OutlanderBTS What’s New: S6 Filming, More On Bees, Sam & Cait Projects

Cover photo: Cait, hosting her delightful book club

Season 6 filming continues. As usual, and, especially during Covid-19 I’m assuming, we don’t see much BTS. There are some little bits and bobs from cast and crew on social media, and in interviews. 

During lockdown, and Droughtlander, Caitriona has been hosting a lovely book club, with monthly meetings held on Instagram, for the past year. In the most recent meeting on Sunday, March 7, Cait said she hadn’t been able to keep up with the book clubs the last few months because of her filming schedule.

She said, “Coming back to work was a complete… ahhhh… you know, when you haven’t been working scheduled for so long and you’re back to work it was just like Oh My God, what’s happened?? And right in the depths of winter in Scotland, it’s been quite a tough few months, but it’s been good.”

Someone in the live chat noticed Cait was still wearing her costume rings.

Cait said, “Rings? Yes, I knew somebody was going to comment on that. I forgot to take my costume rings off on Friday, and I was so afraid that I would take them off here [at home], and forget to bring them in with me tomorrow [Monday] morning at 5:00AM, and that I would get given… I would be in trouble with my costumer, so I’m still wearing my costume rings, so yes, very observant.” 

The live Instagram book club is one hour long, and someone commented that more than an hour would be fine with them, to which Cait responded, “Well, I got to go to bed, as I said, I’m up very early in the morning and I still have some more lines to learn.”

One participant asked when Belfast – an upcoming British drama film, starring Cait, Judi Dench, Jamie Dornan, Ciarán Hinds and Jude Hill – is coming out, and Cait said she believes in the fall of 2021 sometime.

Photo: Daily Mail

Go here if you’d like to join Caitriona’s book club, the next book is Conundrum, by Jan Morris.


There is lots of evidence that filming of Season 6 is full steam ahead, despite the complications presented by Covid-19. On February 9, Sam wrote on Twitter, “Season 6 shooting! Feel very fortunate to be working right now, production are ensuring everyone is safe and protected.”

I believe this week is their 10th week of production; with each episode taking about two weeks to film, they are likely midway through shooting Episode 5 at this point. Post production takes up to two months per episode, and with 12 episodes again this season, plus inevitable breaks, they should finish up filming in November of this year, which means the earliest we will see Season 6 is likely January or February of 2022.

I saw a Facebook post in the last few weeks, from a woman whose sister lives in Doune, UK; she said the cast and crew were filming at Castle Doune, known to us as Castle Leoch… 

Photo: OutlanderBTS.com, I took this photo on a dreich day waaaay back in November of 2014, when the gift shop was still stocked with Monty Python paraphernalia 😊. I tried to help them understand what would be coming….

Hmmm, what could they have been filming there? A flashback, perhaps? SPOILER There is a moment in ABSOAA when Jamie calls Murtagh to him in preparation for battle. Could it be that? Perhaps we will see a return of Duncan Lacroix as younger Murtagh? I don’t know about you, but any flashbacks to the days of Castle Leoch are welcomed by me, as those are some of my favorite moments in the books and in the show. I might cry with joy if Mrs. Fitz shows up on screen again!

When Starz announced that filming of Season 6 was underway, on Feb 9, (see More On Season 6 Filming, Courtesy of Elle Mag), cast and crew members jumped on board and started releasing photos. We got a couple of Lauren Lyle in costume as Marsali in her trailer: “Happy to be back playing girl without the pearl earring” 🙂


So far, I’ve seen photos and comments from the actors playing the characters of Jamie, Claire, Roger, Bree, Young Ian, Marsali, Fergus, Lizzy, Kezzie and Joe, and either Allan Chrisie or Bobby Higgins 😁. Who am I missing? I have noticed some absences as well. Maria Doyle Kennedy is still in Ireland, which leads me to believe we will not be seeing Jocasta in Season 6 (or at least not yet), and the same seems to be true of Lord John Grey – David Berry, so far. 

Speaking of Lord John Grey, Ron D. Moore was interviewed recently by The Hollywood Reporter, and dropped some pretty exciting news… excerpt:

THR: [Outlander] hasn’t been renewed beyond season six yet. What conversations have you had about expanding the show beyond that, whether it’s a season seven or spinoffs? I’m a little stunned that a global hit like Outlander that is based on such beloved novels hasn’t by season six already had two or three spinoffs.

Ron: “Yeah, I am too. Conversations are underway on both season seven and on a spinoff and I think we’re going to have good news on both those fronts before too long so I feel very optimistic about it. I agree that I would’ve been happy to see it happen sooner than this but everything happens in its time. I think both those things are probably going to happen and hopefully we’ll be able to say something about it before too long.”

Alrighty then! Season 7 and a spinoff!!! My thoughts go directly to a Lord John Grey spinoff, based on Diana’s LJG series. That would mean, I hope, that we see lots more of David Berry and Sam Hoare, whom I think is wonderful. (Check out my interview with Sam: Sam Hoare, on Playing Hal). Outlander can conceivably keep the principle actors + David Berry busy for many years to come. Will they all want to stick around? Let’s hope so. 

Steven Cree dropped this playful tease not too long ago… hmmm

In other news, Diana has said more about Bees recently, (read my update on Bees if you haven’t), including that the shape of the book is a coiled snake (that part isn’t new), but I found the comment below interesting…

Great news for audible listeners, Diana mentioned in a Facebook comment that Davina will be doing the audible for Bees yay! Diana said that she’s already sent Davina some chunks of the manuscript (not entirely edited) for Davina to familiarize herself with the material. 

Fans worry and wonder about things, two of which Diana recently addressed in a tweet. With Bees taking a while, and a book 10 still out there to be written, people often express concerns that the show will catch up to or overtake the books. Diana responded recently, saying, “Book 9 is about to _be_ finished, and at the rate they film (i.e., one book per season = 12-18 mos.), they’d never catch me.”

She went on to address another concern, which is that later books will be crammed into one season… “(Now, if they felt they had to try to crunch several books into a single season, that would be another thing, but we trust it won’t come to that…).”

And, for those of us who never want the story to end, when asked how she feels about finishing the Outlander story, she writes…

Sam’s movie SAS: Red Notice, about a groom’s wedding plans disrupted when a small army of well-trained criminals hijacks the Eurostar deep beneath the English Channel, airs on March 12 in the UK, by Sky Cinema, and on March 16 in the US.

Photo: Daily Record

And I’m sure everyone who can (it still has not aired all over the world, although Sam assures us it will), is enjoying Men In Kilts, I know I am. What’s been your favorite episode so far? My number one is the first one, about the amazing food, and also the sports one with Sam losing the bet and Graham watching him run a very long way into the freezing water, while sipping something hot, wrapped in a blanket. 

Here are some of my favorite BTS and onscreen moments…

March 7th was Sophie’s birthday, she’s a ripe old 27! 😁 Richard posted this cute photo of Sophie from their “wedding day,” in honor of her birthday, with the caption “Happy birthday, Cheeky!!” Cute.

On that note, I will wrap this up, though there is always more to report! 

If you haven’t seen Grant O’Rourke’s beautiful new short film, you need to! Neville Is Dead. Catch up on all my latest Season 6 news in the new Featured Favorites Section, along with some interesting posts about Herself.

Have a wonderful day. Stay safe, and think sweet thoughts about yourself. xo

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7 comments on “OutlanderBTS What’s New: S6 Filming, More On Bees, Sam & Cait Projects

  1. Oh how I love your blogs Courtney! Always with the latest news of all things Outlander! I too figured we will see S.6 early next year! I love Davina Porter and am so happy to hear she will be reading book 9. I re-listen to all the audiobooks when I am driving or house cleaning. Hopefully it will come out the same tine that the book is released! Thanks again for all your hard work. Much appreciated!💕💕

  2. Wonderful news for you to report to us – your fans! I love Davina as ‘the voice’ of the books (she does a fantastic job). I am truly enjoying ‘Men in Kilts’ – I would LOVE to hang out with these two guys – it looks like it would be a hoot! Thank you, Courtney, for keeping us up on all the Outlander news!

  3. Thanks again, Courtney! I would love seeing Mrs Fitz too and I’m so excited to hear about Davina Porter being prepped for Bees! I adore her voice and all of her voices in my ear! We are getting such a kick out of MIK. My hubby just laughs out loud as do I. It’s amazing to see Sam acting so absolutely juvenile and all the time knowing how he can get into character and deliver such strong performances.

  4. What a pleasure to see and hear from Caitriona Balfe. With the Covid 19 – most folks just seemed to disappear into their own bubble. I Love Caitriona’s glasses. I knew she had a book club – and it appears to be very successful. I’ve read Sam’s and Graham’s book – Clanlands – absolutely a must read for everyone. Thank you Courtney for bringing us all up to date on Season 6.

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