Richard Rankin and Iain Stirling Talk Beards & Banter at BAFTA Scotland

BAFTA Scotland is happening now, and some of our favorites are in attendance. I believe Sam and Caitriona are presenting an award tonight.

Here is a short video of Richard Rankin and Iain Stirling talking about beards and why BAFTA Scotland is better (with transcript below ?).  For some reason the video is set to mute so make sure to unmute it before you listen, in other words, click the speaker with the x at the bottom right to turn it up)

Iain: “You’ve got the beard I wish I had, mate.”

Richard: “Really? You’ve got a pretty decent beard.”
Iain: “I know but I can’t quite get… it’s the bottom lip fill you’ve got.”

Richard: “I’ll tell you what, the trick is a good beard oil. You want a good beard oil, that’ll sort ye right out.”

Iain: “I’m gonna get a nice beard oil, em, this is… do ye know what, this interview sums up Scotland for me… this awards doesn’t feel like any other awards, ever. Do ye not get that?”

Richard: “O’ course, it’s quite unique, isn’t it?

Iain “Yeah.”

Richard: “Scottish awards is the better of the awards ceremonies.”

Iain: “It totally is, mate.”

Richard: “There’s mere ban’er (There’s more banter.)”

Iain: “There’s mere ban’er here the BAFTA Scotland!” 

(If you’re having trouble hearing, make sure your mute button is not on! Cheers!)

More Richard from tonight…


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