Daay’aaaam This Man Can Act – Richard Rankin Show Reel…

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This is floating around right now, and I thought it worth sharing (thanks to Outlander’s Roger and Brianna’s Facebook page).

Richard Rankin has embodied the role of Roger (for me), from moment one; in fact, it’s like he walked straight out of the books. Enjoy him here with (another) Claire(!), with an American accent, playing a badass soldier, and in many vulnerable moments as well…

Can’t wait for more Roger Mac!

Richard Rankin Showreel from Richard Rankin on Vimeo.

Thanks to @RRankinFans for directing me to Richard’s IMDb site, where there are more videos (some repeat scenes or portions of scenes)…

This one features a scene with Caitriona from Outlander… Does he remind anyone else of Gary Lewis in The Crimson Field scene with the “Waste of Skin” guy??

More great scenes from The Crimson Field and Silent Witness,

Adding one more – this is hilarious! Thank you to Nancy Major…

13 comments on “Daay’aaaam This Man Can Act – Richard Rankin Show Reel…

  1. the actors who play Jamie, his sister, Duncan Dougal, and Roger most definitely are the book characters for me. Claire, and brianna are not even in the same ballpark… brianna is supposed to be around 6 feet tall not five three.. or whatever Sophie is..

  2. Yes he definitely can act. He is very versatile and believable in all characters portrayed and as Roger , of course. And that beautiful Scottish accent…I melt.

  3. I fell I in love with Richard Rankin from the first moment I saw him in Outlander Season 2 (and here I am old enough to be his mother!) He leapt out of the books perfectly as Roger and it is hard to take your eyes off him when he is on the screen. So I did some searching around and watched “Thirteen” and
    Crimson Fields and was completely impressed by his depth of characterization. I am so looking forward to Season Four of Outlander. He is featured in a major way in books 4,5, – well all the rest of the books really. I can’t wait to see his interaction with the folks on the Ridge! A previous commenter said Sophie Skelton did not seem to be right as Bree (to her). I love Sophie as Bree! Again I can’t wait for the two Frasers to shout it out on the ridge!

  4. I read that Sophie is actually 5’ 8” – it’s just that Cait is 5’ 9.5”! I do agree it would’ve been lovely if she were tall enough that the several wonderful storylines which reference her height could work !

  5. Wow! Another brilliant talent. I really enjoyed the video and watching the different roles Richard Rankin was in and how very much he was into his roles. Thank you for sharing with us all. I love his Scottish accent – could listen to it all day. His role as Roger in “Outlander – Seasons 2 and 3” was a quiet, scholarly one – but I do believe that that will be changing in “Drums of Autumn” where he will have a more active role. Can hardly wait till “Drums of Autumn” comes out on TV in September 2018.

  6. OMG so wonderful to see him act..so handsome and talented..Love him as Roger Wakefield in Outlander. Would love to see all of these movies he was in…

  7. another late reply. but wanted to thank you for your post. so good of you to do these.
    RR is an excellent actor and really enjoyed seeing the clips of his other work. Also another very handsome scot with a wonderful accent.

    • You’re welcome Mathildea, and no such thing as a late reply! You get to visit this blog at your leisure and read stuff when you do. Be my guest, reply about any of the content any time… x

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