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This article contains SPOILERS for A Breath of Snow and Ashes and possibly for Season 6! Do ye be warned!

Starz has treated us with lots of wee videos over the last month, leading up to the Season 6 premiere, in just under ONE MONTH!! Can you believe it?? This Droughtlander is actually almost over. Woooo hoooo!

We got a nice overview of what we can expect from Season 6 from the cast…


We also got episode titles. We know that Episode 601 will be 90 minutes long, which is fantastic! And we know that it’s called Echoes. 

Reverso Dictionary says echoes from the past are “something that evokes memories, esp. of a particular style or era  – an effect that continues after the original cause has disappeared; repercussion.”

Hmmm, much to work with here, when considering Outlander Season 6 content…

Since we do know that Jamie’s role as Indian Agent is in Season 6…

Perhaps one of my favorite scenes from ABOSAA has made it into Episode 601, and that’s what causes the echoes? That is, the beautiful scene in which Jamie and Ian visit the Indian camp, and Bird’s mother comes to Jamie to comb the “snakes” from his hair. Under the influence of exhaustion, alcohol, and whatever is being passed around in the pipe, Jamie remembers and recounts more details of the Battle of Culloden, and he expresses his wistfulness for Scotland…
“’Talk Bear Killer.’
He spoke in Gaelic. He spoke of Scotland, Culloden, of grief and loss and fear.
She said, “The words don’t matter, nor the tongue in which you speak, I will understand.'”
I reported in March of 2021 that Outlander production was spotted (by a local) filming at Castle Doune, so perhaps Jamie will remember his early days at Castle Leoch? How wonderful would that be, in the opening episode of the season, to see all the old Castle Leoch gang again??
According to a couple of different sources, including Andrew Gower’s (The Bonnie Prince Charlie) IMDb page,
Photo: Starz, Season 2
Andrew will also be featured in Season 6, Episode 601, Echoes
If Jamie is remembering Culloden, Bonnie Prince Charlie would certainly be among those memories. Hmmm, we shall see.
What else might Echoes be about? Caitlin Gallagher (from The Dipp) and I chatted last May about Season 6, and what might be coming. She had an interesting theory about how Episode 601 might feature Roger and Bree, watch below…

Less than a month from now, we’ll all know the answer! I can’t wait to savor 90 minutes of Outlander!

In this same conversation, we pondered whether the gold storyline would make it into Season 6; if we are getting a Season 7, which we are, and if it’s based on An Echo In The Bone, we need that storyline! Well, in the title photo, we definitely see the Bugs, so, in my mind the gold storyline is looking good!

Titles for the other seven episodes were also released:

602 – Allegiance – “loyalty or commitment of a subordinate to a superior or of an individual to a group or cause.” This seems like it might be about Jamie trying to serve the crown, be a rebel, and work peacefully with the Native Americans?

603 – Temperance – Based on what we’ve heard so far, I’m guessing this is a Fergus centric episode.

604 – Hour of the Wolf – We can be pretty sure this one is about Young Ian. We know that part of Young Ian’s story was actually filmed in Season 5, but they ended up not featuring those bits. Will they use some of that, or will it be all new footage from Season 6? In our Episode discussion for the finale of Season 4, 413, Karmen mentioned that she spotted a girl whom she thought might be Emily. I went back and found her in the Ep 413 footage…

Photo, Starz, Outlander, Episode 413

Is this the woman who plays Wakyo’teyehsnonhsa  or “Works With Her Hands?” I guess we’ll find out this season.

605 – Give Me Liberty – hmmmm, any thoughts? 

606 – The World Turned Upside Down – this is a direct title from ABOSAA, Chapter to 80, the chapter in which Malva drops her Jamie-baby-daddy bomb. These 3 look pretty guilty!

Photo: Starz, Outlander, Season 6

607 – Sticks and Stones – This brings to mind for me, the scene in which Claire and Jamie are being taken by Richard Brown and men (along with Tom Christie), to be served “justice,”, and the townspeople stone Claire? Maybe they throw some sticks too?

Photo: Starz, Outlander, Season 1

608 – I Am Not Alone – This feels like it could be Claire’s journey with Governor Martin, etc. and Jamie coming to find her. Just a guess, and in parallel, perhaps Buck showing up in 1980’s Lallybroch? This is complete conjecture on my part! Whatever it is, Diana G has said Episode 608 is a doozy.

And then, I’m afraid, it’s back to Droughtlander for us!! 

I have not researched others’ theories on these titles, I’m sure they’re out there! If you have theories, I’d love to know them, so add them to the comments below!

We also found out recently who plays Major MacDonald in Season 6; I had thought Greg McHugh might be playing MacDonald, but no. MacDonald is played by Scottish actor Robin Laing, who, according to Google, is best known for his portrayal of Edward Heffron in the HBO series Band of Brothers and as DI Donald in River City. Stephen Walters was also in Band of Brothers, so maybe they know each other?

We had a wee snippet from Mark Lewis Jones about his character of Tom Christie… Diana has raved about his performance, and I am looking forward to it!

Alex Vlahos simultaneously introduced Allan Christie and celebrated his bromance with Richard Rankin in his video 🙂

And we heard from Lauren Lyle about Season 6 Marsali; this is the first time both Marsali and Fergus will have a proper storyline – I’m stoked. 


And in this final video, the cast weigh in on what modern amenity they would each bring to the Ridge…

Tash Pow @peekaboo_jen on Twitter was quick to meme Sam’s jacuzzi comments… 

Tash: “I don’t think Richard Brown or Thomas Christie got the ‘Bring your swimming trunks’ memo. Allan is sorted.” 😁

Speaking of fun Twitter accounts, I just became aware of a new Frank Randall parody account on Twitter. Frank renamed all of the episode titles! 


But I digress… back to some other news.

A Twitter source claims that Season 7 is still on track to start filming in March. The evidence for this has been shared with me in confidence, and in the words of John Grey, “I am satisfied as to the validity of this claim.”
What of Sam’s movie Everest, you ask, in which Sam will play eccentric Australian George Finch? Everest was supposed to start filming in January, but has reportedly been postponed until September, 2022, which lends credibility to the idea of Season 7 being filmed in two parts, as discussed in the last What’s New. I suspected the break would happen in November and December, but it makes sense that Sam and Cait’s (and others’) filming schedules might dictate otherwise. It’s also possible that they will schedule Jamie heavy episodes around filming of Everest vs taking a full break.
Sam is still in New Zealand with Graham, filming Men In Kilts 2, and recently made a cameo appearance in Graham’s cameo video to Stephanie, from Rob…
Video: Outlander America, Facebook
 And here’s a recent shot of them on break, getting a Lady McTavish latte…
Photo: Sam’s Twitter
Their Clanlands book is in the finalist list for an Audie award, and they are both very proud! And no surprise, two better narrators you’d be hard pressed to find!
Sam is still pedaling Sassenach,

And the new year of MPC has launched… busy busy.
Photo, Sam’s SM

Caitriona is doing a lot of great press lately for her Belfast movie; she has been nominated for several awards for her wonderful portrayal of “Ma,” including a BAFTA. 

Edit by @TeresaHolm13
Photo: Kenneth Brannagh directing part of the cast, in one of the final scenes of Belfast
Belfast has seven(!!) nominations for the 2022 Oscars, including Original Screenplay, Best Picture, Brannagh for Best Director, Best sound, Best Original Song, Judi Dench for Best Supporting Actress and Ciarán Hinds for Best Supporting Actor. Hinds was also nominated at the Bafta, the Globes and Critics Choice, and that’s well deserved in my opinion, as he and Jude Hill are the very heart and soul of that movie, in my opinion. The movie is excellent if you haven’t seen it.
RTE recently interviewed Caitriona’s parents, principal and art teacher. It’s easy to see why Caitriona is a grounded individual. (link to full article in the Source section). My daughter has a friend who looks just like Cait did as a young girl!
Photo: RTE
Balancing her first baby and a very hot career is no doubt keeping Cait very busy. She will likely roll directly into press for Outlander, and will also be on hand on March 24th to present an award (to Dónall Ó Héalai) at the Oscar Wilde Awards. And then, perhaps right into filming Outlander Season 7!
Per Sophie Skelton, and a very busy Diana G, press has already in fact started for Season 6. Sophie wrote on Feb 3rd on IG “Checks and tartans for talking all things #Outlander Season 6. Tune in March 6 on @starz”
A bunch of the cast were just at 2022 Seattle Adventure – Outlandish Vancouver recently,
Above Photos – Sophie’s IG 
Karmen was there with them, and wrote a nice piece about her time there – Outlander Anatomy in Seattle.
A big congratulations to John Bell on the opening night of his new play The Night Larry Kramer Kissed Me! Some of the close knit Outlander cast family was there for John for his big debut.
Duncan Lacroix wrote, “Phenomenal performance by @johnhunterbell in his debut one man show The Night That Larry Kramer Kissed Me at The New Wimbledon Theatre, London. Blown away by his energy, commitment, heart and talent. 5 STARS!!!!!! Go see!! Great night with @caitlinoryan @jjessicareynolds @laurenlyle7.”
The play runs through February 26th. If you’re in London, go!
Above Photos, Duncan’s IG
Gay Times did a nice article on John and his new play if you want to read more.
Photo, EW
And last but certainly not least, if you have already read Bees, EW did a good article with Diana, asking and answering some questions.
That’s it for today! I hope this finds you well and thriving. xo

For Season 6 cast videos and to read my article about when filming may start on Season 7, possible Season 7 release dates, will we get a Season 8, and a snippet of Book 10, go to Welcome 2022 & What’s New: Seasons 6, 7 & 8, Book 10 & More.

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  1. Wow! Courtney your re-cap is amazing, you haven’t left anything out. Why go anywhere else for Outlander and cast updates when you provide the best and the most up to date info. Bravo to you for your continued hard work and commitment to the show!

  2. I had the fortune to go to the Poisoned Pen bookstore this weekend in Scottsdale. You feel the vibe of Outlander there. I guess it will have to do until Season 6 begins. I’ve already read Bees 1 and 1/2 times!

  3. Thank you for this great recap!! What do you think the finale will be? The big house burning? Bree meeting William on the quay? Bree and Roger going through the stones with Jen and wee Mandy and her little heart? I think “Give me Liberty” episode will be Jamie going public with his alliance to the rebels and forsaking the crown.

  4. oooh! A nice, long, chockfull of info post! Thanks for all the links to Twitter, etc. So many things to look forward to! Counting down the days!
    I was sorry Caitriona wasn’t nominated. When I left the theatre after watching “Belfast”, I was sure she would. I’m happy that Ciaran Hinds was nominated tho! Much deserved & he’s had such a long career. I love it when he’s in a film.
    And now, I’d better get to reading ABOSSA!

  5. The excitement is building up! Just a month and a bit – Season 6 will be here! Love the re-capping of all the previous Seasons and episodes. Great to catch up. But, it has been too long before a new Outlander Season comes ( meaning Droughtlander). I have missed seeing all our favourite people (Jamie, Claire, Young Ian, Fergus, Marsari, Brianna, Roger, and all the rest of the cast) Each and everyone creates a story and life journey. Thank you for all the photos and videos above.

  6. Loved this compilation! I put your article on our “required reading” for next week’s Hudson Highlanders meeting!

  7. Gosh Courtney, what an amazing post! So full of information. Loved it! Must have taken you ages to compile? Well done!
    I hadn’t read the EW and Diana article on ‘Bees’ before… so much to look forward to. And so want to know about Mister Raymond and Claires connection..
    Plus Outlander Anatomy on the convention in Seattle was fun, well done Karmen.
    And your conversation with ‘The Dipp’ some great thoughts …….
    As for what is in season 6, I hope they do Claire’s and Tom Christine’s illness and the cutting of Claire’s hair…

    • Thank you Susie! I think they will.

      I do these over a series of days or sometimes weeks, adding, removing, and finding out new things as I go. The information is flowing in daily, so it’s a challenge to have these “complete” and up to date! I’m glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for letting me know. xo

  8. Unfortunately, the first episode of S6 is only 1hr 20 mins (not 1hr 30mins) as per the Glasgow Film Festival information that they published in relation to Ep1, which is being premiered in Glasgow on March 3rd. The episode is classified as 18+ though! Also they state content warnings as “Death, sexual assault, strong language/swearing, strong physical violence, blood/gore, graphic nudity, loud noises”!
    More info here:

    • Interesting! I’m sure Starz said 90. Maybe with title cards & credits? Hmmm. Oh, this makes me wonder if we’ll see some of Jamie’s Black Jack moments again. 😬 Thanks M Fae – are you going?

      • I’m still trying to work out if I can. To get the tickets you need to be in Glasgow on the actual day of the premiere, and at the box office when it opens first thing to get tickets. There’s no saying how long the queue will be or how quickly they’ll go. So it might be an unnecessary journey very early in the morning for nothing! The best thing is the tickets are FREE!!

    • There were some photos out there awhile back now, of a rather fine looking young man who was being considered (or rumoured to be) but I think that was pre covid even. Big help I am. But he would have been believable as son of Ms Dunsany and Jamie. Id probably recognize the name if I heard it.

    • I looked him up Jill, thanks. I wonder if he can act though? He is not my vision of William, is he yours? Thank you for remembering and passing on his name!

      • Not really. It’s all about the look with CM and who knows if he can act, and on this show he’d stick out like a sore thumb.. but honestly I would love to see a dark haired Jamie child, like young Clarke who was the adorable little boy Willy. Geneva was a beauty too, and it would be great to see her in him as an adult.

  9. I LOVE, LOVE LOVE your BTS emails and especially you ladies’ BTS episode discussions! Thank you for finishing the season 4 episode discussions. Maybe you ladies will be able to go back and discuss the earlier seasons??? Anyway, thanks for all you do!

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