OutlanderBTS What’s New: Signs of Season 6

Cover Photo: John Bell as Young Ian, by Cรฉsar Domboy

This post contains SPOILERS!

Season 6 filming is underway; we know when Davie Hollywood is getting up at 4:00AM on weekdays, it’s time to drive one Sam Heughan to work for the filming of Outlander. 

Source: Davie Hollywood, Insta

Davie has been Sam’s driver since the very beginning….


Source: Sam H Instagram

He’s the man responsible for getting Sam where he needs to be, on time. Whether they’re headed to the studio in Cumbernauld or to somewhere on location, it’s usually an early start, and the first step for Sam (Caitriona, and all the cast) is hair and makeup. Sam’s makeup artist and friend, Wendy Kemp Forbes has also been with him since the beginning. 


Source: Wendy’s instagram


Source:  Pinterest                       

Sam has referred to Wendy as “my rock.” Makes sense, they’ve spent hundreds, if not thousands of hours together over the years, during the application of Sam’s hair and makeup, especially his back scars, which used to take up to 3 hours to apply (less time now). 

Source: Outlander, Starz

Wendy also worked with Graham and Sam on Clanlands / Men In Kilts.

Source: Sam H, Twitter (A wind swept Sam and Wendy on location for Men In Kilts)

Wendy answered Davie’s 4:00AM post above, with, “We are in this together ๐Ÿ’œ”.

We’re so happy you are!!! Thanks to both of you for all of your contributions over the years to our favorite show~


Season 5 shot of Sam and Wendy, Source: Sam’s instagram

*** UPDATE Speaking of Wendy, Sam, and makeup, some forensic Outlander fans have spotted another sign that Season 6 filming is underway. (Thanks for the tip Veronika!) Sam did a Burns Night cocktail instructive video, and people spotted the remnant of  his day’s work – namely his finger scar! This was posted by Svetlana @lora_lana_22 on Twitter on 1/25/21. 


Shooting a season of Outlander has always been a monumental task, but now with Covid-19? Sheesh. There are likely numerous extra steps and protocols in place, in what used to already be a packed daily schedule during production. (For a look at a day in filming pre-covid-19, go to my Sam, With Glimpses of Day 1 of Filming, Season 5 post). 

Photos from past seasons give us a an idea of of what’s going on around the Season 6 production these days (add masks)…





Sources: Cesar Instagram, Sam Heughan Twitter, Sophie Skelton, Instagram




Photo Sources: Starz, unless otherwise noted


John Bell also posted, on Friday, January 22nd about the exceptional week he’d had (assuming on Outlander) and wanting to share more. John lives in Barcelona, and is clearly now in Glasgow. (See John Bell prepping for Season 6 Mohawk Ian).




This was pretty much a confirmation from Mr. Matt Roberts about the start of Season 6, on January 21st…

In a brief Twitter Q&A, he did reveal that he wrote one episode for Season 6, (I’m guessing 601), but maybe the finale? And, he confirmed that Toni Graphia is still on the writing team, which for me, is great news, as she’s written many of my favorite episodes over the last 5 seasons. 


Back on Jan 12, Cรฉsar Domboy shared two videos on his Instagram stories – one of a new mold being made for his wooden hand  (maybe we’ll get the hook this season???) saying “Baby we’re back!”

And one of him arriving at the Cumbernauld studios, Outlander central, where among other things, costume fittings, hair and makeup, and read throughs happen.


Alexander Vlahos posted some shots of the Glasgow Necropolis on his Instagram stories over the weekend, and of Zooming with his cat back home ๐Ÿˆ.

Catch up here if you missed my post about Alex Vlahos joining the cast of Outlander.

In that post, I theorized that Alex was cast as Bobby Higgins for Season 6, and lots of great conversation stemmed from that. I posted that piece on January 12th, and Alex posted this in his stories on Jan 13th. It’s always fun to have a playful cast! ๐Ÿ˜

Lots of people had guesses about whom Alex might be playing. Many thought Older William, my buddy Dorianne (Outlander Homepage) suggested a modern Cameron or Menzies (both appear in An Echo In The Bone), at least one person suggested Percival Wainright(!!) (also from Echo), and Deborah Kennedy (@DebsterPA1) and several others suggested he might be taking the place of David Berry as Lord John Grey ๐Ÿ˜ฉ – this, based on a comment David made at the end of Season 5 filming last May, about leaving the show…

I assumed David’s comment meant that he was finished filming for Season 5, his character doesn’t appear in ABOSAA (until the very end), and there had been no announcement about Season 7 yet, so he was signing off for the moment.

He was very definitely messing with us though!

Andrea from Melbourne straightened us out when she tweeted…


This is a side note, but I’ll insert it here anyway, (as I hear from many of you that you’re missing the BTS Lasses). I’m sure there are many many behind the scenes considerations that we have no idea about, like retaining the actor for the series and contractual obligations for doing so, etc. I also do not presume to know more, or better than the talented production team of Outlander, but I do agree with Antoinette (those of you who watch our OutlanderBTS Discussions, will understand this reference), about her observation that keeping Lord John Grey in Season 5 was a stretch, as he doesn’t appear in The Fiery Cross at all, only via letters to Jamie. Antoinette feels like the relationship between Jamie and Bree suffered on screen, in order to retain Lord John Grey…

Here’s hoping that Jamie and Bree get more air time in Season 6, and that David Berry returns as Lord John Grey for his scenes at the end of ABSOAA.

Carole Braun of Outlander Forever, was the first of many to suggest that Alex Vlahos might have been cast as Allan Christie. That hadn’t occurred to me, and when I read that, I thought hmmmm. Allan is described in ABOSAA as having black hair, fair skin, and big grey eyes. That works. While I was pulling together that post, I found this clip of Alex, playing a dark character…

Yeah, Allan Christie is a definite possibility. If Alex is playing Allan Christie, I believe that character’s role will be expanded in the show.

There was more Twitter banter that same day, (January 12th), and the next, between Outlander cast members and members of the A Discovery of Witches cast (including our own Steven Cree)…


Has Greg McHugh joined Season 6 of Outlander? I have no idea. Will Steven Cree be back as Ian? He doesn’t appear in ABSOAA, but he does appear in An Echo In The Bone, so if books are being combined, maybe…. And, well he did post this a week ago ๐Ÿ˜ (not looking forward to those scenes ๐Ÿ˜ข, assuming we get a Season 7, which I assume we will).

Source: Steven Cree, instagram

Speaking of the Christies, who is playing Malva Christie? And what about Tom? @DanaNLarsen had a pretty good casting idea for Tom Christie, in my opinion. This guy (Vincent Regan), closely matches the Tom Christie in my head…

What about you? Add your comments below… And as Matt said, let the speculation begin! (or, continue!)

Catch up on all my latest Season 6 news in the new Featured Favorites Section, along with some lighthearted, fun, and funny posts.

May you have a wonderful rest of your day and week. Much love xo

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Source: Outlander Wiki

Source: TV Insider

20 comments on “OutlanderBTS What’s New: Signs of Season 6

  1. And of course the latest is that trace of the scar make up on Samโ€™s finger in the Burnโ€™s Night cocktail making post :). Things are happening!

    • ๐Ÿ˜ฒ Really?? I just looked and can’t detect them. Do you have a photo or link? Thanks Veronika. Such detectives we all are! ๐Ÿ˜…

  2. A dose of Outlander BTS warms my heart on this snowy day. Love speculating about the cast. Iโ€™m also waiting for Bees news. Arenโ€™t you? Looking forward to both of them as well as Lads in Kilts! ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Love all the photos above. We are a patient lot – all of us devoted Outlander fans. Season 6 will start – soon or maybe later. But we’ll still be here anxiously waiting for Season 6 – episode 1 and on. We are also waiting patiently for Book 9 – “Tell the Bees that I am gone” – all good things come to those that wait. But through all of this – it is always Jamie and Claire Fraser who we love to follow.

  4. Can’t wait for season 6 and the discussions you have on each episode. I have missed the Series so much. Thanks Courtney for all the great pictures and speculation..We will wait and be surprised.

  5. Any insight on why all the secrecy? I mean why can’t they even confirm that filming has started and share a few BTS non-spoiler pics? Would it kill them to throw the fans a bone after waiting SO long, not to mention how long we’ll wait for an actual episode?! Can you tell I’m losing patience? ๐Ÿ™‚

    • My guess is this season there is a fair amount of stress regarding following covid restrictions, and just getting the job done without outside pressures & scrutiny is enough?

  6. I must disagree. William and Lord John both appear in ABOSAA near the end. Chapter 118, โ€œRegret.โ€ LJG and Jamie observe the meeting of William, Bree, and Roger on the wooden sidewalk in Wilmington.

    • Karmen! I stated that above! Did you miss it? Are you skimming my posts? ๐Ÿ˜‰

      โ€œ I assumed Davidโ€™s comment meant that he was finished filming for Season 5, his character doesnโ€™t appear in ABOSAA (until the very end), and there had been no announcement about Season 7 yet, so he was signing off for the moment.โ€

  7. Too early for what? (In the tweets). Now I am going to have to track those tweets down for context. Thanks for all the wee bits.

  8. Loved all the hints and speculation about season 6, only one thing made me sad was that Toni Graphia is still part of the team. I was hoping she had gone. I was so sad that when we lost Terri and now Jon Gary Steele has gone. They will continue to be big shoes to fill. I will be interesting what they deem important to the story this season.

  9. Oh…that gentleman IS Tom Christie!! I like his character but I do not care for the conniving Malva nor the disgusting Alan!! Too honest? Lol Thanks for this delightful series of photos and back story!!

  10. Vincent Regan would make a great Tom Christie and is close to what I see in my head, too, but deep down, I’m still holding out for Mark Bonnar, not because he is what I see when I read, but because I adore him and he needs to be on Outlander.

  11. TERRY D is posting pictures of Ronald D Moore shovelling snow in New York . Maybe travel into Scotland is not allowed at this time. I know Canada has strict restrictions. Stay safe everyone.๐Ÿ˜

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