S5 Filming Update ~ Scenes at Lallybroch Cancelled, Possible Cause: Untimely Facial Hair

It seems that filming at the location of Lallybroch (Midhope Castle) for Season 5 has recently been cancelled, apparently due to the presence of facial hair!

FanSided just released an article about this today…


Edinburgh Tour Guides shared the announcement on Facebook, stating that it’s due to one actor having a beard that couldn’t be removed. This actor is on loan from another production, which has likely already filmed scenes with the beard and shaving and using a prosthetic would be too obvious now.

The post about canceling filming at Midhope Castle hasn’t shared who the actor is, but there are many who believe it is Steven Cree. It sounds like the Lallybroch scenes were invention to bring some of the letters to life. We know in “The Fiery Cross” that there are letters sent from Lallybroch and sometimes the showrunners like to show the characters writing those letters or living out the life instead of just telling the story.

Recent photos of Steven Cree from Starfury, Highlanders 4, do indeed show him with a beard… 


Photo: Starfury Highlanders 4, Twitter

Questions abound about what these scenes could be, as SPOILER: Jamie and Claire do not go to Lallybroch in Fiery Cross.  Since Diana recently told us there has been no “wild-ass whole-scale invention,” I think the the possibility stated above could be likely, and knowing the production, who does listen to the fandom in my opinion, they may be responding to the missing scenes at Lallybroch from Season 4. Many of us felt Steven Cree could’ve easily carried the scenes when Brianna visits Lallybroch and discovers her Fraser history and family, even though Laura Donnelly was unavailable to film.

My guess is that these scenes will be postponed, or not take place at all. When we last saw Ian Murray, he looked like this…

Photo: Sophie and Steven on location for Season 4 filming, Pinterest

with a head of white hair, and no beard. One can see that a full brown beard (that he must maintain for his other filming project), might be rather incongruent. I personally hope they postpone the scenes and still do them, as I think Steven does a wonderful job as Ian, and it’s always nice to go back to Lallybroch.

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Source: Fansided



9 comments on “S5 Filming Update ~ Scenes at Lallybroch Cancelled, Possible Cause: Untimely Facial Hair

  1. Glad to hear the producers may be trying to give fans what they want, & make up for some previous blunders. Not sure a “flashback” scene with Ian Sr. would have been that big a deal. Hope they don’t spend too many episodes going up & down, back & forth across that mountain! Listening to this book again, & seemed like it took forever – and I love listening to Davina Porter! Beginning to look for Outlander goodies for my S5 kickoff party – something to share with my Sassenach Sisters. Any thoughts on small Outlander related items, send them my way!

  2. Well isn’t that the stupidest reason I have heard to date for not to do something. Men can go from no facial hair to facial hair. SMH

  3. Just a comment on the wonderful Steven Cree.There is a 6 part drama showing at the moment on ITV UK..’Deep Water’.The story is a bit cliched,but is worth watching for the glorious Lakeland scenery ,and the very handsome ,clean shaven,Mr Steven Cree.?

  4. They normally begin feeding us reasons for the lack of this or that that they think we’ll all believe. Like Jamie not going to pieces when he saw the pictures. “Just wouldn’t work?”

  5. It’s disappointing that we won’t be seeing them at Lallybroch this time as it’s always nice to go “home” and see the old place. But I think there will be future reasons to return there.

  6. Stephen Cree is currently in a mini series called Deep Water and he sports a natural beard. I also saw him in a small role as a personal therapy coach in Mother Father Son featuring Richard Gere. A small role but there he was nonetheless. Just a wee bit trivia you might not have been aware. Although nothing gets past you my dear.

  7. With the abundance of scenes in the actual book The Fiery Cross, there is no need to go back and try to make up for what they screwed up last season. Admit your mistakes and move on instead of compounding them in season 5.

  8. Stephen Cree – a great actor and all that fuss about a beard? Bring on Season 5 – can hardly wait to get see all our favourite people again,

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