Who’s Rereading Drums of Autumn, and Who’s Rewatching Season 3?

Let us know in the comments…

If yes, where are you in the book? And which episode are you up to?

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  1. At the point in Drums of Autumn where Claire and Jamie are starting to build Fraser’s Ridge before winter sets in.
    Have watched S. 3 so many times I have lost count. I tend to binge watch it from time to time. So much so that I know most of the dialogue by heart now.

  2. Finished rereading Drums of Autumn a few weeks ago. Will re-watch Season 3 next month. I continue to go back to Season 1. Still love the beginning of Jaime and Claire’s story and the second half of Season 2.

  3. I am rereading Drums of Autumn and am at “Enter a Serpent”. This would be the third time I have read “Drums of Autumn” and love it. As I have the BluRay of Season 3, am rewatching the 3rd time, love it so much. I guess you could say that I am a an obsessed Outlander fan.

  4. Just finished re-reading DoA for the umteenth time and have moved on to Fiery Cross because I just can’t stop.

    I’m not currently rewatching Season 3 because I’ve probably rewatched it a dozen times since last year!

  5. Just finished re-reading the reunion and handfast of Roger and Bree in Willmington and re-watching Season 3 on Netflix having read and watched the series more than a few times.

  6. I’ve just finished reading DOA again and I’m now binge-watching all 3 seasons over for about the 5th time! I’m at home on a medical leave and Outlander helps keep my mind off the fact that I’m not allowed to walk for another couple of months!

  7. Yes, i´m rereading DOA. This book is my top three of the series and I cant say how many times I have reread it because its uncountable. Love this book. It´s Claire and Jamie at their best as in #1 and #8. I´m right when Jamie and Bree meet . THIS BOOK IS AMAZING!!
    No, I´m not re watching S3. I was quite disappointed after the second have of Ep 6 and forward. I watch the first 6 eps and then I stop or watch certain scenes of the rest. The showrunners, etc kept saying that S3 was going to be the best yet and I started watching it with such high expectations that whenEp 6 ´s second half started I couldnt believe how disappointed and sad I was.
    so, def rereading DOA non stop. and waiting for S4 with excitement but I after S3 I dont know ….. they have to go back to S1 style, a fewer writers and writers who have read the story many times to truly understand the characters so they do not turn the amazing J and C into a couple of clowns. too far from reality.

    • Totally agree. Didn’t care for season 2 either except for a few episodes. The first half of their 20 years apart was great especially Jamie’s life but once they got to the reunion they changed the entire story. Didn’t enjoy Claire’s character at all and didn’t care for more disconnect (like in season 2) that wasn’t in the book. They changed all the reunions with Ferguson,Ian jr and Ian sr that were great and funny in the book and they changed Claire’s character and her not knowing whether she was staying with Jamie. In the book after he was shot she was in like flynn?

  8. I recently finished re-reading Drums of Autumn for the fifth or sixth time…….sorry, I’ve re-read the entire series so far at least five times. And every time I pick up on something, some little tidbit, that I’d missed before. These books never get old.

  9. Just watched young Mr Pound die. So sad and unexpected every time!! Ready to read Drums of Autumn for the umpteenth time but my favourite after Outlander Book 1 is Book 8 especially the last couple of pages. I watch the TV show or read every day! Can’t believe this is me doing this but once I found Outlander I was totally hooked?

  10. I just finished listening to Bree tell Claire what Stephen Bonnet did to her. I had read the book once and now have been listening to the audiobook. Now Roger is on his way to the Ridge and I am dreading what comes next! Interestingly, I like Bree more than ever after listening to, rather than reading, this book.

  11. Both. Watching the Bakra episode right now (multi media Outlander experience-episode on tv, this on laptop) and re-reading DOA (still at River Run). The obsession doesn’t seem to lessen!

  12. I just started reading DOA for the second time. They have just arrived at River Run.
    I am also planning to rewatch season 3 before the new series starts.

  13. Yes & yes…I’ve been re-reading the whole series for the second time with the audiobooks as accompaniment which really has slowed the process considerably (I finally finished Fiery Cross & will be starting ABOSAA).. I’ve also been re-watching slowly, having just finished “Crème de Menthe.” All this is a marathon, not a sprint. ?

  14. I’m not doing either. I’ve read all 8 books three times and watched the TV shows multiple times. Months have gone by and I’ve lost interest. Sometimes people can wait TOO LONG and they lose their fans. We have so many other things to fill up our lives and if they want to keep our attention, they need to feed us more information a whole lot sooner than this. I’ll watch the show, but don’t care if there is another season or not. For me, the storyline pretty much had a good ending both in the final TV show and in the last book.

    • You might find a break is a good thing and will have a new enthusiasm once season 4 starts. I had a rest from it all last Droughtlander but then found some podcasts that stimulate discussion and make you look deeper into the characters or the history of the times. This has kept my interest from flagging while waiting for

        • A Dram of Outlander is the best one especially with it’s Facebook page as well. Desiree covers TV and books in a Read along
          The Official Starz Outlander Podcast with Ron Moore or Matt Roberts is terrific for insider stuff about the production of the show. Mary and Blake on Outlander Cast are pretty good, but Blake can be very critical which can be a downer if you really love something.
          Ginger and Summer giggle their way through The Outlander Podcast but have some great guests at times. 🙂

  15. Hi Courtney! I just started listening to Drums of Autumn on audible. I have all 8 books, hard copy and audible (can’t wait for Book 9!), after which I plan to rewatch Season 3. I hear what Glynda’s saying. The intervals between TV seasons can be tough. One way I’ve been filling in the void is by watching “A Place to Call Home” with David Berry (in its 6th season). GREAT SHOW! Thanks so much for mentioning it in the article about other projects Outlander actors are working on. Well, “see” you all in November!! ?

  16. I just finished reading DOA – again! I live in South Carolina and it got me through the hurricane! I can’t wait to see what parts of the book they include in the show and which ones are left out or changed. Diana Gabaldon’s writing is so rich – I have read all the books at least twice and have probably read Outlander, the first one, four times and it never gets old. I do hope that the series allows Jamie to be the strong man that he is in the books and don’t let Claire steal his good lines as has happened in past seasons! Both characters are strong, independent people but their connection and spiritual dependence on each other is what makes the story. I am excited to see the Bree and Roger story unfold – I just hope that Sophie Skelton can pull it off – she does not seem to have the “fire” in her spirit that book Bree does. I know that Jamie and Claire are a tough act to follow but book Roger and Bree are right up there – let’s hope that series Roger and Bree don’t disappoint.

  17. I listened to Drums read by Davina Porter and now I’m on to The Fiery Cross! (Can’t remember how many times I have heard or read both). I have also persuaded a friend to watch Outlander for the first time and have started where it all began (again).

  18. Having finished Drums AGAIN(3rd time) and watched Season 3 for the 4th time(DVR y’all)…November can’t get here soon enough!! BTW, I think the scene on the beach with Jamie and Claire is a better reunion than the Printshop scenes.

  19. Just started re reading (well, I’m listening while I paint). Jamie and Claire just learned of Aunt Jocosta’s plan to have them stay to help her run the plantation.

    And, yes, I’ve re watched every season…multiple times. 🙂

  20. DOA is my second favorite book after Book 1. I re-read it about a year ago but I go back to it from time to time to read the scene where Bree meets Jamie. It always makes me very emotional. Season 3, I have watched lots of time but mainly episodes 1 to 6 which are my favorite. I used to watch one or two episodes every couple of days but slowed down a bit lately. However, last night, I watched Rent (ep 105) wich is one of my favorites of all and The Wedding as a treat.

  21. I confess I am rereading the book! It’s still pretty early in the story: they are making their way upriver to meet Jocasta. As far as Season 3, I have been watching them since the last one aired. I do love “All Debts Paid” and “Of Lost Things.”

  22. I finished Drums of Autumn in July. I am watching all 3 seasons starting next week. I am now listening to Fiery Cross with 10 disks to go.

  23. Hi Courtney, I’ve lost count as to how many times I’ve watched Season 3. That’s when my LOVE for Outlander started. I was getting Starz for free one weekend and clicked on the channel…it was “Of Lost Things” and I was IMMEDIATELY HOOKED! Called my sister and asked her if she had heard of this. She stated laughing…she told me she had read all the books twice, and began to fill me in on everything I needed to know. A few days later, I received Seasons 1 & 2 for my birthday from her (which is the same day as Claire’s, October 20th)! I binged watched it all and like I said…I’M HOOKED! I have read the books but I’ve stopped at Drums of Autumn. I prefer to watch, then read. I’m counting the days to November 4th. I canna wait for the episode when Jamie finally meets Bree! I always look forward to your posts, thank you!

  24. Re-reading Drums of Autumn. I do a lot of in-between reading, so we’ve just met Aunt Jacosta. I love it that she sounds just like Collum and Dougal. Oh, the secrets that will out!

  25. I’ve watched season 3 and I’m waiting for Oct to reread (again) DOA. Instead I’m reading other Highlander time travel books that don’t even begin to compare. Not even remotely compare.

  26. I re-read DOA early this summer and am just about to finish Voyager for the second time. I plan to re-watch season three and then probably starting re-reading Drums of Autumn. I know there are other books, etc. I should be reading, but I guess i’m hooked! (Also have a whole stack of unread New Yorker magazines…) Thanks for your posts!

  27. Just finished rereading Drums about a week ago. I am rewatching Season 3 for the zillionth time. I have also watched Season 1 and 2 about the same number of times. Some episodes are rewatched more than others in all the seasons. We all have our favorites, right? I am thinking about rereading Drums again before November.

  28. I am now re-reading The Fiery Cross. I have watched S1 to S3 so many times on demand. Now I am re-watching S1 from my Blue-Ray DVD. Cannot get enough of it.

  29. I just finished re-reading all books, and now back to the beginning, just finished “Outlander”. I have all the Blu-Ray, and the last one I watched again for the millionth time was “To Randsom a Man’s Soul” . I ordered (pre-ordered) the Drums of Autumn companion to Season 4. Was told it was different considering the TV time restraints, so… look forward to that right before Nov. 4.

  30. Rewatching and rereading the TV Series and the books. After visiting some of the Outlander filming sites and Inverness and Edinburgh 2 years ago – visited Northumbria this summer to understand the history of the Scots better. Am an American who lives in Florida but Scotland has now captured my heart – going to a craft school in North Carolina next spring , near Ashville to study weaving. 86 years and going strong – it’s never too late to learn new things and meet wonderful new people;, like all my friends from Outlander.

    • Sue….I also live in Florida, and spent 10 days in Scotland in May 2017, visiting many of the Outlander sites. I spent a day driving around Isle of Skye, and I’ve never seen a more enchanting and mystical place. I am currently looking at real estate (via the internet) and hope to be able to move to the UK (again….lived there in my 20s).
      Would love to hear more about the craft school!

      • The school is called the John campbell folk school and is located in North Carolina – you can get their catalog on line. I love the Isle of Skye and Iona and was thinking of renting a place there or in Inverness for a couple of months! Please keep in touch, maybe we can work something out together.

  31. Finished DOA for the second time a few days ago. Now my Outlander bestie Mary Sullivan and I have begun a rewatching starting at Season 1, 101 and will continue until Season 3, 313. We have the best time watching, reading and talking about everything Outlander.

  32. I’m not sure how many times I have read the hard back version I bought in 1997 – I wrote in the front ‘bought to celebrate the finish of an old year (1996) and beginning of a new (1997). Little did I know that my Jamie in the shape of my new husband Chris, would come into my life and turn it upside down. Although he was not Scottish, in the most important ways he brought to me the love, passion and loyalty of Jamie. I am on page 202 and very much looking forward to the TV interpretation of the book.

  33. Just finished watching all 3 seasons (for the umpteenth time!) and started re-reading DOA just today. Roger just landed in Boston & Bree has just seen him! Let the adventures begin – again!! So excited for Season 4!!

  34. I have read the books and watched the episodes many many times.
    Right now I am am on the forth episode 3rd season.
    Bre is just boarding a ship with Lizzie and has visited Lollybrook.
    Roger has crossed over and is looking for a ship to America.
    I am going to be 80 years old next October and as many of us old folks, am having a lot of health issues. The reason I am telling you this is to thank you,from the bottom of my heart, Your family in Outlander is like my family.i follow the careers of so many of the actors Thanks again.

  35. I’m on my third read of the entire series in order, currently about 3/4 through MOBY. We are rewatching from Season 1, starting last night after returning yesterday from a 2 week Scotland vacation where we stopped at many Outlander filming sites. Scotland was so beautiful and we were so happy to see so many of the Outlander filming spots.

  36. I just finish watching episode 11 – Uncharted. Love the wedding and turtle soup. Was going to start reading DOA, but decided to get ambitious and started Outlander instead. Could be really tight to get the three books done by November 4. ???

  37. I’m on my third read/listen to Drums of Autumn. I have rewatched Season 3 over and over and over and expect to do so at least one more time before November 4th!

  38. Reread Voyager before S3, and was disappointed in things that were different. So decided, I will not reread another book before new season. Best, that I’ve forgotten some things!

    • Right there with you, Chetty. I had the same experience. So I took the advice of another commenter and decided not to reread DOA right now. I do watch at least part of an episode from one of the 3 seasons almost every day! In Diana’s words (I think) “the books are the books and the show is the show.” All I know is they’re both wonderful.

    • I feel the same. I am currently reading Book 7, and feel it will make it easier for me to accept (or not notice, lol) discrepancies between the book and the tv adaptation if I don’t re-read Drums.

  39. So… I just rewatched S1. But this is the **th time. Just trying to wait for the 2 other seasons, which will also be re-re-rewatched. S1 is the one I like the most. The spirit of the characters has changed a little too much in S3. Jamie is no longer the strong man, the King of Men. I know he aged and has been unhappy… And Claire is a little too bossy in S3… I do not like the “Bakra” episode” as it seems too artificial. But there are beautifull moments too.
    And I am waiting for S4! This will probably be in 2019 as we have no STARZ here and no possibility of seeing it on TV. Have to buy the DVD’s. Got S3 more or less 6 months after the first vision of it on STARZ. Getting used to waiting a long time!
    I am just finishing the reading of “Outlander” (book 1) today. For the 10th time. Re-read “Dragonfly in Amber” (book 2) and “Voyager” (book 3) some time ago. Again. And I will do it again. The “Fiery Cross (book 4) is now on my desk. Am somewhere in the middle where Roger is reading Bree’s “dreams”.
    I try to be patient and am grateful when some images, spoilers or trailers appear. Crumbs!
    The difference between books and series can be a little frustrating sometimes, but I do not realy mind it. They are different and that is all.
    Sometimes I regret that the funny parts of the books are not appearing in the series, but to squeeze 1800 pages in 13 episodes is difficult!

  40. I’m up to part where Jamie and Ian realize who Roger really is and the impact of them ditching him with Indians. Not really my favorite parr-

  41. Watching First Wife…and just started reading Drums again, though I tend to go back and reread the scene by the river where Claire goes to wash off the grime of traveling and waits for Jamie to join her….

  42. I thought I would just start watching it all from Series 1 and by the time I am through it will nearly be the beginning of November. I have read the books so many times its nice just to sit back and watch on screen. Love it no matter what medium!

  43. Just completed DOA yesterday! I have read it twice in previous years, this time borrowed the audio book from my local library and listened to it. Finished in 5 days while doing lots of yard work. Really enjoyed hearing it read. Can’t wait to see what parts they include and if Sophie does ok with increased role. Hoping they have the outdoor lovemaking but Scotland winter would’ve been difficult for actors but so beautiful in book. The theme of biological vs. adoptive parents and children runs heavy through this book with all the main characters. Always amazes me how Diana’s characters can move me to tears, even on the 3rd visit to DOA!

  44. Finished Drums three weeks ago (2nd time), Fiery cross two weeks ago (also 2nd time) and finished S3 a week ago (6th time or so). And today, friday afternoon after a very busy week, I just felt like rewatching bits of S1, ep. 1. Am now at the part where Jamie talks about eating grass, at the stables.

  45. Just finished the entire series of books for about the third time (earlier books -thru ABOSAA- have been read far more often) late spring or early summer. I probably will reread DOA again before the new season starts but not until about the middle of October.

    • Well, I couldn’t resist a reread now…just started Voyager with plans to read the Scottish Prisoner in the middle of it and then start DOA.

  46. I am listening in the car after having read DOA once. I am just where Ian and the Indians get Jamie home with Claire after his back went out.

  47. Just finished reading. Always watching an episode every night but I jump around. Will watch in order as November 4th gets closer.

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