Sam and Cait’s Original (Solo) Casting Tapes!

We’ve been waiting for these original casting tapes and they have suddenly appeared! These snippets seem to be a teaser for the Blu-ray video release which will apparently be September 20th in the US. I’m assuming the full tapes will be included on the Blue-ray. Enjoy!



I’d love to know more about the people who are reading with them too!


Did you know we BTS Lassies are going back and discussing the eps we missed in Season 4? Yep. We just finished 403, so be sure and watch!

OutlanderBTS The Discussion, Episode 403 ~ The False Bride

Have you heard about the new Outlander prequel? All the scoop here:

Ready to Meet Ellen and Brian??? Outlander Prequel Under Way!

Happy Hump Day! xo

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8 comments on “Sam and Cait’s Original (Solo) Casting Tapes!

  1. Wow! Great to see these. Amazing how Caitriona delivers everything with nothing to go on. Just a script and one line from a reader, but all of the emotion and the subtle nuances are there–including that upward glance at the end which (likely unconscious to the character if not the actor) already transmits awareness of significant attraction. Brilliant.

  2. It warms my heart to see the early days of making this magical show. Three cheers for everyone who helps bring this story to life!

  3. That is why we love them so much. So genuine and honest. Where would have Outlander been without them. Which is harder to do – playing the part you want so badly or doing a solo audition. Sam and Caitriona have thrown everything they have into their roles.

  4. Hi Courtney
    I seem to remember hearing Sam say that a wife of a friend of his read ‘Claire’s’ bit …. if this is the first ever tape he sent in?
    It could have been the podcast he did with Tim Downie and David Berry? May have a listen at some point 🤔🤭😅

    • This is the in person reading he did there at the studio! I would love to see that original tape he sent in though!

  5. Love these! Both are so wonderful at showing emotions with just expressions and/or their eyes – especially Sam. When he says that Randall wasn’t exactly displaying joy in flogging him – the way that ‘Jamie’ seems to be looking at something inside himself – I got chills! Thank you for sharing these early tapes! I can certainly see why these two were chosen for their roles and I can’t imagine anyone else doing them.

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