S5 Interview with Sam by Rob Licuria

Rob (of Gold Derby) always does a fabulous job. If you haven’t seen this post S5 interview with Sam yet, check it out. Don’t worry Sam, you have FIVE more seasons of Jamie coming up!! (No end in sight!) 



I recently released our Episode discussion for Ep 508, Famous Last Words and added some directors notes from Stephen Woolfenden into the post, and other goodies after I published. If you haven’t seen that one, or need to catch up on others, go here: Episode Discussions. We are lacking #BTS501, still to come. 

Happy Saturday all. xo

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3 comments on “S5 Interview with Sam by Rob Licuria

  1. So lovely episode 12. Caitriona at her VERY, VERY Best, she so deserves Credit. Sam as Jamie episode about the SNAKE BITE was great acting.hasn’t got So looking forward to SEASON 6 when filming is allowed to commence again. I do hope Starz feels it can commission Seasons 7 & 8. Does anyone know why Diana book ‘BEES’ hasn’t got a publication date yet. I just hope this will not influence the decision for further Seasons as the Book9 is taken over 5 years and Diana has said there will a number 10 ONE DAY which I hope will not take that long, both Starz and Fans could loose interest if they have to wait that long.

  2. Always enjoy Sam’s interviews. Very indepth conversations and great to hear of the actor’s perceptions of their character roles and the general outline of the episodes. Thank you for sharing the interview above. I get the feeling we’ll all be waiting for a while for Season 6 to start.

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