Maril Davis Q&A: Love Scenes, Heartbreak, S3&4 Updates, Outlander Friends y Mas

Photo: Twitter: Maril, Sam, Cait, and another person (anyone know who this is?)  in South Africa enjoying a break from filming (or read throughs).

Getting straight to the heart of the matter… 

woot woot!

oh boy…? ?

Here are some S3 updates…

Diane Jean Gregory: How is level of love, commitment & “freshness” amongst cast & crew this deep into S3?

Is everyone cast for season 3 now?

Maril: almost

Yay! I want to be surprised! I do believe DG said it’s not Marsali though…

Ron said the same thing, and added “possibly” to this question… in his Recent Q&A (am I grabbing at straws here?)

According to my calculations ?, filming will run through the end of June, with post production running through the end of August. 

The premiere date has not been announced yet, but airing usually takes breaks over holidays, so the show will probably not premiere over Labor Day weekend. They could possibly do premiere events that next week (usually in NYC), Sept 5-8, with US premiere on Sept 10th. Sept 11th is an important date for the US and especially NYC, so if the premiere is in NYC, I would imagine that timeframe will be avoided for celebratory events. Could be the weekend of Sept 17, hard to know. This is all speculation, by the way.  

Lot’s of Q&A about South Africa:

Sam is never far away it seems!…

Earlier today (as in another time zone), Cait was relaxing on this beautiful morning in SA and had a brief exchange with Diana, before joining the Twitter Q&A…


This is a great question from Angela DA: Please show Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan’s screen test at some point! Even as short as the teaser? I beg! (I’d love to see that too – as would a few other million people, I’m sure).

Angela DA also asked: If Sam Heughan is Beav, what’s your endearing name for Caitriona? 

Here’s a q from a cheeky Scotland crew member…

And Matt said earlier he’d be there, but maybe his question just didn’t get answered ?

Some more questions about Sam and Cait…

More cast/casting questions…

I guess this means no Sam as Jamie and William (an idea proposed by a fan last week, although, Frank and BJR are never together, would make the Jamie and William scenes a bit tough…?).

Maril went on to say: “Not to say Duncan couldn’t pull it off. Just don’t think we would go there”


Season 3 challenges so far…

Season 4 q’s…


Maril’s favorites and other q’s…

It’s already been filmed, but I guess it remains her favorite (eeeeeee)



Author’s note: I had some technical difficulties while creating this post, hopeful that it’s all (or mostly all) here x

7 comments on “Maril Davis Q&A: Love Scenes, Heartbreak, S3&4 Updates, Outlander Friends y Mas

  1. Interesting and funny sometimes. But it helps us to calm our impatience which is good. Thank you Maril.

  2. Showing all 29 episodes of Seasons 1 & 2 will conclude Sept 15th. The earliest I think Season 3 will premiere will be Sept 17 or 24, but the Emmys will happen on Sept 17th.

    I predict Sept 24th for the premiere of Season 3.

    • Connie, good puzzle piece on the 29 episode lead up! I could see them ending the 15th and airing the 17th. But if the Emmys are that night, they will not want to compete with that.

      My only thought is, if there are NYC premiere events the week before the premiere Sunday, and Sam has to be in Scotland for MPC stuff that Sept 23rd/24th weekend, when is the travel time? Of course, it is Sam, he may just travel all night and show up doing burpees the next morning.

      Unless they do a rerun double feature and somehow get the 29 eps completed early for a Sept 10th premiere.

      love a good mystery.

  3. George MacKay, English actor who played eldest son in movie, Captain Fantastic with Virgo Mortenson, would be a good William…. ginger, too!

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