OutlanderBTS What’s New: Finale Time, LA Burns Night, Paley Possibilities, & Droughtlander Begins…

Photo: Starz – Still from Season 4 Finale, Episode 413

Sam was in LA on Thursday, January 24th, celebrating Burns Night, a Scottish holiday, which commemorates the life of bard/poet Robert Burns, born January 25, 1759. The day celebrates Burns’ contribution to Scottish culture – he’s best known for writing Auld Lang Syne

The audio is not great, but Sam is reciting a portion of Address to a Haggis. (?) I realize this is a favorite Scottish dish, and a time honored tradition, but I, myself, am not a fan, having tried haggis for the first time in Culross, in 2014, when I tasted my friend’s haggis nachos. Thanks to Geno Acedo for the video. Sam is sporting a kilt, and a Scottish rugby uniform shirt, which I understand is signed by the team. He is feeling the spirit of Scotland, indeed! Clearly, there is a tie in with BAFTA’s as well. 




Below is a closer look at part of the Address to a Haggis, in Scots, and in English, courtesy of Karen Ramsay on twitter: 

More info on Burns Night.

Paley Center for Media is hosting marathon Outlander screenings today and tomorrow (Saturday and Sunday), in both LA and New York, leading up to the Season 4 finale. Now, I don’t want to start a stampede or anything, and I have NO insider info on this, but since Mr. Heughan is in LA, (or was, just Thursday night), I just wonder if he may stop by the Paley Center and say hello today? It will be a blast to be there enjoying Outlander with like minded pals in any case, but how cool would it be for him to make an appearance?? 

I had to pleasure of seeing Episode 109, The Reckoning, at the Paley Center for Media in LA, waaaay back in March of 2015, when it premiered there, kicking off the second half of Season 1. I had the luck to be sitting just behind the whole writing and production team, and met them after the panel finished: Matt Roberts, who wrote that episode, Maril Davis, and Anne Kenney. That seems like a lifetime ago. 

For more info on the Paley events: Fun Finale Lead Up by Paley.

I cannae believe the last episode of Season 4 (starts) airing tonight. What?? Time flies. I have heard repeatedly from members of the cast, that Episode 413 is AH- MAZING. I can’t wait. The ladies and I will definitely be discussing this one, so stay tuned. 

I have a bunch of interviews lined up, and will be parceling them out as I do them, and produce them, over the coming Droughtlander. Also, the BTS Ladies (as we are now being called), will be going back and doing the remaining eps in Season 4 that we missed, as well as doing other episodes from the previous 3 seasons, so stay tuned for that. 

I hope everyone is well, and wherever, and with whomever you watch it, enjoy the finale!! xo

14 comments on “OutlanderBTS What’s New: Finale Time, LA Burns Night, Paley Possibilities, & Droughtlander Begins…

  1. Courtney, I look so forward to your discussions with the ladies. The will certainly be the salve to ease the pain of Droughtlander.

  2. Thanks Courtney, I’m really looking forward to the S4 finale,and can’t wait to hear what insights the BTS ladies will have, after it airs. From what I’m hearing, it’s supposed to be the best yet. Droughtlander will be tough to get through and I appreciate that your future discussions will help us get through it. Happy Viewing! #Season4finale

  3. I am so excited you and the ladies will be going back for missed episodes and seasons. When I found your discussions you all blended so well I thought you had been discussing since the begining. I subscribeso I woiuldn’t miss an of your postings. Keep having fun and talking about Outlander!

  4. I recently found you on FB, and what a pleasure it was to listen to your recaps, analysis to my favorite show. You each bring in your own spice and the result is a beautiful marinated show. Keep them coming.

  5. You’re fantastic, Courtney! Exciting news that you and The Ladies are expanding your Discussions, including going back to past shows. It is so much fun to listen to you girls! You will likely help me through the Droughtlander, and for that I am grateful!

  6. I loved the final episode, tying up all the loose ends. Emotionally sad and happy. The best was Murtagh and Jocasta! Now we will have to see what the writers do in Season 5 with it? I liked the unexpected scenes,too. A fine job with the finale.

  7. Amazing finale. Sad, happy and very emotional. Season 5 should be just as amazing just as Season 4 was. Both Sam and Caitriona have given their perspectives of the upcoming Season 5 and it should be great. I just sat there looking at the TV screen after Episode 13 finished, thinking “Noooo it can’t be over already!” Roger and Sophie were outstanding this past Season. Will we get to be seeing Bonnet in Season 5? – Who Knows. Thank you Courtney for your Blog and keeping us in the indepth conversations and opinions on Season 4. It has been an amazing journey!

  8. I just find it astonishing that you had not watched all the episodes! Have you read the books? Lots more details to be found in them!!

  9. Thank you, Courtney, for this blog! I’ve roamed many, but find yours the best ever and have bookmarked it, so posh, eloquent, and detailed as it is. The finale episode for S4 had me glued last night, a bit melancholy as I can’t believe the whole of it went by so swiftly. My eyes popped about Murtagh and Jocasta, and when Ian gave himself to the Mohawk for Jamie’s sake I was sniffling, the tender farewell between the two of them finally doing me in. Roger’s return had me clapping, yes, but the cliffhanger about Jamie’s muster by Tryon to kill Murtagh left us quite a cliffhanger as the dreaded draughtlander is upon us. Outlander BTS will be my go-to appease my anxiousness until it’s over. Just want you to know.

    • Yes, the dreaded droughtlander is soon here, and I am in withdrawal – again! Outlander BTS will be my go-to to soften things down a bit. Outlander has been an amazing storey from the beginning, with a little bit of magic to it. Outlander behind the scenes is the best.

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