Sam and Cait Instagram Video, Announcing Feb 16 Premiere Date

And, thanks to @IAmNotTrisha, here is the Instagram Live chat with Sam and Cait

Ohhh, who comes back? Well, I think we book readers know. I won’t spoil it. 

For an update on NYCC panel participants, go to NYCC Update, and for more Season 5 updates, go to Reader Favorites, Season 5

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Big Outlander day today! 


8 comments on “Sam and Cait Instagram Video, Announcing Feb 16 Premiere Date

  1. Exciting news from Cait and Sam today! I was starting to think we wouldn’t see Season 5 until Spring. I canna wait!

  2. Those two really do have the chemistry when together. They have jaded me from watching any other show, Outlander shows a friendship growing into a passionate relationship like no other the realism is astounding!

    • Absolutely! The relationship between Jamie and Claire is a treasure. I watch Outlander just to follow them through all their adventures and living, to watch their relationship keeping them afloat no matter what comes their way.

  3. Hi Courtney, I am just rereading all the books. I am now again at book An Echo in The Bone and I am trying to remember who is coming back. I might have an idea but I am not sure if it is him you are referring to.

  4. I know I am late to this post. Thank you for all you do to keep us up-to-date on Outlander. I have seen so many tweets and news reports of all the ‘other than Outlander’ events around the world that Sam and Caitriona have been attending, it worries me that, as with last season, we won’t have episodes with Claire and Jamie. Hope that isn’t the case. Guess I’ll have to wait and see.

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