Sam’s Live Facebook Q&A, Jimmy Kimmel Live, & His TSWDM Fanboy Moment ?

Sam is everywhere it seems, as he helps to promote his new film, The Spy Who Dumped Me, in theaters August 3rd. Since he’s so wonderful, we won’t complain! Here’s a live Facebook Q&A Sam just did today…

Tidbits include that he will start work on his new film, Bloodshot in 2 weeks, so around August 10th, and he gets to eat everything, so maybe he’s playing a bulky big guy?

Sam and Steven Cree share the same favorite word, which is bawbag. ?

Haggis hibernate every other month! So, be sure to time your trips to Scotland accordingly… although we did not hear about the hibernation habits of the vegetarian haggis ?.

As part of his whirlwind tour, Sam appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night…

And here is a snippet of Sam at the TSWDM premiere when he caught sight of Sharon Stone ?. At least now we know he truly understands what it is to fangirl (or boy!). I personally find it refreshing, and much preferred to the stoic cool guy (and gal) routine…

Sam heughan fanboying over Sharon stone Credit to @entertainmenttonight

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Here is another candid from the premiere, Sam with his TSWDM leading ladies…

Mila,kate and Sam at spywhodumpedme premiere

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I have a ticket to the sneak preview for tonight, I’ll get back to you with my review afterward!

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  1. Thank you so much for posting this (and all the others!). I think it is possibly the best Faacebook live that Sam has done. Will people believe him about “bawbag” and haggises?! Can’t wait to see TSWDM on 31/8 in UK. x

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