Sam Earns Second Honorary Degree – Watch Now

Sam is being awarded with an honorary degree today from the University of Stirling. This is the first of two honorary degrees he will receive, the *second, will be an honorary doctorate from the University of Glasgow’s Dumfries campus, near where Sam grew up (July 3rd). Both universities are recognizing Sam’s outstanding contribution to acting and also his charitable endeavors; My Peak Challenge has now raised over 4 million dollars.

In fact, the win-a-date with Sam Heughan Omaze campaign raised almost 3 million dollars alone this year! (I do remember once saying that Sam Heughan could end world hunger with a kissing booth).

If you are not familiar with My Peak Challenge, check out this fun article by Cynthia Dagnal-Myron for an overview. 

There is more that Sam’s been up to, but I will put that in my next What’s New, because graduation is starting soon.

The procession entering the ceremony…

Opening remarks…

Enjoying the graduates…

The live webcast is over, but Emma from Mary’s Meanders was there, bringing us Sam’s speech (almost live!), thank you Emma!

Exiting, Sam is a head taller than the rest (much like the warrior he plays, JAMMF).

Sam’s mom was present for this honor. I’m sure she’s very proud of her son.

Photos afterward…

Diploma, or lightsaber? ?- (After the fact, Sam said he felt like Harry Potter in his robes, so not a light saber, a wand!  See Outlander Israel’s meme below…)


I love this shot! So proud… (from Sam’s Instagram account).

Here is a wee interview with Sam with some highlights from the day courtesy of the U of Stirling: Sam’s Graduation Day Video.

I am proud to be associated with Diana Gabaldon and her work, as well as the people who make the TV adaptation, Sam Heughan very chief among them! 

*Thank you for that correction Anita Thomson! I originally wrote that this was the second honorary degree, and Anita let me know that the Glasgow U one hasn’t happened yet, and will on July 3rd.

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Enjoy, and have a lovely Thursday xo.


6 comments on “Sam Earns Second Honorary Degree – Watch Now

  1. A very happy and proud looking Sam Heughan (and very handsome too!). Congratulations Sam! Well done!

    Thank you Courtney for sharing this great moment for Sam with us.

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