Season 5 Casting Announcement! ADSO

I recently sent out a query about what scenes people would like to see in Season 5, and many people responded that they are looking forward to the addition of one wee feline named Adso. Looks as if Adso is so!

Starz announced just now that this little beauty will be playing Adso this season. Man, with babies, Rollo, the White Sow, and now Adso, these directors and actors must be pulling their hair out! ?

Welcome Adso, you are just how I imagined you!

(It will be fun to see if anyone thinks Adso is too tall, wrong colored eyes, too angsty, etc. for this part. ? Ahhh, we are so passionate about every detail of this show)! 



Besides being an Outlander fan and blogger, my buddy Tracy Alexander (aka Outcandour) is also a small animal veterinarian, and had this to say about the actor playing Wee Adso:

“I’m going to offer my (unsolicited) veterinarian opinion that this casting is purrfect! Round head and eyes, stocky build, dense haircoat…this looks to be consistent with a feral kitty descended from British Shorthair cats brought over to the colonies.” 

I asked Tracy if the new Adso is male or female and she said, “there’s no way to tell just by looking at the picture.” 


Here is another shot from Sam’s instagram account of this wee fella (or lady)…


I hope everyone is well. Sending my best to you, as always. xo

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Coming up…

My interview with that rapscallion Governor Tryon (Tim Downie) and a new OutlanderBTS What’s New.

18 comments on “Season 5 Casting Announcement! ADSO

  1. Thanks for this Courtney, it looks like perfect casting to me! Adorable. Re scenes I’d like to see, I think when Jamie gets bitten by the rattlesnake and has to be brought home by Roger and tended to by Claire. From memory it was a defining moment in Roger and Jamie’s relationship but I did read The Fiery Cross some time ago.

    Keep the snippets coming.

    • I agree Mandy, a huge turning point. Feels like Roger really became a son to Jamie. I love their relationship and loved the dialogue when they were up on the mountain alone. Roger asking, NOW we’re going to discuss philosophy!? And Jamie saying when else? (Not verbatim.) This wonderful author can be heartbreaking, poignant, have us facing death and still retain even the darkest humor. ?

  2. Aren’t the pictures above the best ever! A lively adorable kitty and a very lively, handsome, extremely talented Sam Heughan. Sam had mentioned a while ago that he was a cat person, and the pictures above prove that. The photos above are real keepers. Season 5 is going to be awesome – I loved the last 4 seasons and I know I’ll love Season 5 – The Fiery Cross. By the way, I am an obsessed Outlander fan. I can’t think of a TV series that has had me so fascinated as this one.

  3. Oh my what a beautiful cat. Looks like a cat I had years ago! He was a big male named Dusty.
    Adso looks like he’ll be stocky too. Same face. Now I’ll be embarrassed if he turns out to be a she? thanks for the memory, and can’t wait for 5 and Adso…and the crew also ?

  4. Perfect match up. Look forward to season five. Been a fan forever and will be forever. Keep em coming.

  5. for all us cat folk- this is true love on 2 accounts. SO nice to see Sam comfortable with a finicky co-coworker.

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