OutlanderBTS: The Spy Who Dumped Me, Spoiler Free Review

My local theater offered a sneak preview of The Spy Who Dumped Me tonight, so I went.

These were some of my thoughts going in… I was worried that all of the funny parts had already been shown via the movie trailers (I hate it when they do that). I was nervous about how Sam would do in his first big feature film, which sounds utterly ridiculous! Momlander, indeed. I wanted to like the film, in fact I was rooting for it, but I was also determined to go in with an open, yet critical mind. I had no real idea of how large a part Sam would play in this film, since the plot summary only briefly mentions his character, and in the poster, he looks to be at fourth billing.

Here’s what happened…

I thought the first half of the film was so funny, that at certain points my abs actually hurt from laughing. There were lots of very funny scenes that were new to me, and not included in the trailers. I think Kate McKinnon is hilarious, and she certainly delivered in TSWDM. The chemistry between Mila Kunis and her is awesome. Sam mentioned several times in interviews that they are friends in real life, and it shows. The writing is good, and they deliver. The film is action packed and funny from the first moment.

I won’t give away spoilers, but Sam has a much bigger role than I anticipated. In fact, Justin Theroux has the more minor role of the two of them. You actually get to see lots of Sam in this film!

I felt Sam did a great job. He was quite believable as English spy, Sebastian Henshaw, and he was superb (of course) in the action/fight sequences. Playing Jamie and Batman have obviously prepared him well for the physical side of spy work. He had a handful of really good comedic moments as well.

Kate and Mila are completely believable as best friends on a wild adventure. I probably enjoyed that aspect the most.

I read one review which criticized the plot cohesiveness and plausibility, but this movie is really not meant to be a critically acclaimed espionage thriller, guys. It’s a fun, silly, juvenile action comedy. Think the female equivalents of Adam Sandler et al. If you go in with that mindset, I think you’ll enjoy it.

The last third of the movie dragged a bit, I will admit that. And when Sebastian’s true character is revealed, it’s a bit anticlimactic.

There is a kiss. I think most of you know that from the previews, right? I think Outlander fans will be simultaneously perplexed and relieved. This is not a Jamie and Claire kiss, by any stretch.

Pleasant surprises in the film included a small role by SNL alum Jane Curtain, and also Gillian Anderson’s part.

There were a few gutbuster one liners – clever and hilarious.

All in all, I came away feeling happy I’d gone, and happy for Sam about his performance in his first feature film. I used to write a lot of reviews for Common Sense Media when my kids were little, and I’d end with a number of stars and an age recommendation.

The stars rating on CSM is:
✭ Don’t bother
✭✭ Disappointing
✭✭✭ Just fine
✭✭✭✭ Really good
✭✭✭✭✭ The best!

I give The Spy Who Dumped Me a 3.5 – for good, and since there is male frontal nudity as well as some raunchy humor, I give it an M for Mature audiences only.

I’d love to hear your thoughts if you feel like sharing in the comments, after you’ve had a chance to see the film. Congrats to our leading guy Sam, (and Kate and Mila) on a job well done. Sam starts work on his new film Bloodshot in 2 weeks.

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  1. Hello Outlander BTS! I recognized James Fleet’s name in the crawl at the end of TSWDM. He plays The Reverend Wakefield in Outlander. Fleet is a skilled and well respected character actor in the UK, and has had significant roles in major productions and series.

  2. I saw the movie last night and loved it. I haven’t laughed so hard watching a movie in a long time. Sam was funny and I thought the plot twists were pretty good. I give it a 4.5!

    • I agree, 4.5. Waiting for a fellow Outlander friend to return from holiday and will see TSWDM again with her. Worth seeing it a second time.

  3. I saw the movie last night with my best friend and we laughed and laughed and said, “That’s us – we are Mila and Kate!!!!!” We were also thrilled that Sam had a larger role than we expected – and he did well – loved the action sequences – of course the movie itself was campy but that was the point, I think. I did cringe a bit at all the “F” bombs in the dialogue – and I agree – the film did drag on a bit but…I could watch Sam recite the alphabet!!! Sam could definitely be the next 007 – if he wanted to – but I prefer him in dramatic roles – if any of you have not seen his film “First Light” from 2004 check it out – he plays a RAF fighter pilot in WW II – you can see the seeds of Jamie Fraser in this film! I agree with the 3.5 rating overall.

    • Loved First Light. I have the DVD.
      I cannot wait to see TSWDM. Anything with Sam.

      Thank you Courtney for such a great review. You are the best.

      By the way, what does “campy” means?

  4. I also saw it last night and really liked it. I laughed a lot. So glad Sam had a big part and he did a great job! My only complaint is the cursing—way too many F-bombs!! I don’t know why Hollywood thinks this is necessary to be funny or contemporary today?? After it’s said twenty times or so, we get it—they know the word! It’s forced & detracting. Funny thing, this movie was all about female empowerment (everything is these days, I think) so saying the F-word 50 times is supposed to make these women sound fierce, I guess. Ironically, it just made them sound like crass men. They were trying hard to get an R rating with the cursing & the male nudity and they succeeded when none of it was needed for this film to be a hilarious & edgy. Well, that’s my opinion anyway. Other than that the film was funny & action-packed and Sam, as always, is perfection.?

  5. TSWDM passed my test for a comedy—I laughed out loud many times. So many comedy films aren’t even remotely funny, but this one is.
    Sam’s action sequences are terrific. I couldn’t help thinking of an early Daniel Craig film, Layer Cake, which showcased his 007 potential. TSWDM could be Sam’s Layer Cake.
    I was thrilled that Sam received “and” billing among the principal cast. That’s great for his first time out in a major film.

    • I did not Linda; I didn’t see that one. I’d like to though. Did you? I will definitely see the movie Caitriona is filming this summer!

      • Just saying…… Don’t get the promos at all. I couldn’t wait to see the film but after seeing the disconnect between the female leads and the rest of the cast, not so much. Get that film is a buddy film about the girls but Mila looks miserable in all the promo pictures, unless it’s just her and Kate. Sam, always a gentleman raves about film and actresses.

  6. So enjoyed reading your comments, Courtney. You do a wonderful job, as always. I will go see this. I was so afraid it would be, meh, or even bad. Sam deserves more. This could be his launching pad. Actually, I do believe Outlander and all the amazing fans have been the rocket fuel. Thank you for your thoughts.

  7. I saw it last night, too. Lots of laughs. I was curious if I could see him in a non-Jamie role. Not once did I see Jamie in this role…meant as a compliment. I saw him as a charming, but somewhat shady character….you weren’t quite sure which side he was on…but not over the top. It’s a good thing to enjoy him as a character in something else…that’s what brings career longevity. He has a good feel for comedy and can of course carry off the physicality.

  8. I saw it last night with a friend. We both really enjoyed it. I don’t normally see movies like this with a lot of people dying but she was used to it. I thought Sam’s performance was outstanding. The movie was funny. Lots of great lines, great dialogue and twists. Sequel?

  9. I also saw it last night and I was thrilled with Sam’s performance. Agree with everything you have said. I would add that Kate and Mila were very funny. But my observation is that throughout the film, I thought of them as Kate and Mila. And then there was Sam, he once again instantly became his character. He is Sebastian Henshaw. And, Lordie, I had no idea that seeing our man’s face on a very large movie screen literally takes one’s breath away. Wow, his good looks were a bomb. I took a good friend to the movie. She has NEVER before seen Sam on Outlander. Her comment…”he’s really a hunk!”. The difference between Sam and Mila And Kate, Sam WAS and BECAME Sebastian Henshaw. The difference is a trained and very talented dramatic actor vs competent, funny actors. And YES, we both walked out smiling and still laughing. It was a fun, with definite bits of blood and gore, but entertaining and well done, The critics have their heads crammed up their rear ends Dear critics, most of us do not like to walk out of movies feeling depressed, scared, intellectualized and bored. We want to feel good. TSWDM made us feel good and YES, Sam/Sebastian was a big part of it

  10. Saw the movie last night and to my surprise, Sam has a much bigger role than I had anticipated. I actually laughed and enjoyed the movie….it’s a romp not to be taken seriously and it was fun
    So glad for Sam….he’s a rare man and we love him well
    and wish him well

  11. Just so you know, Mila and Kate just met for the first time when the film began. I enjoyed the movie and loved seeing Sam in this role – I don’t mind the cussing in a movie setting, just not in real life. Anything to support Sam! ?

  12. Saw the movie last night and really enjoyed it. It was very funny and who can tire of looking at handsome Sam?
    My friend and I are going back for seconds.

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