Ron D Moore Q&A: Print Shop, 90 Minute Eps, Fave S3 Scene, Jocasta, S4 & Moore

Yesterday Ron announced that he would be buying drinks for fans who showed up at the Public House today at AT&T Park before the SF Giants game, as has been his habit for many seasons now. He answered some excellent fan questions on his way into the game.

Ron injured his knee and wrist some months ago while trying to manually lift the automatic garage door during a power outage…

Can’t wait!!

I am super excited about this answer, as I thought Ron KILLED it on episode 201. Part 1 blew me away.

Oh boy, oh boy oh boy, oh boy!

hee hee hee, good answer Ron, I’m sure it’ll be FAB!

Wahooo! (Even though it’s Grey, right?)


Here is a link to the Podcasts from Season 1 and 2

Wow, this guy is married, has kids, works in multiple countries and on multiple jobs, and has had a major injury for months. Super MAN!!

For you crossover fans, here are some BSG, Star Trek/DS9, and Carnivale questions… Incidentally, I’m outta my league here, so I consulted with my Treky brother, who tells me he was actually in an episode of DS9. What? This Outlander thing is so crazy.

2 comments on “Ron D Moore Q&A: Print Shop, 90 Minute Eps, Fave S3 Scene, Jocasta, S4 & Moore

  1. Who is Barry Bonds?

    Once again I missed the Q&A. How did people knew about it? I never received an email about it.

    • Hi Astrid, Ron did it on twitter and announced it the day before. I missed it too. I heard there will be one with Maril Davis next weekend. Are you on twitter? If so, keep an eye on her feed late next week for details.

      Barry Bonds is a baseball player.

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