RICHARD RANKIN – Need I Say More? This Guest of Summer (Final Perk)

First, let me say, we’ve almost made it!!! The Season 4 premiere is TWO MONTHS AWAY! We’ve waited this long, another two months is nothin’!

You’ve no doubt heard about Graham McTavish’s new film project – This Guest of Summer – for which he’ll make his directorial debut? Well, the final perk has just been released, and it involves that mischievous and irresistible Richard Rankin. The campaign only goes for a few more days, so if you haven’t gotten involved, now’s your (last) chance. 

And just why am I involved? Well, I happen to like Graham, for one. And two, Stephen Walters and Duncan Lacroix are joining the cast, and I’m very fond of them too. So, I’m helping spread the word and raise funds now, and I will be doing BTS cast (and director) interviews once production starts, which of course I will share with you guys! ? 

Thanks in large part to Outlander (and Hobbit) fans, the fundraising campaign is kicking major ass: your generous contributions have raised $210k so far, which is more than Graham and the production team ever dreamed of. Our community ROCKS!

To get involved, or to get more involved, and be entertained by the inimitable Richard Rankin, go to This Guest of Summer Fundraiser.

Here’s a wee sample of Richard’s audition…


And don’t forget. you can also see a lively discussion about the film (and Mr. Heughan) between Duncan and Graham…

as well as spoof auditions between Graham and Caitriona…

and Graham and Sam…

And for two lucky folks, you can drop a wad of cash and get a personal tour of Castle Leoch – Doune Castle in Scotland, lead by Mr. McTavish, himself. This perk also allows you to attend the premiere of This Guest Of Summer + dinner and a cocktail reception with the cast. You also get co-producer status and will appear in the credits of the film + more.

Go to This Guest of Summer to find Richard Rankin, Duncan, Sam, Cait, a personal tour of Leoch by Dougal, and a lot more. There is something for everyone, ranging in price from $5.00 to $10,000.00. ?

Here is a bit from Graham about why he is fundraising for this film…

And here is a message from Graham thanking everyone for our generous donations…

For an update on all things Outlander Season 4 and 5, go to my last post – OutlanderBTS What’s New S4 &S5.

Hope all’s well… xo




5 comments on “RICHARD RANKIN – Need I Say More? This Guest of Summer (Final Perk)

  1. I don’t understand people contributing to the movie. Graham can make more money from this movie than many of those making a contribution make in a lifetime.
    These people – the actors, promote charities and yet this appears to be just fulfilling Graham’s pockets.
    Will they share in the movies profits? I don’t think so.

    • Hi Helaine,

      I see your point of view. It is an independent film so it does not have backing from any studio. Graham is making it himself, with a small team of producers. It may or may not make money in the end; it’s a passion project for Graham, and I think the idea is people who donate (even $5.00) are contributing to the creation of art by an artist they admire and want to support. Does that make sense?

  2. It must very expensive to put on any production. The Arts field is a very hard one in which to promote any play, movie. It is a form of expression and sometimes that is a hard sell. I guess this is why actors, producers are always busy, taking on any role and looking for many opportunities. I am a devoted fan of Graham McTavish, Sam Heughan, Caitriona Balfe, Richard Rankin, Stephen Walters (an amazingly talented actor), Duncan LaCroix – all of them. All, very hard working people – and I guess that means getting financial support. I wish Graham McTavish lots of success with his “Guest of Summer”.

  3. Richard was great in Chicago. Had my picture taken with him. Was to do dual with Cait and Sam.
    Sam didn’t show up. I chose Richard first to have a photo taken with him. Hope he didn’t think he was second best. To me he was too notch. Love you Richard.

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