Sam’s Live Facebook Q&A, Jimmy Kimmel Live, & His TSWDM Fanboy Moment 😜

Sam is everywhere it seems, as he helps to promote his new film, The Spy Who Dumped Me, in theaters August 3rd. Since he’s so wonderful, we won’t complain! Here’s a live Facebook Q&A Sam just did today…

Tidbits include that he will start work on his new film, Bloodshot in 2 weeks, so around August 10th, and he gets to eat everything, so maybe he’s playing a bulky big guy?

Sam and Steven Cree share the same favorite word, which is bawbag. 😬

Haggis hibernate every other month! So, be sure to time your trips to Scotland accordingly… although we did not hear about the hibernation habits of the vegetarian haggis πŸ€”.

As part of his whirlwind tour, Sam appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night…

And here is a snippet of Sam at the TSWDM premiere when he caught sight of Sharon Stone 😝. At least now we know he truly understands what it is to fangirl (or boy!). I personally find it refreshing, and much preferred to the stoic cool guy (and gal) routine…

Sam heughan fanboying over Sharon stone Credit to @entertainmenttonight

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Here is another candid from the premiere, Sam with his TSWDM leading ladies…

Mila,kate and Sam at spywhodumpedme premiere

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I have a ticket to the sneak preview for tonight, I’ll get back to you with my review afterward!

4 comments on “Sam’s Live Facebook Q&A, Jimmy Kimmel Live, & His TSWDM Fanboy Moment 😜

  1. I’m sad that I haven’t seen Sam in the TV promos for the film that have aired in the last few days.

  2. Thank you so much for posting this (and all the others!). I think it is possibly the best Faacebook live that Sam has done. Will people believe him about “bawbag” and haggises?! Can’t wait to see TSWDM on 31/8 in UK. x

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