OutlanderBTS: Where Are They Now?

Cover photo: Stephen Walters, as Angus Mhor, Outlander, Season 1, Starz

We see lots of news about the current cast and crew of Outlander, but what about the others? Remember those “Where are they now” type shows? I’m starting a “Where Are They Now” series for the blog. This started as a single post, but soon became like keeping spinning plates going – As I waited for the latest updates from some people, the news for others would go out of date, so I’d circle back, and then, you get the idea. So, I’ve decided to do an ongoing series, called OutlanderBTS: Where Are They Now, featuring a handful of past cast or crew members at a time. 

Let’s start with the wonderful Stephen Walters…

Stephen Walters: (Angus Mhor in Seasons 1 & 2)

Last Seen in Outlander: 😢 Episode 210, Prestonpans


Last Seen:

Photo: Stephen Walters, by Stephen Walters, taken in April (in a hotel room where he was filming)

What’s he up to now? 

In case you need reminding who Andrew Gower is – he played (& slayed) the Bonnie Prince Charlie role in Seasons 2 and 3…

Photo: Andrew Gower as Bonnie Prince Charlie / Charles Stuart, Season 2, Starz

Stephen’s got a body of pretty great work out there, so if this is some of his best work yet, I’m looking forward to these new projects!
If you haven’t seen the short film Stephen and Andrew made, check it out here:  Humpty Fu*king Dumpty.


Photo: Andrew Gower, as Tommy Quickly, with writer/ director Stephen Walters, making the Humpty Fu*king Dumpty short film   

Will we see Stephen again in Outlander?

Wonderful Angus Mhor is deid, as we all know, but we can certainly hope for flashbacks!



Keith (Kiki) Fleming : (Lesley in Seasons 3 and 4)

Last Seen in Outlander: Episode 401, America The Beautiful

Last Seen:

Photo: Keith Fleming, from The Macbeths Film

What’s he up to now? 

You may have seen Caitriona’s tweet about The MacBeths Film – Keith gives us an update below.

The Macbeths is an adaptation of the play that focuses on the couple, their ambition, and the impact of their actions. It is set solely in their bedroom, and has a nightmarish psychological helter-skelter feel to proceedings as they unravel. I first did the play 3 years or so ago… I was actually performing it at night at the Citizens Theatre whilst filming my last week on Outlander… So the play has a great affinity for me with the show… I remember the crew trying to get Hayes’ execution done in time to allow me to make it back to the theatre in order to perform the gentle story of a murderous tyrant on a power rampage 😂😂.

We filmed The Macbeths earlier this year (2021)…. The idea came from the director and was due to the pandemic restricting the opening of theatres. It was an experimental piece initially, and that continued into the film version. It was exhilarating to be part of, and I can’t wait to see what people think. We performed it in a studio space with audience on top of us, so the feel of the film is one of claustrophobia and paranoid anxiety. I’m immediately proud of the work we did it on it. A very collaborative effort between myself, my partner Charlene and director Dominic Hill – who is a genius.
Frances Poet adapted the text. But it is definitely still Shakespeare’s work. I’ve done a few pieces of work lately, even with Covid restrictions, but like everyone, amidst huge disruption. I directed some students via zoom, which was incredible to see their creativity under such adversity. I had another film/documentary come out this year, Doppler, [there is ] a play which was meant to happen last year – there is hope it will happen live this year, or next. I have booked a job today, which I am not allowed to announce yet, and am also involved in another project which I’d love to tell you about but contractually barred from doing so… Such is the way.. I am sooo important. 😂
Other than that, I’ve been keeping safe, with an eye on the collective good, also the appalling state of world affairs and social injustice wishing there was more we could do… Time for change. Working with exciting ambitious people is what I crave… Sharing ideas.. Being bold, brilliant and controversial. I may produce a whisky, called Whiskikki…?!! 😂 There may be a market. 
I was lucky enough to do some zoom conventions with the wonderful Outlandish Vancouver group… Absolute gems… And hope I can meet more of the fans in person some day…. Outlander feels like a family at times, an extended family… Whether it be on set of with fans, you always feel welcome.”
I think Whiskiki would be a hit! (and I think Sam and Cait both might have some tips that could help Kiki get started! 😉). You can see The MacBeths film, starring Keith Fleming, online until June 30th: The MacBeths


Adrienne Zitt: (Suzette in Season 2)

Last Seen in Outlander: Episode 207, Faith (in this heart breaking scene)

Last Seen:

What’s she up to now? 

“I have left acting behind for the time being and focusing on developing my body image/intuitive coaching business for women. (Link to website below!)
It’s been a wild ride 🙂 Much love, Adrienne”
Adrienne’s new business: The Body Joy AcademyBringing down diet culture, one nourished woman at a time.

Will we see Adrienne again in Outlander?

Suzette is probably still in France, doing her thing in the 1700’s. I don’t think we’ll get a chance to be with her again, sadly.

(There is more from Adrienne and the cool new work she’s up to, in the second edition). For now, spinning plates and all – this completes the first edition of OutlanderBTS: Where Are They Now

I hope you have a lovely day!

For the 2nd edition of this series, featuring Sam Hoare (Hal), Emma Campbell- Jones (Mary McNab), Conor McCary (Young Jamie), and director Philip John, go to OutlanderBTS: Where Are They Now, 2.


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13 comments on “OutlanderBTS: Where Are They Now?

  1. This is wonderful,as usual Courtney, you provide the fandom with all the information we need in one great place! Thank’s for all you do,it certainly doesn’t go unappreciated!

  2. Any Outlander addicted person knows it is the minutiae that we love! These mini interviews are brilliant. Thanks Courtney.

  3. Thanks Courtney! I’ve been wondering about Stephen! It’s great to see what the others are up to as well. I’m glad they were able to find work in “these unprecedented times” (yes, I said that phrase! hee hee). I have Tin Star on my list to watch on Prime. Maybe, I’ll have the episodes he’s in. It would be great to see Stephen again. It was a nice read after a not so nice day at work.

    • Hi Donna, I’m sorry about your not so nice day at work, and I’m glad you enjoyed catching up on Stephen, et al. xo

  4. This is wonderful! Thank you so much for putting this together for all your fans and the Outlander fans. I look forward to more episodes!

  5. This was awesome. Thrilling news that our much loved actors; Stephen Walters, Andrew Gower, Colin McFarlane, Keith (Kiki) Fleming, and Adrienne Zitt are busy and doing well. Stephen Walters who played Angus Mhor in Outlander, Seasons 1 and 2, has a special place in our hearts. Stephen is an awesome talented man – there was something so magnetic about Angus Mhor, besides being feisty, a devoted friend and mischievous too. Andrew Gower was fantastic as Bonnie Prince Charlie. Colin McFarlane is an amazing talent as well. Loved him in Outlander. I have seen him in other shows and he was outstanding. I feel that these actors, and many others in Outlander as well, never got the much deserved credit for their all their hard work.

    • Hi Rhona,

      I’m glad you enjoyed this piece! Yes, Stephen did an outstanding job on Angus, as did the others on their characters. If you are talking about awards, no, they didn’t. At least we fans let them know, and I suspect that Outlander will be read and watched for many generations to come, so those accolades will keep on coming. I am guessing they have the satisfaction of a job well done, which is, of course, the most gratifying. xo

  6. Hi Courtney, thank you for the article ‘Where Are They Now’ …. what a good idea.
    Loved reading about them all and their ongoing projects …. its so intriguing when they say…I can’t tell you yet, because of contractual obligations ..makes you just want to know!!

    • Haha! It does! And they all say it these days. That’s part of why I made it into a series, so we can wait a bit and find out! 🙂 xo

  7. Thanks Courtney, LOVED this! These professionals brought it ALL to their roles in Outlander! So glad to know they are pursuing their dreams. Adrienne is living her Bliss and Keith is dreaming of Whiskikki. I exchanged “autograph signing” greetings with Andrew and Stephen at the Outlander Convention 3 years ago in Vegas. Both were personable, friendly, and charming.

    One problem, Courtney. I didn’t get anything else done! I kept coming back to the links. Watched Humpty…., listened to Colin’s rich voice in the CUBE, visited the site of The MacBeths, and clicked on every tab of The Body Joy Academy!

    Wishing continued success to each of these Outlander alums. And now, I wait, till the next WHERE ARE THEY NOW?

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