Sam & Graham in New Clanlands Trailer, Airing on Starz!

Photo: Thelma and Louise do Scotland! 😁

Here is the official trailer for Sam & Graham’s podcast, turned TV show: Clanlands: Men In Kilts! It has been picked up by Starz, apparently (yay!), and it looks like a blast…

When I spoke to Graham in April about Clanlands, he said they were hoping to get it out by the end of 2020. Fingers crossed. You can watch that segment of our interview below; he gives the back story and some anecdotes about making ClanLands with Sam…

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3 comments on “Sam & Graham in New Clanlands Trailer, Airing on Starz!

  1. This looks terrific. So glad for them after having started this as a Podcast. They did a lot of work on Clanlands.
    I visited the museum in Glencoe where they filmed just a couple of months later. Great place. Hopefully I’ll be back
    in Scotland next year.

  2. Finally! What fantastic news. Sam and Graham are true ambassadors for Scotland. It looks like they had the greatest time from start to finish (and a lot of fun time in between) in getting this podcast created. Please, please say that it will be coming to Canada. Life couldn’t get any better than that.

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