Awesome!! Season 3 Deleted Scene: Murtagh, Jamie & Lord John Grey at Ardsmuir

Can there ever be enough Jamie, Murtagh, and Lord John Grey? No, I dinne think so. Please enjoy this deleted scene from Season 3! You book readers will remember the tartan scene from the book. We see actually see Murtagh with the tartan earlier in the show, which sets up this scene. The scene was cut, no doubt, for time. And there are some changes, as we have Murtagh preparing to take the punishment instead of Jamie.

Enjoy the scene!

24 comments on “Awesome!! Season 3 Deleted Scene: Murtagh, Jamie & Lord John Grey at Ardsmuir

  1. I wondered what happened to the scrap of tartan scene… I saw Murtagh hiding it in the cell but then it disappeared. I know it wasn’t him who had it in the book, but it seemed odd they showed it then never said any more. I guess they ran out of time.

  2. Almost every one of the deleted scenes from season 3 should have been left in, this one included. They explained important pieces to the story that were definitely lacking in season 3. Why worry over an extra 5 minutes here or there? Every episode can still be shown by Starz even if the running times vary by a few minutes. It doesn’t make sense to cut such important scenes.

    • Agreed! Lost so much of the story, the details that draw you in, in season 3. From one major event to the next; you didn’t get a chance to fall in love again with the new Claire and Jamie. Come on, make a couple extra episodes and give us more of their day-to-day. It’s how we’re able to relate.

  3. Thank you for that scene. Loved it! I have a question. Is the Season 3 gag reel in the boxed set? Must have ir! I ordered it, but it’s not on the inclusions list.

  4. I love all the scenes between John Gray and Jamie. This is such a gift to be able to see. Thank-you. More, please!!

  5. I have always wondered how actors feel when they pour their hearts into a scene and then it ends up on the “cutting room” floor…so many like this one are so very good…The writers work so hard to get scenes done then the actors bring their script to life just to have the editors toss it…who is the real problem with the show…

    • Editing is really hard work – even when I edit my interviews with people – you can change the whole feel with editing which can be good and not good. Sometimes it’s like a haircut and you’ve taken off too much but it’s hard to go back. They have major deadlines, budget constraints and probably other things I’m not aware of to contend with as well…

  6. Hi thanks for this always nice to see a bit more. Havnt read all the books yet so have no complaints. love the show. Please keep it coming

  7. Oh, my gosh! I so wish they’d have been able to include this in the television showing–so powerful, and I really missed it. Glad they actually filmed it and are showing it as a deleted scene. Wish they would show it in like a “director’s cut” so we could see it flow with the rest of the story.

    • Hi Claire, when things are cut it’s almost always for time. They try to shave whatever is not absolutely central to the storyline to keep in what they consider major plot points – like Lord John Grey being on the ship that abducts Claire – I believe they filmed that and then cut it for time.

  8. WOW – thank you for this….what a powerful scene. I often wonder if the actors are disappointed when a scene such as this – one full of immense tension and superb acting is cut from the final production. I’m so grateful when we – the audience – gets to see them anyway – thank you thank you.

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