FASCINATING & Entertaining Terry Dresbach @ Thru The Stones, Courtesy of Outlander Cast

Photo: Grant and Terry at Thru the Stones, Daily Record


Below is a delightful panel with Terry Dresbach (who is SO FUNNY!) from Thru the Stones fan convention, held this past December in Iowa. Terry’s talk starts at about 13:10. Thanks to Outlander Cast for capturing this awesome panel and sharing. 

Terry discusses… talking a lot ?, Ron (he doesn’t talk), family fandoms, fandom is love, nipple t-shirts, the Outlander family, Ron is Terry’s Jamie!! ☺️and a hopeless romantic. The show is in good hands: we all get it, village people in the hot tub, Cait’s cloak dilemmas, 18th century tailors & reuse- clothes were for a lifetime, and Easter eggs.

Then she opens it up for Q & A. You can’t always hear the question, but she often repeats it, or you can discern it from the answer, so hang in there. Highlights include: problems with google research, Cait’s 3D mannequins, the red dress, when she became a book fan (poultices and herb gardens), how she got into costume designing, the SHOES, “Sam’s not hot in real life at all,” Jamie and Claire are both heroes, undoing 52 buttons for sex scenes, a cameo for Terry?,”we are like skipping stones…” what makes Terry and Ron work, and her secret of creating homes (and meat sauce!!)

I loved this panel. It made me realize that I miss communicating with Terry, and remember what an awesome person she is. Thanks also to the Thru the Stones organizers and participants for making this panel possible. Enjoy!


5 comments on “FASCINATING & Entertaining Terry Dresbach @ Thru The Stones, Courtesy of Outlander Cast

  1. I haven’t had a chance to listen yet, but it sounds like a good podcast for when I’m on the treadmill for ARD. More importantly, you get to communicate directly with Terry?!? Nice!

    Hope you’re feeling better. 😉

  2. Oh, this was so much fun to listen to! I adore Terry and hearing her talk at length made my heart sing! I don’t know how I missed knowing this was available.

    Can’t wait to hear Grant – I love his voice. Hearing him tell stories will be magic, too!


  3. Thank you for sharing this podcast and for all the work you put into Outlander BTS. It makes my day when I open my eyes mail and see a BTS post.

  4. Terry is delightfully entertaining. I can understand why her husband is so devoted to her. Her approach to costuming and her insights into the history of clothing are refreshing. I would love to share a bottle of wine with her.

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