OutlanderBTS Adventures: Your Chance to Become a Patron

I’m headed out on a new OutlanderBTS Adventure this weekend to New York City for an Outlander charity event. I will partake in the fun, snap some photos, and bring the story back to you. It’s my absolute pleasure to not only attend these things, but to write and share these stories and bring you the photos, I love it. 

I’ve made the choice, so far, to keep this site advertising free as quite frankly, it’s not that I’m against making money (or even covering my costs ?), it’s that I feel strongly about what content I endorse, and what I don’t. Ads are a good way to generate income, but one has no control over what ads get paired with one’s content in the current model. As an example, I was recently reading something the Dalai Lama said and couldn’t help being distracted by the hemorrhoid and cellulite ads that surrounded his picture and loving words ?. (Maybe I should be insulted since I think most ads are targeted to the reader? ?)

I care about your experience when you’re on my site. I’ve purposely made OutlanderBTS.com a calm relaxing place you can hang out for a while. Those multiplying, wiggling, wild goose chase click through ads are annoying to me, so I assume they are to others as well. I don’t want that for myself or for you guys.

So… I’ve created the Patron program.

I am so grateful to the people who have already signed up as Patrons, you know who you are, and I truly hope you are happy with what you’re getting in return. (and if you’re not, I hope you’ll let me know) 

In a nutshell, I’m asking anyone who regularly uses this site to consider becoming a Patron.

When you become a Patron, you get my gratitude and a personal thank you email from me. You keep getting the ad free content you enjoy, and as a thank you, you become eligible for Outlander related, preferred privileges and discounts on an increasing number of things available only to Patrons (fan conventions, Outlander tours, etc.).

Patrons get to choose the amount and whether to contribute one time or monthly. Your contributions help to cover the operating costs of the site*. 

You can use your credit card or Paypal account. It’s super easy. If you’d like to join in and support OutlanderBTS.com, just click on this link: Become a Patron and follow the instructions.

If you want to think about it, you can always come back and do it later. Patron LogoLook for the the Patron logo on posts and on the site to make a contribution when you’re ready. 

I appreciate you guys so much. Thank you for considering becoming a Patron.




*Operating costs: web hosting, graphic design, site maintenance and upgrades, equipment maintenance for laptop, cameras, and recording devices, travel, video editing software and consulting for a growing number of interviews lined up for post Season 3 release.

10 comments on “OutlanderBTS Adventures: Your Chance to Become a Patron

  1. I’m so grateful for your work, and glad I could be a patron. Come on, Outlander fandom, shell out the beans for Outlander BTS!

  2. What a great idea – I’m in. Thanks for letting us know how we can help you continue to do what you are doing so well.


  3. Thank you for all you do this site is really great with info for us fans…umm I will try to help but am not able at this time but will in a few months I am now trying to help with a project I’m working on for WCC Cait’s charity so thx again and I will be in touch soon!!! Adele

  4. Courtney, I love what you are doing for us with all your informative posts! You are the best!!! I think I am already a patron but would like to renew or whatever you want to call it – in short give you some more $$. Could you let me know if I am listed as a Patron? Thanks for what you do!!! Is it too late to be entered in the contest to win a ticket to NOLA? Would love to be in it!!

    • Hi Sarah! Thank you for the nice compliments :).

      You became a Patron on 3/7/18; to be active, you need to renew your Patron status with any amount of contribution (it is good for 1 year). And it’s not too late to enter, you can do so up until midnight on December 1st. You will also be considered an existing Patron if you renew, which means a higher possibility of winning (as 3 tickets will go to existing Patrons, and 1 will go to a new Patron.). I hope that makes sense!


      • Thanks for your response & the info. I have renewed my Patron membership. I do still want to be entered into the contest to win a ticket to NOLA! Is informing you enough or do I need to enter somewhere else? Thanks again for all you do!

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