OutlanderBTS The Discussion + YOU!! Let’s Party…

For those of you who’ve always wanted to join in an OutlanderBTS The Discussion, now’s your chance!

We’ve just had our first anniversary of meeting each other in person (NYCC Oct, 2019), and we’re having a party to celebrate…

Please join us, on Thursday, Oct 15th at 5:00PM PDT, 6:00PM MDT, and 8:00PM EDT, on Zoom. Bring your own cocktail & snacks, dress: come as you are, and we will socialize and talk Outlander!

Please RSVP by email to me: courtney@outlanderbts.com, and I will send out the zoom link by email on the day of our get together. 

You can thank Bridget (@BBradman), Susan (@beachcrazy70), Edie (@edie_rische), Susan (@susan_kamlet, Hudson Highlanders) for the nudge, and Ms. Antoinette for the party idea. Hope to see lots of you there. 😘

****If you missed this and you’re still interested, email me at courtney@outlanderbts.com. We will do more over the coming months. xo

For Droughtlander material, of course, reread the books, catch up on our Seasons 4 and 5 Episode Discussions, and/ or visit Reader Favorites.

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11 comments on “OutlanderBTS The Discussion + YOU!! Let’s Party…

  1. I met you and the ‘gang’ last year together with Susan Kamlet at the Algonquin – can’t wait to party with you again!

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