OutlanderBTS Wee What’s New: Droughtlander’s Here, S6, BTS Discussions, Trisha Biggar

Photo: Groovy ’60’s Murtagh and Jocasta, Duncan Lacroix, Instagram

With the airing of the Season 5 finale, Droughtlander begins again: we are now officially between seasons.

Matt Roberts recently said the writers are forging ahead with script writing and revising. I imagine others are working too, as filming was originally meant to begin this month (May) for Season 6. The Costume department generally receives scripts early so planning, designing, and gathering materials for costuming can begin. Production design also needs as much time as possible to conceptualize, make models for, build and dress sets, while also doing location reconnaissance. 

Season 5 was Production Designer Gary Steele’s last with the show; those are mighty big shoes to fill! Gary, I will miss you!!! 

Costume Designer Terry Dresbach left during Season 4, and we all had trouble imagining who could possibly replace her. (Terry’s Blog on her Seasons 1-4 work is full of goodies.) I have been pleasantly surprised by Trisha Biggar’s work in Season 5.  A Scotland native, veteran designer, and BAFTA recipient, Trisha designed costumes for the Star Wars franchise and for the NBC drama Emerald City. She says it wasn’t scary to come after Terry, it was challenging. When asked where the Frasers came up with all the new clothes in Season 5, she said that Claire sews, which indeed she does, in the show, à la, the Season 3 Bat Suit, as do Marsali and Bree. She also said some of their clothes came from Jocasta.  Full EW article on Trisha

What did you guys think of the Season 5 costumes? 

Photo: ROBERT WILSON/STARZ, Trisha Biggar, Season 5

On Twitter, Maril recently addressed the rumor that Outlander will not continue beyond Season 6 by saying, “We are not aware that this is the last season. So I’m not sure why they [E News] said that. But we don’t have any additional seasons picked up yet.” 

This means that Sony /Starz has not contractually agreed to do any more seasons beyond 6, but they have also not said, “we’re done.” Outlander continues to grow in viewer numbers; Matt recently said that Season 5 is one of the most watched seasons of Outlander so far, so I would imagine that means full steam ahead if all parties can agree on timing, budget, etc. 

What’s the status on Book 9, Go Tell The Bees That I Am Gone??? Diana says she’s still writing, and thanks to a fall, involving two dogs and a garden hose, she’s writing with a broken shoulder… (ouch!) 

According to Town and Country magazine, Diana said, in February: “It will be finished within the next couple of months, assuming I don’t fall down and break something else.” But don’t expect a publication date over the summer.”

It looks like we’ll be re-reading, and re-watching a bit longer before diving into Bees. (Can’t wait!!!!)

I’ve had lots of inquiries about OutlanderBTS Episode discussions. We have discussed and recorded all episodes except 512, so far, and they are all in my editor in various states of completion. I will release them one at a time, as I finish them, over the coming weeks. We will discuss Ep 512, on Friday, May 15th, and then we’ll redo Ep 501 (the audio didn’t work for our first discussion) after that. So, even though we won’t be getting any new episodes of Outlander, stay tuned for new OutlanderBTS Episode Discussions!  

Check Episode Discussions for newly released discussions, and you can also subscribe to my Youtube Channel to see discussions immediately after I publish them.

Speaking of Season 6, I will be doing a “What Scenes Are You Looking Forward to in Season 6” post soon, so be thinking about that! 

The cast is staying busy with various concerts, podcasts, and a new short film released today! Check out what they’re up to here: Instagram Lives with César, Lauren, John Bell, and Cast Podcasts.

Watch this new short film here, starring Caitriona Balfe, Steven Cree, James Kirk, and more!


Maril tweeted about a recent anniversary: May 9, 2020 makes 6 years since the Outlander Season 1 Premiere was announced, back in 2014. It premiered on August 9th, 2014; how many of you saw the premiere on that date? (I first saw Ep 101 in September of ’14).

Diana recently responded on Twitter about which character is most like her (care to guess?) 

Ron D. Moore is staying safe in tartan style…

Terry Dresbach, Twitter

Tim Downie posted this photo, sharing that his youngest child poked him in the eye the day before he starting filming on Season 5. Production removed it in editing – check out his poor eye!

Tim Downie, Instagram

I recently moderated a Wizard World Zoom Q&A with lots of cast from the Castle Leoch and Lallybroch days, including Lotte, Grant, Nell, Stephen, Annette, and Steven. In case you missed it, go to Video Chat with Lotte, Grant, Nell, Stephen, Annette, & Steven.

There was a second Wizard World Chat on 5/5 (I did not moderate this one), with seven lovely Season 5 gents. If you missed it, go to Wizard World Chat with Colin, Ed, John, Richard, Tim, Duncan, and Kyle.

Finally, here’s a lovely tribute to Claire, and mothers /mother figures everywhere, by Julia LeBlanc in honor of recent Mothers’ Day in the US, enjoy…

I hope wherever you are, whether you’re with family or separated during this pandemic, you are staying safe and feeling loved. xo

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Source: Town & Country

5 comments on “OutlanderBTS Wee What’s New: Droughtlander’s Here, S6, BTS Discussions, Trisha Biggar

  1. Thanks Courtney for these updates on a lot of things we have been wondering about. I shall savor anything you send our way during this Droughtlander! I’m at the tail end of Book 8, so these are slim pickings now. I can’t wait for Book 9 to come out! Guess I’ll have to slum it and read something else in the meanwhile.

  2. To answer your question, I watched the first episode of Outlander in the spring of 2016. I remember being intrigued by it and decided to pay to watch the first episode. I liked it, but didn’t want to pay for each episode. I’m a poet. I was working on a draft of a book and didn’t get back to the show. Then, I started to watch it again in January 2017. I spent the next few weeks watching Seasons 1-3, and when I finished the show was four episodes into Season 4. I had never seen anything like the chemistry between the leads and a show that focused on such a potent and beautiful love story. I was hooked and have viewed the seasons many times.

    • Well, all is right in Outlander world, where happiness, hard work, love and intrigue keep us fans Verra happy indeed.

      Me and my family are moving into the boonies, Kentucky, literally, 19 acres and I will have a donkey and name him Clarence 🤗
      Book Nine will be a great welcome after moving, which we are still stuck in Florida with this plague.
      Diana you are sensational and I’m going to live the Outlander dream as we will be outlanders🤣

  3. Since the scene of the appearance of Jamie’s ghost in Season 1, I have become an obsessed fan of Outlander. There was this sense of magic about it, and the bond between Jamie and Claire is so rare. I have read and reread all 8 of Diana’s Gabaldon’s Outlander books. Each time there is something there I missed the first time, have come to dig deeper into the soul of the books. I know the TV show cannot follow the books – impossible. I just enjoy both the books and the TV for their own worth. It is the best show on TV. Season 6 will soon be here and I am keeping my hopes up that there will be a Season 7 and 8.

  4. Thanks for including Julia LeBlanc’s video. I remember how fraught Claire and Bree’s relationship was when they first went to Scotland in the 1960s, and how things changed when Bree finally realized why.

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