Fersali! And More… A Peek at Land Con 2, in Photos

Though I did get some great photos of the cast on Sunday, I was not able to coordinate a press pass before the event, and missed the opportunity to photograph the Saturday cast. C’est la vie – I was very impressed with the women who run this event, and the efficiency with which it was run.

Here are a few photos… I like this one of Richard and Steven a lot, artistically. Richard looks like he’s looking at the camera, but he’s not. I like the movement of his hand, with the shadow of the microphone on it, both their sunglasses hooked on their shirts, the angles of their two arms bending away from each other, both wearing black banded watches, and Steven’s broody face in profile. I like the lighting and the shadows too.

I just really like this shot! 


Here is a closer up version…

And of course, Cèsar and Lauren – each one charming, and so great together as well.

I also love this shot of adorable Charlie Hiett – Captain Leonard…

And last but not least (for now), here’s a playful shot of Lauren and Richard. It seems the newer cast members have just as much fun together as the old guys…


7 comments on “Fersali! And More… A Peek at Land Con 2, in Photos

  1. Thanks Courtney. You Lucky girl you were in Paris. Hope you get to spend a few more days in The city of lights (La ville lumière as we say in French)

  2. Great photos Courtney, thank you for sharing! I especially loved the one I saw of you, Sam & Richard….that’s what you call a NICE “Sam” wich!

  3. Out of all this since some time while travelling thru France. But enjoying the photos. Thank you Courtney. Warm, very warm greetings from a sun-burned OL fan. And your fan too.

  4. Loved the photos above. Please send more. Always looking for photos of all our favourite people from Outlander – which means all of them.

  5. HI love your posts so nice and informative this yr Creation is doing a lot of comic cons..but for us who cannot attend why aren’t they providing a video of the regular auditorium sessions of QandA ie Las Vegas do you know how a vast majority of fans will see hear or read this content??? thanks adele

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