Premiere Thoughts + Caitriona and Sam talk to ET Canada about Season 4

Here are two spoiler free interviews with Caitriona and Sam about Jamie, Claire, and Season 4, courtesy of ET Canada…

The buzz is that Season 4 will premiere on November 4th, although Starz has not officially announced the date. Usually the season premiere dates are announced via a mainstream entertainment media outlet, such as Entertainment Tonight or Entertainment Weekly, with lots of build up. Earlier this month, on August 4th, a shortened version of the Season 4 trailer was released on Facebook, and at the end, the following photo was displayed…

With Outlander fans being the astute observers we are, someone noticed this, screen captured it, and in no time it went viral. The video is no longer available online, which leads me to believe that someone in Starz video editing or PR got a strong talking to, at the very least. The question remains, is November 4th indeed our premiere date? I feel for Starz, and the person who might’ve accidentally let this one slip. I assume there will be an official announcement at some point, and then we’ll know for sure. Fingers crossed that the right date slipped early, vs someone printing the wrong date. Either way, it’s only a few months away. Come on, November!!

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