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Photo: Outlander cast enjoying some down time

S5 Filming update…

Earlier this month, Diana mentioned on the Lit Forum that Season 5 is “actually looking really good.” (Waaaahooooo!! ??).

She also said that they can’t stick exactly to the book, (of course), but that they’ve taken specific pieces and done them “quite faithfully,” including original dialogue, (more Waaaahooooo!!)

…with bridges, to make things make sense, but not “wild-ass whole-scale invention.” (a la Down The Rabbit Hole – my words, not hers!) ?   

She said, “I’ve seen the first four episodes in some stage of full assembly, and I’ve watched every one more than twice.” 

I take this as a very good sign!

She went on to note that she has read (and commented on) all scripts up through 508, with mostly technical changes (educating the writers on bacteria vs virus, etc.). She addressed concerns about invention for the visual adaptation, citing the addition of Rupert and Angus as a very positive one, that she Herself really liked. In her typically analytical way, she wrote about the differences between good invention (Rupert and Angus, and Roger and the idiot hut), which flows with the overall thrust of the plotline, and is congruent with what we know of the characters, and poor invention, citing Jamie blackmailing Fergus aboard ship in Season 3, which is not congruent with what we know of the character, includes poor dialogue, and doesn’t make sense with the flow of the plot. She also noted that the writers are not always to blame for these inventions, as some of these edicts come from “Above.” 

Matt put a shot up on Instagram of Caitriona and Sam rehearsing, (***CORRECTION*** this is Roger and Bree! Thanks Kirsten Norling!), announcing that they are “more than halfway done,” so things are moving right along. I asked if this was the big house, and he said “definitely not the big house.”

In other exciting news about S5 filming, Àdhamh ÓBroin was back on location, recently. (Photo from Season 1) 

For those who don’t know, Àdhamh is the Gaelic consultant for the show, which means he receives the scripts in English, translates them into Gaelic, and then he teaches the actors what the Gaelic means, and how to speak their lines. 

Àdhamh had this to say about his day on set last week:

“Lovely to be back in the saddle today with faces old and new. As always, looking forward to seeing how what we worked on looks when the season airs.
Great to be back on set and be greeted by the same consumate professionalism and upbeat engagement from cast and crew that has graced my experience of this show from day one.
A particular pleasure to be able to answer a whole host of esoteric history and culture questions from one of my very favourite human beings, Toni Graphia.
A chance also to thank her for the huge opportunities Outlander has opened up for me, my country, and our culture.
Oidhche mhath leibh!
Night all x”

I don’t know about you guys, but for me, this is fabulous news. I felt the Gaelic in Season 1 added so much to the show, and I am so happy that Àdhamh is back consulting with Outlander again! I very much look forward to the results….

If you’ve never seen my interview with Àdhamh (in multiple parts), check it out. Among other things, he translates what Jamie says to Jenny’s baby in Season 2. Gaelic is such a beautiful, poetic language. My interview with Àdhamh.

And speaking of Jenny, (Laura Donnelly), I just learned it was her birthday on this article’s publication day!  (August 20th) . Happy birthday to our multi-talented Jenny! (Pictured here, in her phenomenal role as Caitlin Carney in the outstanding play, The Ferryman. I believe she is receiving the marriage proposal from one Tom Kettle in this particular photo (Having seen it 3 times ?). If you have not seen this play, you should go. More news on Laura, below.

Update on Bees release…

Here is the latest on Bees from Diana…

Probably the biggest recent news, is that Caitriona married longtime boyfriend, Tony McGill last weekend (Saturday, August 10th), in a private ceremony in Somerset, in South West England. I personally think they were very smart to do it low key, so the true focus could be on them and their day. This is a photo of Cait’s sister at the ceremony, that’s floating around SM. Another beautiful Balfe.

 I wish Caitriona and Tony every joy and happiness. For more on that, go here: Cait’s Wedding.

If there was one, the honeymoon was short! As we had a photo from Cait on location August 15th…

Other recent photos from location include…

Wee Roger taking photos of horses – could these be Phillip Wylie’s horses you think? A bit smaller than I imagined, but, the show has featured Friesians since the beginning, so they had to do something different, I would guess. Lots of happiness about Roger retiring his culottes from Season 4, and wearing some proper trousers as well! 

Kyle Reese, who certainly seems to be a favorite among his peers, appears to be back as John Quincy Myers for Season 5. How did people like his portrayal in S4? 

And then, of course, the godfather, sporting his air pods and shades…

We know Gov’na Tryon is back too… I think it’s pouring rain here, but hard to see that.

Outlanders in Other Projects…

Sam teased a new Sassenach whisky, being offered by his Great Glen Company.

We had a discussion about the taste – Sam tends to like peaty whiskies, like Laphroaig, (not to be confused with Laoghaire ?),  and Koko offered this fabulous chart of whiskies! I love it, because now I know what to try and what not to! ?

Speaking of old flames, Hannah James (Geneva Dunsany) attended an after work event with the Outlander crew and is seated next to her Baby Daddy from Outlander ?.

Thanks to reader Anita Tomson for the following update: “What a great picture..It was taken at a post-Boxing Match party..We know how Sam loves his boxing matches..The gang were celebrating in a Bar in Glasgow called ‘Kilts and Kocktails’..cute ?

Will we get a flashback of Geneva in Season 5? Or is she just paling around with the gang for a night?

Also present from the cast: Front row (L to R), Sam and Sophie, Back row (L to R) Duncan Lacroix, Mark Barrett, and David Berry. There are always folks who know more than I out there, so chime in if you know the other people in the photo, whether they be cast or crew! (Thanks) ****CORRECTION*** The gent I thought was Mark Barrett (next to Duncan) is actually his look alike ?, camera crew member Steadi Mike, who has his arms round his wife, Candice. Thank you for the correction MfaeOldReekie!

Well, anyway, Who is Mark Barrett you ask? Well, he’s a proud new dad, for one, and he is also in the cast of Season 5.

Photo: Mark Barrett’s Twitter

I’m not sure which role he’s playing, but he was announced by his agency, and given an endorsement by Herself, so we look forward to seeing him!

Speaking of cast, other recent casting announcements include:

Leonard Cook – now who do we suppose this guy is playing? 

and these wee cuties…

I would say they would be playing Germain, but then, César has mentioned that a child named Robbie is playing their son, so… Hmmm ?

Back to Outlanders in Other Projects, Sam and Graham will be launching their podcast “Clanlands” shortly,


and fans are getting ready. Adeline – @adelinebronner – shared this graphic from her online class at the University of Glasgow, “The Scottish Highland Clans,” and a number of people chimed in that they are also taking the class. Looks very interesting. 

Laura Donnelly will be starring in a new drama about Victorian women with super powers! Sounds great, and I’m sure she’ll be fabulous, but darn it! We need more Jenny! 

Adorable Colin McFarlane met Sir Billy Connolly last week, and he is an Outlander fan!

and Romann turned 18! (Is that even possible??)


Of interest this week among fans…

We had (and continue having) a rousing discussion, kicked off by Karmen of Outlander Anatomy, on Twitter this week, about Claire’s motivation to return to Frank (back in Season 1), being due to her own moral compass, and the general lack of moral compass as a character driver for Claire and Jamie in the show. If you’d like to join in, go here:  Twitter convo about moral compass etc.  (Follow me on Twitter while you’re there if you like, to participate in future convo’s).

Wendy Forbes (Sam’s makeup artist) posted a closeup of her work – Sam’s shackle marks,

teethmarks (yes, from the brothel, I asked!), 


and back scars recently on Instagram…

and Karmen (Outlander Anatomy) shared her interesting interview with Ron from the Season 2 press line at Saks 5th Avenue. This was the press line for the beautiful Season 2, Versailles costumes by Ron’s wife Terry. I joked with Karmen that this was probably his favorite press line question of the day! 

Outlander Homepage did an interview with Outlander Kitchen! Theresa Carle – Sanders in anticipation of the release of her second Outlander kitchen cookbook: Outlander Kitchen – Journey to the New World and Back Again: The Second Official Outlander Kitchen Cookbook. 

Sam and Cait reminded US fans to enter the Outlander Starz fan art contest for NYCC. Tickets appear to be sold out for this event, but for more information about the contest, and the event, go here: Outlander Returns to NYCC.

This does not relate to Outlander that I know of (now, anyway!) but I found it very compelling, so I’m including it!

A wonderful throwback clip from Outlander clips…

Another fun throwback clip from Outlander Angels… (seems to be a fighting theme this week? ?)

An upcoming interview with Sam…

ABC’s Ginger Zee has been in Scotland doing mid- production press, which is typical. They then work on the stories and release them when the premiere date is approaching. Here are some snaps of a segment done with Richard and Sophie, at the standing stones (not in their usual spot). 

The most interesting article I came across this week, was on Facebook (I can’t remember which site, sorry), by The Scotsman, about a female “druid” whose face was “brought back to life, after 2,000 years.

The reconstructed face of 'Hilda' who lived on the Isle of Lewis around 2,000 years ago. PIC: University of Dundee.

Source: The Scotsman, Druid.


That’s it for now! If you would still like to give feedback about your fan convention experiences, go to my Fan Convention post and leave your comment. I am gathering and organizing those and will produce a guide.

For more posts like this one, go to OutlanderBTS What’s New. For my interviews, go to My Interviews, and go to Reader Favorites to find good stuff over Droughtlander.

All my best to you, as always! xo

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Source: Laura Donnelly new project
Source: Latin Times

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  1. Thanks Courtney! Glad to get a wrap-up of all things in Outlander land, without spending time looking everything up! Shared the whiskey chart – that will come in handy. And dang if that new guy doesn’t look like a twin of Bradley Cooper in the photo with the baby!!! Anxiously awaiting Sassenach in a bottle, Bees, and new episodes next year.

  2. Thank you Courtney for all the news. This is great. I do hope we get to see a photo of Catriona in her wedding dress. She is so beautiful and I am so happy for her

  3. By the way, if you are interested to see the Church where Catriona got married. Google St-Mary’s Church in Bruton. There is a website and the calendar does say RC ( I guess Roman Catholic) A. McGill, the name of Cait’s husband.

  4. Thank you so much for so much information. Is that David Berry next to Sophie Skelton in the picture of some of the Outlander actors? That must have been some party!!!
    There’s no question Sam never stops!
    This info really helps during Droughtlander!!!! Thanks again.

  5. Your the best! What an amazing recap of everything #Outlander,I thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s so hard to keep up with everything that’s happening, and I know I can always count on you to keep me updated. Thanks a million, Courtney!

  6. Great round up! Colin McFarlane also tweeted a photo of himself with Tobias Menzies after he went to see Tobias in The Hunt at the Almeida Theatre in London. It was on his Twitter feed on July 6.

  7. I haven’t seen pictures, but the “culottes” that Roger wears are more than likely slops, worn over breeches to protect them. They were worn by both sailors and farmers.

    I’m a clothing and textile historian, as well as a weaver/spinner/dyer, and the 18th Century is my area of expertise, so any time you have questions, just ask!

    • Hi Donna, you can click on the photo and press save photo (from your phone), or take a screen shot, or right click on the photo and press save image as on your computer. Hope that helps!

      • Tried all of these and finally sent the entire article to my email. Used it to buy my Aberlour which I am enjoying! Thanks

  8. The guy to the left of Duncan Lacroix is crew member Steadi Mike Carstenson with his arms around his wife Candice. It’s not the new actor you mentioned

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