OutlanderBTS What’s New: Seasons 4 & 5, Tobias ?, Duncan Lacroix Almost Live, Laura Donnelly, Outlaw King, Etc.

Photo: Tobias Menzies at Starfury Convention, Starfury Photos

Hello out there to all my fellow Droughtlanders! How is everyone doing???

Well, I hope.

I am here in Colorado, wrapping up a fabulous summer (as defined by the local school board, not by the meteorological, nor yet the Gregorian calendars, both of which make more sense to me, but anyway…). With the added time afforded by the aforementioned event, I look forward to bringing you great content that has been gathering in my mind and on my computer, for quite some time.

Here’s an OutlanderBTS What’s New to catch us up on things. I absolutely love getting comments from people who tell me they spent a nice lunch or a fabulous cuppa reading and enjoying these. So please do enjoy… with a glass of wine, coffee, tea, whisky, whatever is your thing. Eating a charcuterie, or delighting in chocolate, in a warm bath, or in a cozy chair smelling a fragrant candle, on your patio with a beautiful sunset/sunrise, or in your garden with a soft breeze on your skin. You deserve it! Here we go…

As you know, Season 4 filming wrapped on July 6th, and the cast enjoyed a wrap party that night. The actors are taking a 7 month break between filming of Seasons 4 and 5, which is great for them. They get some downtime and a chance to work on other projects (more about that in a minute). Of course the production team – writers, producers, production design (set building, location scouting), and costume design must start well before filming resumes. In a Q&A Matt did in July, he said that filming (production) is only 1/4 of bringing Outlander to the screen; the whole process includes: writing, preparation, production, and post production. That means the production team gets substantially less time off than the cast, as they are involved in one or sometimes all of the other phases. Post production for an episode includes editing, adding visual and audio special effects, ADR, music, and extras, and Maril told us once that post production can take up to two months per episode. In interviews, Sam keeps talking about how amazing the finale is (can’t wait, I hope it’s 90 minutes!!!). But that means that post production for the Season 4 finale is probably not even finished yet. 

It seems that they are into the first 1/4 of Season 5 – the writing – as Matt tweeted the other day that he is indeed working on The Fiery Cross now…


So, 7 months off, what does that mean exactly? Well, counting on my fingers, it means that filming for Season 5 will start around the beginning of February, 2019. With November 4th as the Season 4 premiere date in the US (November 5th in the UK), and allowing for holiday breaks, I calculate that the Season 4 finale will be on or around February 17th. So, filming of Season 5 will basically pick up just as we finish watching Season 4.

Season 5 is reported to be 12 episodes, and each episode takes 12 days to shoot, so… (calculating noises)… the earliest Season 5 will be completed filming would be the end of August, 2019, and available for release around the start of November, 2019. Of course, lots of things go into the actual production schedule, and into determining the release date, so we’ll see; this is just an estimate. 

We do see glimpses of the cast in the “off season” at fan conventions, and out promoting other projects, and if history is any indication, we will see more of them just before the November 4th premiere date. I believe the NYCC (New York Comic Con) audience will see the first episode of Season 4 at the Outlander Panel (exciting!). I will be there covering the event, and look forward to it.

There is a bit of controversy surrounding Outlander at NYCC, as Diana is conspicuously missing from the list of those appearing. I’ll get into that in a separate post.

Meanwhile, as I say, with this ever growing cast and crew, there is always something going on. 

Tobias Menzies, who appears rarely at fan events, attended the Starfury Outlander fan convention in the UK this month, sporting his towheaded Prince Philip look.

Photo: Starfury photos

Tobias is replacing Dr. Who‘s Matt Smith in the role of the Duke of Edinburgh in Season 3 of the Netflix series, The Crown. Season 3 of The Crown jumps forward in time, and all of the actors have been re-cast. I’m sure Tobias will be nothing less than brilliant in this new role. It’s expected out next year sometime.

Any The Crown watchers in this group? 

Source: Gold Derby

Speaking of Outlander fan conventions, I’m working on a couple of fan con pieces, so stay tuned.

Tobias is not the only towhead these days, John Bell has also gone blond. I’m not sure for what role yet, but here he is… I think it suits him!


Caitriona has been working in LA this summer, on a film that was announced back in May. The not yet titled Ford vs Ferrari story is set in the 1960’s (so Cait should feel at home in her costumes!); Caitriona plays the wife of character Ken Miles (Christian Bale), and Noah Jupe (A Quiet Place) plays their son.

Photo: Variety

This is the new guy we’ll see Cait kissing on the big screen ?.

Photo credit: Indiatimes

Matt Damon plays automotive visionary Carroll Shelby, who leads a team of American engineers attempting to build a Ford car fast enough to beat Ferrari at the 1966 Le Mans World Championship. 

 (Photo by Frank Micelotta/PictureGroup)

The film is co-written by playwright Jez Butterworth, (who is actually Laura Donnelly’s partner) and his brother John Henry. 

Photo: Pinterest

Jez Butterworth also wrote The Ferryman, which features Laura Donnelly and starts previewing on Broadway October 2nd

I suggest you RUN to the ticket office. I saw this play at The Gielgud in London, and it’s phenomenal. 


We saw a lot of Sam in the press as he and the rest of the cast of The Spy Who Dumped Me made the promo rounds. Sam is newly arrived in South Africa to film his new movie Bloodshot, which also stars Vin Diesel. 

He did a recent interview (and beautiful photo shoot) with Rake Magazine.

Photo credit: Rake magazine

Here are some excerpts…

How did you approach playing a character that people were already invested in?
When you get either a real-life figure or someone from a book, it’s actually kind of a gift because you can research them, but there’s also that pressure of getting it right, because you don’t want to upset or disappoint people. I think we were slightly naive in that we didn’t realise how big the books were and how invested the fans were when we started. When I first auditioned for it, I just felt like I knew the character, that I knew who this guy is. It’s very fortunate that there are a lot of similarities in who he is and that world. I love Scotland and it’s a big part of who I am, but it’s also a big part of who Jamie is.

What jobs have you had outside acting?
I’ve done them all. I lived and worked in London for 12 years as a jobbing actor. I delivered sandwiches by bicycle around London during winter, which was horrendous. I worked in all the bars, restaurants. We were doing the BAFTAs the other night at the Southbank Centre, and I actually worked there as a barman a couple of years ago, so it was kind of cool to be on the other side. I won’t name the actor, but I remember I was working for an event at fashion week, and an actor I know, and would almost regard as a friend — my job was to hold people’s drinks as they went and had a cigarette, and he didn’t even notice me and came and gave me his drink and I was just standing there going, ‘Oh my god, I’m just standing here holding his drink, I feel like such an idiot’. But yeah, I’ve been a temp, I worked at Harrods in the perfume hall. I was one of those guys…

Full interview: The Rake.com

Surely by now you all know about Graham McTavish’s new project – This Guest of Summer, in which Graham will make his directorial debut. Joining him (that we know of, so far) from the cast of Outlander are Duncan Lacroix and Stephen Walters. 


To help fund the film, Graham has an Indiegogo campaign, with a whole host of things to choose from. Outlander (and Hobbit) cast members have been doing spoof auditions for the film, which you can see for the price of a fancy coffee drink; so far we have Caitriona and Sam’s auditions. 

I have been asked by the film’s producers to help promote TGOS within the Outlander community, and I will be doing BTS interviews and coverage once production is underway, which is very exciting! A new video is available today – in this one we get to watch as Duncan and Graham discuss the film. It’s so great to see Duncan! Here is a little preview…

To purchase this perk, go to This Guest of Summer.


We have something else to look forward to in November ?. Just after the Outlander Season 4 premiere on November 4th, we can see Steven Cree and Duncan Lacroix appear with Chris Pine in Outlaw King, to be released on November 9th in the US. ? Outlaw King tells the story of Robert the Bruce and his unlikely defeat of the English army.  Here is the official trailer – it looks fabulous!

Steven (far left),plays a character called Seton…

and Duncan plays (the sexy ?) Lord Henry Percy.

The movie was filmed in Scotland last year. In fact, last September, Mom and I were at Linlithgow Palace one day and saw the Outlaw King crew building a faux castle entrance…

Other Outlanders involved in the film include: Outlander makeup and hair stylist (for Caitriona) Anita Anderson, Liz Boulton embroiderer and costume maker, and Kahleen Crawford, casting director (and Steven Cree’s wife). There is even a Laura Donnelly in this crew, (but she is an art director, so not our same Laura). 

Source: IMDb

*I’m told by Liz Boulton that there are A LOT of ex-Outlanders in this cast and crew, so I will add names as I discover them. If you know of any, feel free to give them a shout out in the comments!

Co-Preseident of Sony, Chris Parnell, who is largely responsible for the fact that we have a visual adaptation, visited Culloden Battlefield on August 24th, and tweeted his thanks to Diana. It’s so cool to me that everyone on this project really “gets it.”  


Great news for David Berry fans (which I think is all of us, right?)

A Place To Call Home comes to the US on August 31st on Acorn TV.  Have a look…


Terry Dresbach congratulated Ron on the first shot of his new series, (not yet titled) which imagines a world in which the global space race never ended. Maril is coproducing the series with Ron. Congratulations Ron! 

In other news, Terry announced via Twitter last month that Season 4 would be her last season as Costume Designer for Outlander. ?

This news struck me, as I have been following and communicating with Terry (on Twitter) since the beginning. I remember her palpable excitement for the reveal of the wedding dress in Season 1. I remember her shopping in San Francisco for 40,000 buttons for all the costumes in Season 2. The enormity of tackling Versailles (she KILLED it!). So many meat sauce dinners to welcome Ron back to Scotland every three weeks, stories of finding just the right red for the red coats. Those early days were intimate, and special. This truly feels like the end of an era.

Terry and Ron have lived crazy, stressful transatlantic lives since the show began in 2013, which has taken a toll. I fully support Terry’s decision, but man, will she and her brilliance be missed! Terry assures us that she has found a worthy successor, which I’m sure is the case. It just makes those early years even more special – I know we all wish her so well in whatever is next. 


Outlander writer Anne Kenney will write the pilot episode for Australian based screen adaptation of The Forgotten Rebels of Eureka, by Dr. Clare Wright.

Anne sent along another update this morning, after I sent her the link to this piece. She is up to a lot! And no wonder. I’m sure you guys know she is the author of the famed Wedding Episode from Season 1 (107), what a work of art. It’s no doubt she will have a long and illustrious career; I look forward to following it!


Lauren Lyle is in the film Tell It To The Bees (hmmmm I feel like I’ve heard a similar title SOMEWHERE before…?), along with Anna Paquin. The story is set in the 1950s in a small town in the UK; a doctor (Anna) develops an intimate relationship with her young patient’s mother.

Lauren wrote on Twitter: “Absolutely thrilled to say our film Tell It To The Bee’s is officially going to be making it’s world premier at Toronto International Film Festival 2018.I am so proud.” Outlaw King will also premier at the TIFF.


Grant just wrapped up his Edinburgh Fringe Festival on August 26th, where he played in the highly acclaimed What Girls Are Made Of at Traverse Theater. Did anyone besides Allison get to see the play?


Gillebride MacMillan has a new album out:  ‘Freumhan Falaichte/Hidden Roots.’  You can order your’s here: Gillebride’s New Album. If you need a reminder of how talented this guy is, have a listen…


Tim Downie, who plays Governor Tryon in Season 4, is enjoying the unseasonably warm summer in London…


Recent birthdays include Laura Donnelly, who was 36 last week,


and Romann Berrux who is a ripe old 17 now. (I feel like it was just his last birthday – that year FLEW by!)

And… that’s a wrap for now. Be well! x

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  1. Thank you, Courtney. I always look forward to your ‘reports’ on Outlander. Definitely a trusted source of information on the series, the production and the actors. Great read – thanks again.

  2. Hey – Courtney! Love it all – but you might want to go back and proofread the third paragraph.
    Mention of the seasons seems to be confused. They just wrapped season 4 – not 3! And they’ll be coming
    back to film 5 and 6 next February – not 4 and 5.

    • Oh Gawd! Thank you – Chris K let me know too. I wrote Season 3 wrapped on July 6, but I meant Season 4. The other part is correct though. There is a 7 month break between filming Seasons 4 and 5. We haven’t even ventured as far as Season 6 yet! Thanks for the catch – I always appreciate you guys letting me know x

    • I was just going to point it out as well.

      Anyway, thank you Courtney for all the new information. It is really exciting.

  3. Thanks Courtney for all the news from our beloved cast members. It is so good to know that many of them have projects underway or films/plays etc soon to come out. I am looking forward to see Outlaw King which features our favorite ‘godfather’. Will be taking off to spend some quality time and spread my toes in the sand in Ogunquit, Maine.

  4. Hi Courtney, I read somewhere that S4 will have 13 episodes. I hope so as the book is really big and I also hope, like you , that the final episode will be 90 minutes long.

    Thank you for all you do.

  5. So good to hear from you Court! Thanks, once again , for your lovely posts…I truly enjoy them. Traveling just now….when back we should connect. :-}

  6. Thank you for bringing us all up to date on everyone’s goings on! I thought the photo of Sam in black & white wearing the pin stripe suit was stunning! Saved it, hope that’s ok. That was interesting to know how long it takes for post production for each episode. I always notice David Frew (who shares my surname) in the titles as post production editor I believe. I once found him on Twitter and messaged him if he was the one from Outlander and he answered, “That would be me”! I like to think of him as kin as there are very few Frews. Try saying that fast 10 times! I always enjoy your blog, whether it be with a glass of whiskey or no, you still bring us the flavors of Outlander and our fantastic cast and crew we so love.

    • Hi Suzanne, what a nice, touching compliment – thank you ❤️. Good catch re: David Frew (few Frews few Frews few Frews… now doing that after a few drams would be even harder!) I would like to follow David Frew on Twitter too, but there are many! Which one is he? Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment. x

  7. Outlaw King looks phenomenal. My Ancestry research shows that both King Edward I and Robert the Bruce were my great great ++++ Grandfathers. Here they are, fighting against each other. I knew of the conflict, but this really brings it to life. Given a choice I would have to side with Robert the Bruce, of course. No contest.

  8. Many Thanks for all the news on everyone what they are doing and how they are. I especialy loved getting the update on Grant O’ Rorke I miss seeing him in Outlander hoping he gets a big project so we see more of him

    • Hi Patrice – You’re so welcome ?. Grant is such a great guy, and I agree, a talented actor. He is working mostly in Scotland for now, as far as I can tell, but the future is bright for all of these skilled people!

  9. All our favourite actors are so busy – not a minute to spare. I will love to see the movie that Caitriona Balfe is working on – she is amazing, Christian Bale – a favourite actor of mine. Sam Heughan is so busy making movies – should be interesting to see Bloodshot. Tobia Menzies in The Crown – absolutely amazing actor. An actor’s life is never dull. Thank you for sharing all the above with us. Very much appreciated.

    • Hi Rhona, You’re so welcome. And they ARE busy because we get such great actors on Outlander! I’m happy for them and can’t wait to see their new projects too. More and more to keep up with! x

  10. Thanks for the update! Lots to be interested in! About the departure of Terry Dresbach…Her work has been fabulous but I can see how, given the realities of her life it’s time to move on. Also I’m not sure the future seasons would hold her interest. With a few exceptions, it will be pretty much the same 18th century garb with a big emphasis on uniforms. Thank goodness, we’ll always have Paris!

    • Hi Nancy, Yes – Paris! I’m sure she looks back and wonders how the heck she even pulled that off – amazing!

    • I cannot believe that Terry did not get a price for her costumes of S2. And she should also have won for the authentic costumes of the highlanders in S1 and so on. She researched everything carefully, the fabric, the dye etc.

      • Yes, she should have been recompensed for all the costumes she created. By the way, did she ever think of gathering all her info, photos, drawings, to edit a book? I would buy it right away , whatever the price! And thank you for all the news on the Outlander characters and these behind the scenes, unknown, discreet, hard workers. Thank you for your dedication and humour.

  11. Thanks for the updates! You always give everything and everyone such good details! I can’t keep up with everything the cast, crew etc. are up to by myself! Did you happen to see a FB post by the brother of one of the Canadian natives who’s been given a great part in the show? Fascinating and he’s darn handsome. I was sorry to see so many assuming they were using natives from the US. Maybe a bit about them would be good for your posts. And, no I’m not Canadian!

    • Cheryl – Thank you! I love it when people enjoy my work! I did not see the post and would very much like to. Do you remember where you saw it? I will look around for it. Thanks again! C

  12. You’ve outdone yourself Courtney! Thoroughly enjoyed it! I’ve always loved getting caught up on what all the stars are doing. They sure are keeping themselves busy. So happy for them all. Congratulations to you also, for being able to get involved with Graham’s project.

    • Thank you Susan, I’m so glad you enjoyed it ?, and thanks again – yes I am excited to follow the progress of Graham’s movie and report back to you guys. xo

  13. Wow, what a great update on everyone and their new projects. Thank you for this!. “A Place to Call Home” with David Berry is VERY good, strongly recommend it to all.

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