all about relations. It is so comforting for me to read and see about people who really express their care for each other (as also you ladies do!). The world isn’t always such a comforting place. What is happening in Ukraine right now, not that far from where I live (Holland), is so disturbing and awful. I hope that there will soon be a solution and I pray for peace!
    I saw an interview with Cait, in which she says that she thinks empathy is the most precious characteristic of a person. I totally agree! This episode gives multiple examples of true empathy. I loved it! THIS HAS TO SPREAD IN THE WORLD!
    Antoinette you touched my hart with your words! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings ♥️

    • Henny, I agree with you and Cait, empathy is so important. And just plain kindness. Thank you for watching – I’m so glad you enjoy our chats – Antoinette is a brave soul and she is reading all your comments here. ❤️

  13. You wanted to know what they scrubbed Ian with:

    “I left,” he said simply, straightening up. “Turned away. Stopped being a Christian, being Scots. They took me to the stream, scrubbed me wi’ SAND to take away the white blood. They gave me my name—Okwaho’kenha—and said I was Mohawk. But I wasna, not really.”

    Gabaldon, Diana. A Breath Of Snow And Ashes (Outlander, Book 6) (p. 919). Random House Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.

  14. Antoinette thank you for sharing your story with us. It was inspirational. Lasses I did a little deeper research into the Cherokees and found that although they are a matriarchal society they do not practice choosing a mate as the Mohawk do. They have clans (7) and often marriages are arranged between two clans. A couple can choose one another but the clans must approve of the marriage.

  15. I didn’t have any idea how much I would enjoy this episode! Heartbroken for Ian, but so glad to learn his story and to see how Jamie was there for him.

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