Sam Acting Highlights from Season 3…

Here’s a nice compilation by Stacey MacGowan of some of Sam’s very poignant acting moments from Season 3. Off the top of my head, I would add in the moment when he realizes Claire’s been washed overboard in Eye of The Storm

What are your favorite moments from Season 3?

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  1. Give the This ACTOR A an EMMY… Its about time… But they need to stay in SCOTLAND. And have more screen shots about them just them romance shots. It seems there’s to much new people coming in sometime people just lose interest altogether. Sad because we started with Sam and Claire.. The fir to together on and of screen.

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  3. Wow! This is a WONDERFUL compilation!! Sam really has had some truly outstanding moments this year. He really does deserve to be recognized by his peers and his industry for his work. I hope this will be his year!!

    • so do i get fed up with one person winning all the time as other members of the cast are great and if it wasnt for the other cast members the show wouldnt be as great as it is

      • I don’t regret any cast member being recognized for his or her work, no matter how many times! I do believe, however, that there are other cast members who should be recognized as well, both lead actors, like Sam Heughan, whose performances are incredible, as well as supporting actors such as Tobias Menzies, the Highlanders, and Jamie’s family members. The directors, writers, costume creators and set designers should certainly be recognized, too. Outlander is one spectacular show! It is the best program I have seen in my lifetime, and I am over 65!

        • True – a good storey is made up of the interaction of many actors. There are many actors in the Outlander series that are no longer featured in the show, we miss them very much – their roles were brilliantly performed and added to the richness of the storey of Outlander. The people that created the TV show, and all the behind the scenes workers, writers, technicians, make-up artists, and many others have given us a TV show that outshines all the rest with its magic. I loved Seasons 1, 2 and 3 (yet how different they all were), and as with yourself I am well over 65. It is so easy to get lost in this brilliant TV show.

  4. First, I must say that my favorite episode was 304 (Of lost things). I thought that Sam’s best performance was in the scenes with little Willie particularly when Sam tells Willie he has to go home to Scotland, when Willie visits Sam in his room and they have a heart to heart talk and finally the last scene of that episode when Sam leaves and Willie runs after him. I thought that Sam’s acting was perfect. He expressed all the pain his character was experiencing while showing restraint and not melodrama. For episode 304 , he certainly deserves an Emmy. The other scenes where I thought he was particularly good were : in 301 when he says goodbye to Rupert, in 302 with Mary McNabb, in 305 when he first hears Claire’s voice in the printshop and in 313 when he jumps in the water after Claire and gives her mouth to mouth to keep her alive under water. I know that A. Malcolm was a favorite for many and although I thought it was good, it did not live up to my expectations.

  5. What about the scene when he was going to shave and Claire stopped him. It was very good. The thing he said to her. Just like in the book. I also loved his face when he had to give Claire the penicillin shot and could not.

    I wish they would also have included his performance from S1 (Wentworth) as well as almost all of S2 in Paris as we saw him a lot there.

  6. So many scenes! But (1) I love the scene in the cottage on the battlefield, where Gordon Killick salutes him as if he was his Laird, and where Rupert says goodbye. Sam’s face is so good there, listening and there is the reminder to S1, S2 and Angus. I terribly love the scene (2) in Ardsmuir when Jamie asks LJGrey to take his hand of his’. That dark and dangerous expression in his eyes! Then there is (3) Hellwater and the moment he baptises Willie and talks to him. When he leaves also… Heartbreaking.
    I love his eyes (4) when he sees Claire and realises she is real; also when he asks if he may kiss her. Then(5) when he puts on his glasses to see the pictures of Brianna. He is gorgeous! The scene (6) on the island, when Fergus and Marsali are married; the way he looks at his “adopted son”. He already called him “mon fils” since Paris! And fergus is proud of his name “in entirety” when he spells it to Father Fogden. And finally (7) when he tells Claire what his plan is for the moment they will have room, nobody hearing them, Claire be willing, etc… Charming man! AND a the end, (8) when he thinks Claire is dead and kisses her lightly on the cheek (Snowwhite?) and he is so happy to find her alive. She will never leave him again!
    Hope this is enough and I think he deserves an EMMY and others too. He is too discreet!
    But other actors are also very good in OL and should be recognized. However, Sam Heughan comes first for me!

    • I agree with every scene you mentioned and would just add his facial expressions lying on the battlefield. Without saying a word, he portrayed agony, sorrow, depression loneliness. And on Jamaica when he inquiries of Willie to LJG. The look on his face tells how hurt he is that Willie only thinks of him occasionally, but true to his great character he says it’s Willie’s happiness that is the most important thing.

  7. Sam Heughan is a fine actor. He has shown us his incredibly skills each season and has mastered his character as Jamie Fraser. I find his true nature to be that of a genuinely kind person, and he has a smile that can curl any gals hair. It is his time!! He deserves an award for his portrayal of James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser.

  8. Send this video to the Golden Globes and the Emmys. But I think his best work was in S 1& 2 and him in the cave and before he really speaks.

  9. These are all my favourites! How can a person choose between these compilations. Sam’s acting is brilliant, his acting range is so deep and extensive. Each compilation expressed all his emotions, heart aches, anger, tenderness, grief, bitterness and joy. How can a person choose. Each one of these compilations are so gripping – believe me Sam deserves an Emmy, a Golden Globe and many other awards. Every time Sam comes on screen he commands the viewers attention in every way. So, in other words, each of these compilation scenes are the best. I vote for all of them. Please give Sam the awards he deserves. The compilation above is a real keeper.

  10. I would actually pay to have a copy of that video and wish Season 1 and Season 2 had a similar video. It has never, for me, been an issue that all three seasons of Sam’s performances were “award worthy.” I believe he gets snubbed by the awards organizations due more to administrative/business issues or deficiencies. He has delivered stellar performances time after time and draws one into his character with such emotion….that we forget we are watching fiction. We actually cry when his Jamie is tortured….we feel joy when his Jamie finds love….then cry again with he loses it. I have seen no other actor be able to do that….past or present. Perhaps STARZ does not appreciate his talent enough or Sam’s connection with OL audiences.

    • i agree with you wholeheartedly. I hope that Sam Heughan knows that all his devoted fans love and appreciate all that he does for Outlander. His acting is brilliant and has us all happy for his Jamie, or very sad for him in every instance. Those people in the awards organization must very blind indeed to have not noticed Sam’s amazing qualities. There is no one I have seen that comes anywhere near Sam’s talents.

  11. When ‘Jamie’ pulls back the blanket of his son soon after Lady Isobeal walks away and say’s something to little Willie, how he is a braw lad, but so wee, and Dinna fash.

    • I agree with you 100%. I hope Sam wins “Best Actor – TV Show” in the Saturn Awards in June 2018. He is so deserving.

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