Outlander BTS: MPC 2017 – If You’re Doing it, You May Enjoy This! ?

For those of you who don’t know, My Peak Challenge is Sam’s creation- each person pays $99.00 for a year long nutrition and fitness program (a darn good one too); half the money goes to @bloodwise_uk for research and efforts to help fight blood cancers, while the other half goes into the MPC program.

This year Outlander Behind The Scenes has a wee team. It’s made up of myself, my husband, our kids, and my parents. We range in age from 10 to 84! I will be documenting our stories as we set and work toward our My Peak Challenge goals this year. Should be interesting (and entertaining).

If you are doing the program, you might enjoy this video, and knowing that John Valbo and Sam _do_ actually sweat when they do their workouts (they make it look so easy on our videos!!) Sam giving Valbo a bit of the business…enjoy

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  1. Hi Clarence ?, what’s the EDA gym? We used to have a home exercise bike with those handles that went back and forth. There was a fan in the front wheel! And you could adjust the resistance

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