OutlanderBTS The Discussion, Episode 608 ~ I Am Not Alone

Photo: Jamie and Claire, the heart of the story, Episode 608, Starz

The finale! Nooooo. Aye well, what a fantastic season this has been. It may have been short in number of episodes, but it was long on content, and felt, in many ways like a full season, to me. Here is our discussion of Episode 608, I Am Not Alone. Enjoy!

(We were not able to get 605 done during the break, so the plan is to do it this next Monday. So Droughtlander hasn’t officially started! 😜)

Without further ado…


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22 comments on “OutlanderBTS The Discussion, Episode 608 ~ I Am Not Alone

    • I LOVE your discussions- lively, insightful, thoughtful, and informative. I ADORE the books, the series, and the actors and find your discussions really add to my enjoyment and appreciation of all things Outlander! A huge thank you to all 4 of you wonderful ladies!

  1. This episode like many in the past was tough to watch. Seems like Frasiers Ridge has been nothing but bad luck for Jamie , Claire and family. Kind of hoping next season (after Claire is found not guilty~as I’m hoping she will be) will be kinder to the characters we love. They really deserve a break in the tension as well as we the fans do.

  2. Thank you for sharing all of your discussions ladies! I loved this last episode from the moment badass Claire brought out that pistol…. it was good to see that part in her brought back into action.

    Having the two actors equally sharing some great scenes without minimizing their strengths and weaknesses made this episode leap up out of that TV screen and made this season exceptional. Great teamwork between not just Sam and Caitriona but all others as well…they should be proud of this body of work.

    I also liked that the makeup or lack of it used in the love scene made Jaime and Claire look like they both had had a very hard day…and this helped the realism. So kudos to the make up people as well as the other people who work hard to create an experience that could capture an audience. Standing ovation! All take a bow…….Thanks.

  3. Antoinette, I love your turn of phrase. “That damn colonial Karen” was just perfect! Thanks, ladies, for a great season. I look forward to your analysis of the episodes almost as much as the episodes themselves. 😊

  4. Antoinette, I love your turn of phrase. “That damn colonial Karen” was just perfect! Thanks, ladies, for a great season. I look forward to your analysis of the episodes almost as much as the episodes themselves.

  5. Another wonderful discussion, ladies. I am curious about one thing – and if it’s none of my business, just say so (I know you will!). When/how did you four ladies “find” each other….did you know each other pre-Outlander or was OL what brought you together….

    I totally agree that Season 6 was overall great – and a terrific finale. One thing tho’: we leave with Claire jailed in Wilmington – right? But wasn’t she jailed – with that awful female jailer’s wife – in New Bern? New Bern is where the Governor was – with his pregnant wife who needed a midwife. Think this is something that’ll just have to be resolved next season?

  6. I haven’t yet finished listening to you lovely ladies. I have enjoyed you all this season. I have 2 things where I differed from ya all which is unusual with this final episode. I wished the story line of Bree and Roger was not interspersed with the of Jamie and Claire. I found it choppy. I didn’ like the juxtaposition of the everyday calmness of B&R whie C&J were fighting for their lives. I alsi loved the intamacy between the couples but wanted them to fade away before the soft porn. I have enjoyed those scenes in the past but they seemed gratuitous in this episode. Overall an intelligent and wonderful season, made even better by your commentaries. Cheers!

  7. The mouse was in the book. I noticed it straight away. When they stop the first night with the bad guys, Ezra brings food to Claire and spits in the dish, which is why Tom gives her his food. The mouse 🐁 starts nibbling the spoilt food and later on, her family (the mouse) joins her. It’s a little bit of light in a horrible scene. Also, Lallybroch didn’t have a priest hole when it was built (after the English Civil War) and it was Claire’s idea to build one, I think she suggested it to Jenny with the potato growing. 🥔 Keep up the good work girls, I love these discussions xx

  8. As always I loved your discussion. I thought every one that had anything to do with this finale episode brought their A game to the party. It was Outlander at it’s best.

    Sam told us when we were in Kansas City that the doubles did not do any of the intimate scenes in this series. He said he did not do any love scenes with anyone but Cait. I think that says a lot about both he and Cait. In an interview I heard after this episode, Sam was complimenting Cait about doing the intimate scenes while pregnant – that it must have been difficult. She in turn said that it was probably just as difficult for Sam. Their willingness to do those beautiful scenes is truly incredible. I’m so glad they had the intimacy coordinator.

    I really loved it when Jamie went to the priest’s hole. What a surprise – just perfect. The Richard white flag scene was also great. I also loved that long camera pull back from J/C in the bed to all the debris.

    The Jamie and Tom scene with no dialog in which Jamie realizes that Tom is in love with Claire was really amazing. What terrific acting from both of them. I do think that Tom is in love with Claire, but it makes him very uncomfortable. Can you imagine the internal dialog going on in his head about the situation?

    Courtney, I really hope we can continue to see the heroes, because Diana has written some terrific heroic moments carried out by many of the characters in her books. There will be plenty of opportunities from book 7.

    I posted some pictures of Young Ian in our group and commented that I cheered when Ian and the Cherokee showed up in the nick of time to rescue Jamie. There have been so many comments of people saying the same thing. So many loved those heroic scenes, and the ending with the riders on the sand off to rescue Claire. I think after the long two years of Covid, and now everything that is going on in our world and the dearth of heroes for so long, that we all need to see some heroic action on our TV and movie screens. I think we are hungry for it.

    Thanks again ladies!
    I look forward to your last review next week.

  9. Thank you so much, ladies! Karen, your description of the Fraser’s marriage brought tears to my eyes. Just beautiful. Slàinte! 💫

  10. I want to share with all of you how much your discussions enhance my enjoyment of an already fantastic TV experience. It is refreshing to see how much you love the show, but are able to point out any flaws in such a positive and supportive way.

  11. I agree with Antoinette about Bree and Roger and the intimate scene which felt as though it is a comparison to Jamie and Claire, which to me blurs the very real connection of Jamie and Claire. Roger and Bree lack chemistry. I feel that it’s best if sex scenes between them are left out.
    This season I’ve liked that Roger and Bree have moments of discussion about their family, etc. (though it doesn’t interest me that much) while leaving out intimacy between them. I felt that was what the creative team felt was best. The entire interlude with Roger and Bree in their journey in this episode also felt out of place. It felt jarring in comparison to the life and death struggle of Jamie and Claire. I loved all the other scenes but the extent of the scenes with Roger and Bree felt like too much and again, for me, interrupted the pacing of the show.

  12. A few things I noticed – – Tom Christie eavesdropping and finding out exactly what?? Why was that in there?
    Scene at the shore looked to be the same place where they cornered Bonnet. Same rocks etc.
    Man running to hit Jamie with his musket, when Jamie was tied to the post? I can’t imagine it as anything but a death blow. Yayayay for Ian’s fine marksmanship.
    As for the post – -really? In the middle of an open beach? Where no ship could tie up to it? Improbable.

  13. I don’t think he intended to eavesdrop at first….but their conversation was, I think, like no conversation he’s ever had with a woman, least of all a wife. Not necessarily so much in the verbal content, but in their emotional connection and mutual support, with bits of humor as well. I think it surprised him, was emotionally revelatory to him and deepened his envy…

  14. Thanks lassies ( or quines in this pairt o the warl) for another great discussion. None of youse miss a trick so ah hae tae go and rewatch after listening – did naebidy notice Tom’s Welsh accent half the time though? No that it bothered me as I’m ower the accent thing- well, almost. As a long time book reader I wondered how they would manage tae tell this storyline. Ah shouldnae hae fashed. It was done brilliantly. Will miss my weekly discussions whaur a sit wi ma feet up usually sipping a wee G&T ( I’d love tae say a wee whisky but ah cannae thole it) Slainte.

  15. Thank you for your discussion. Had so many similar thoughts but appreciated your further discussions … most especially Antoinette’s discussion of guilt versus innocence in our past AND present! Probably my favorite episode of season… though Sticks and Stones is VERY close behind… BOTH directed by Jamie Payne. Finale felt lived in and fresh at the same time. Dynamic editing! Expansive and intimate! Quiet and clamorous! Something special happens in Outlander when there’s a mix of scenes out in the fresh, cold, Scottish air.
    Could I just shout out that even Caitriona’s eyelids should get awards…as she’s listening to BROWN!!!
    Shoot Out- Rhythm of Editing matched out heartbeat … images were splintered… shorter, faster as siege went on.
    So appreciated Jamie asked Claire “what do you think” when Hiriam asked them to come out. Also, her loading while he was shooting. As you pointed out – the partnership exemplified in the ease of working together…and calm discussion of their predicament.
    Getting rifles, being sure that handguns were seen in cabinet (and NOT showing her reaching for them) so POW … her pulling out second gun was a great surprise. Just realizing she put TWO guns in the pockets of her skirts … and they were not small! Fantastic thought about the more believable choice of shooting THROUGH skirt!!

    Hated but loved that the fiercest name caller was another woman! And YES – Kudos for “Colonial Karen!”

    Christie … LOVE the ambiguity of “I will travel with them as a surety that no further evil will be done.” What they hear … including Jamie and Claire … may not be the evil he’s referring to???

    Loved their ascent into house … the pace … perhaps the last time they will climb those stairs and step through that door.
    One disappointment – Claire and Jamie should have acknowledged the small group that came to their aid … even if it was just a nod.

    Bree – Homework … mispronunciation of “Concord.” It isn’t the now defunct plane … and Concord was huge in Revolutionary War. She put accent on wrong syllable!

    Roger and Bree – Took this episode to address TWO major lingering dislikes of each character.
    1. Bree being so rude to Mom … reiterating she’s come to understand why Claire kept her word to Frank and DID NOT tell Bree of her parentage
    2. Roger remembering almost breaking up after his disastrous words to Bree in North Carolina. She remembering they DID break up and Roger replying “but then I pursued you through time”
    3. Sex scene NOT NEEDED in its entirety though dialogue charming. Wish after they discussed “scenic route” we just saw him moving to go down on her. NOTHING MORE.
    Also while I like Rik … he doesn’t really do it for me BUT right before Bree went to cut his hair … she ran her fingers through it and Rik has NEVER looked so handsome. He took the time to GROW his own hair … JHRC WHY did they not have it loose during lovemaking! I mean, really, WHY do the leading men ALWAYS have sex AND go to bed with pony tails … while the woman’s faces are often covered because there hair is down!!! ISSUE!!

    Humor: “She’s with her husband … well, one of them”… ALL of this episode’s humor was warm, easy, and perfectly placed. However, so OVER ALL the forehead kisses! Time for a forehead to forehead… also a signature move.

    Intimacy coordinator … In Season 6, 3 of the 4 intimate scenes … the woman is on top and man covers her breasts with hands. EXCEPT THE SCENE in this episode. 1st Claire and Jamie, 2nd Ian and Emily, 3rd Roger and Bree. Wonder if actresses feel safer on top … though understand with Bree … it may have logistics because she’s pregnant. NOT a criticism just intrigued by tendency.

    Last meal was so potent and beautifully filmed. Their body positioning was new – after all this time…that is an amazing accomplishment! Grateful because it allowed camera to EQUALLY be on her face as well as his. These last two seasons … and in photo promos … she’s been turning into him while he’s been filmed with camera straight on. In this case, she was filmed from two different angles – out front AND from above … which allowed her to move her head freely which made her all the more captivating. And Jamie was not filmed straight on but at an angle so their presence was equal. Also the dialogue was NOT just his romantic protestations … it was a conversation full of affection and adoration from both.
    NOTE: How dare they have our Claire whisper … “Perhaps it’s the nearness of you …”KNOWING Outlander will be so far away from us for so long!!

    Loved he stroked her hair as she stroked his thigh. Wonder if this was one of the intimate scenes they insisted on doing entirely?? Or perhaps their lovemaking scene which is NOT in the book!

    Love Among the Ruins … loved how much OLDER they actually looked … careworn touching each other’s faces with such care… so aware it could be their final coupling. THIS seemed like a final meal… devouring each other. Claire’s eyes were wet entire time. Very reminiscent of lovemaking before she went back … again that assumption the last time… though they imbued age with a slowness… as if they could crawl into each other forever. Her tear … turning towards him … Fantastic mirror of when her back was to Jamie and she saw Lionel at fireplace. Only this time, she can turn to Jamie and admit her fear. Also, magnificent echo from the bed – Moving back as they continue to make love exactly how it was filmed moving towards the bed in Never My Love when he was holding her. Then– to enhance our appreciation of their intimacy by panning to images of chaos yet still hearing Claire … perfect overlap of visual with the audible distant sound of Claire’s passionate moans. I’m reserved about the music in this scene. Understand composer’s desire to revisit their theme but it overpowered the solemn sensuality of moment… perhaps softer… slower. THOUGH it would have been intriguing to revisit the music (amended Faith theme) that was used when Claire was drowning.
    BTW: Sam said NO DOUBLES were used during intimate scenes. Love that Cait deflected equal attention to Sam’s efforts during filming while she was pregnant. THEY ARE SUCH A TEAM!

    Loved framing the journey to Wilmington from wagon … so WE saw what THEY saw … empathy.
    Loved Claire giving a sharp right hook!
    Humor of Hand discussion…fabulous, perfectly place in episode … Though Jamie’s reference to her violence was from book and did NOT fit the action we witnessed. NOTE: It was in Final Production Script. A bit angry as it would have been so EASY TO FIX!
    Jamie: Aye, the sight of you, Sassenach, pounding on that wee lad in a fit of fury with look’o blood in your eye…I’ll treasure it. (BTW – It was clear that Jamie could NOT have seen the look in her eye)
    Claire: Glad I amuse you.
    Jamie: Aye, the sight of you, Sassenach, swinging and nailing that lad in ONE stroke. I’ll treasure it.
    Claire: Yes, well, you best not forget it. (So both are talking as if they have a FUTURE!)

    AGREE TOM CHRISTIE/ MARK LEWIS JONES was AMAZING.* I fell for him when he suggested they leave in the morning so the Frasers could spend one last night in their home!!!

    Wish we could have seen fuller circumstances of scene with food. Claire’s meal is spat in and thrown aside so Tom takes HIS meal and gives it to her … it was not as confrontational as it seemed. He only had ONE meal to share. NOTE: It was in Final Production Script! There is a shot with Claire and Christie (she is in foreground.. beaten down yet still gorgeous – he is in the background and blurred) that is pure poetry. Then the quick takes on Jamie realizing what Tom is feeling… In three seconds … director captured the state of three different characters!!

    Camera Perspective/POV … when they’re in each other’s presence … we almost ALWAYS see Claire from Christie’s perspective!!! The moment that he assures Claire that Jamie is alive … and that he can not, will not leave her … and she weeps … THANK THE LORD the camera went back to him … the LOOK on Christie’s face … its as if he wants to hold her… Breathtaking.

    *Surprised you referred to my impulse about Tom Christie’s feelings for Claire. Though ENTIRELY different circumstances, the progression seemed similar in certain ways:
    1. Infatuation: Claire repairs Jamie’s shoulder – Claire repairs Tom’s hand
    2. In love: Concerned Claire when he falls from horse – Concerned Claire visiting Tom
    Side note: Inn Jamie’s case SHE offers her hand – In Tom’s case, he offers her his arm
    3. LOVE: Vulnerable Claire weeps on Jamie’s shoulder – Vulnerable Claire speaks to Tom lovingly of Malva

    Also intrigued what to make of that brief twitch of her hand, than shot of tree shadows on wagon
    cover??? Appreciated your discussion!

    Loved Ian showing up and conversation with his uncle. Mutual respect so there. Only wished … as he knew about stoning that he’d asked about his Auntie Claire.

    While it is accepted when he screams Claire its desperate concern for her BUT … it is so nice to note that she is not yelling Jamie because of fear for her own safety, she is equally worried about his safety!

    Wholly shit … that shot of THAT SHOT … actor was excellent throughout BTW. A whole other level of cinematography … You just know the crew was apeshit about doing it!

    Thank you again for your discussions! Sorry for the dissertation but last episode angst…

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